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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1720 Suspicion

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Chapter 1720 Suspicion

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"What have you done?! Do you think you're above the law just because you are a Transcendent Level Expert?!" The president roared in front of the King of Fighters.

"I don't know what you're talking about." The other party obviously denied everything. He furrowed his eyebrows while gritting his teeth. "You must be the one who framed me this whole time."

"Do you think I don't know what you have done? You have clearly stated that you're trying to get revenge! Fine by me if you want to act this way, I'm also going to retaliate!" The Vice President gritted his teeth, closing the video call.

He had enough of all this. Not long after the Salvatore Family declared their revenge, Ruby, one of the other race's people, died brutally.

Since they had cooperation with the other race, the vice president could only look at the Salvatore Family. The last straw that kept the Salvatore Family away from being sacrificed completely had broken. And the Vice President wouldn't hesitate to weaken or destroy the Salvatore Family because of this incident.

As soon as he hung up the call, the Vice President raised his head, trying to come up with a plan to deal with them.

Unbeknownst to him, Ruby was actually still alive after being killed brutally.

The other race had gathered once again in a certain room, thinking about their next move.

The mysterious guy, who met the Vice President a few days ago, was staring at a capsule that had Ruby's body in it. She was sleeping inside the capsule, recovering her human body, albeit a different kind of body.

She wasn't the Ruby that everyone knew anymore.

The guy asked, "How did you feel?"

"I'm fine." She answered while opening her eyes. She couldn't help but recall what had happened.

After her body was butchered, she was discovered by a student that reported this incident to the higher level, who helped recover her body.

Since her real body wasn't that of a human, she was still fine even after being chopped like previously as long as her main body was still intact.

And the mysterious guy before her had recovered her main body, allowing her to enter her new body.

"So, what do you know about the attacker?"

"I'm sorry, but I don't know much. All I sensed was a faint presence that disappeared in an instant before killing me."

"Mhm?" The guy frowned, wondering what kind of human could do something like that.

"Also, I picked up a letter with Ary's handwriting on my table, making me think he was the one who sent that letter."

"Make you think? So, it's not him?" The mysterious guy was confused. It was clear that Theo was the culprit, considering he was the one writing the letter.

But Ruby simply shook her head and added, "As much as I want to think that way, I don't think Ary will harm me. After all, there is no grudge between us. And there's no way he's leaving that kind of message to me… I'm assuming someone is copying his handwriting to pin the blame on him after killing me."

"Hmm?" The guy looked down as he couldn't ignore that possibility either. It was true that Ary became the prime suspect after learning about the letter. But there was no conflict between them, especially Ruby, so he couldn't believe Ary was the culprit.

At the same time, this kind of killing method was a bit weird. At first, Theo was attacked by four mysterious people who couldn't be said to be human. Then, Ruby was brutally murdered by another person.

If the culprit was actually the same, he could somehow understand why Theo said they didn't look like a human. This kind of killing method was completely unheard of.

"Is there another party beside us? But even the government could find us when we're trying to mix with them. In that case, the government must have known something about this incident…"

The guy contemplated for a moment as his expression became darker and darker. The Vice President might have figured out something they didn't know and hidden it from them to get some assurance.

"I have heard how greedy and schemer humans could be… I don't want to think about this possibility, but there is a chance that the Vice President is going to betray us. After getting our people as samples, he's going to eliminate us to erase the evidence.

"In other words, he wants the result for himself so that he can gain the biggest benefits. There is no telling what kind of result he's got, but…" The mysterious guy frowned. Although he doubted the Vice President, the latter had been working with them for quite a while. So, he couldn't completely doubt him. Hence, he decided to talk with the Vice President first before trying to do anything.

'If I truly found out that he's trying to use us and eliminate us after getting all the benefits, I'll make sure to ruin him."

Without hesitation, the guy called the Vice President to check on him.

As soon as the call was connected, the mysterious guy asked, "What have you done?"

The Vice President widened his eyes in confusion. "What have I done? I don't think I understand your question."

"I know that you're trying to use us for yourselves. When you've got everything you want, you're planning to eliminate us. That's why you eliminate her… You want to weaken us by killing each of us one by one."

"I seriously don't understand what you're talking about. Do you think I would be in this state if I did something to your group? I would have a nightmare thinking about how to solve the problem with your group." The Vice President shook his head, denying it firmly.

The mysterious guy narrowed his eyes, feeling something weird from the Vice President. He wasn't someone who would reveal such weakness even if he was joking.

"…" The mysterious guy paused for a moment as if he was considering the Vice President's words. "Never mind."

The guy didn't hesitate to hang up as if he didn't want to get bothered anymore.

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