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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1719 Ruby

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Chapter 1719 Ruby

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"Eh?!" Ruby didn't understand anything before she died. The last thing she remembered was receiving a letter.

"There is something I'd like to discuss with you. Can you come to the garden in the back after class?"

Ruby didn't know who asked for this, but after observing Theo for a while, she had seen his writing, which was similar to the one in the letter.

'This… Is this human trying to hit on me like the one previously? But this is for the sake of our race…' Ruby thought for a moment and decided to play along with it. Infiltrating the Star Group or even Theo's group would benefit them a lot, so she had to do this.

Yet, when she arrived, there was no one around.

"Where is he? He must haven't reached this place yet."

Since Theo wasn't here, Ruby decided to wait for Theo before everything started to become weird.

Ruby furrowed her eyebrows when she felt a presence coming to her position. She thought Theo had reached this place and she was about to know what he wanted to say.

Unfortunately for her, staying in that place was the last thing she should do.

Suddenly, the presence disappeared.

"Huh?!" Ruby widened her eyes in shock as she looked around, trying to find the presence.

She raised her guards, making sure that presence didn't launch a sneak attack.

However, it was already too late.

A sharp pain suddenly jolted her mind as she looked down, finding her right leg cut. "This is…"

"Aaaahhhhh!" She screamed in pain, not understanding what had happened to her body. The cut was clean like an assassin, but at her level, she should be able to see the opponent's attack.

However, it was completely useless. Before she could even figure out what had happened, another slash cut her other leg.

"NOOOOOOOO!!!!!" No matter how hard she screamed, no one heard her. She couldn't help but remember what Theo had said about the incident.

"!!!" Ruby didn't expect she would be the target this time.

'No way!' Ruby was horrified and tried to run away with her Magic Power. She tried her best to move her body.

Sadly, the enemy was ruthless as her head was severed in an instant to kill her.

Ruby couldn't understand a single thing as she could only stare at her headless body.

And this incident would shock all the people in the event.

"Hey, have you heard about what happened yesterday?"

"I don't know if that's true, but I heard someone was murdered this time. It was Mr. Ary before, and the next one was Miss Ruby. What's going on with this event?"

"I don't know. But the teachers are discussing whether they should continue or not, thinking about the safety of the teachers and the students."

"After all these incidents, I guess we're going to go home soon."


The students were gossiping about the incidents. There were multiple conspiracy theories.

Some said the Salvatore Family was taking their revenge on both Theo and Ruby. Some said there was an unknown party that terrorized the event because they didn't like the president. And some rumors were related to the attackers being not human.

All these rumors made the students panic, thinking they would be next.

Hence, the teachers were gathered in one place to discuss their next plan. The enemies were clearly able to kill a high level person, so it wouldn't be weird for them to target all many students.

Hence, they had to consider carefully whether they should continue the event or not.

"And that's how it is… Before we decide whether we should close this event prematurely or not for safety reasons, I would like to hear Mr. Ary's opinion first. After all, you're the first one to get attacked by them."

All the teachers turned their heads, looking at Ary.

Theo closed his eyes for a moment and shook his head. "I don't know how to say this… Am I being targeted or something? Is it because I refuse to give the recommendation?

"At first, I thought that was the case and I didn't think my life here was peaceful from the start… so, it could be revenge as well.

"But Miss Ruby was different… She was a bright person. She shouldn't have died because of me… if this was actually the case. Other than the fact that Miss Ruby was the closest to me in this school, I couldn't really say anything about the incident…"

The people thought for a moment as one of them couldn't help but ask, "So, you're implying that the enemies this time killed her because she was close to you?"

"That kind of makes sense."

"Wait a minute. I heard the rumor that the Salvatore Family wants to take revenge…"

"That's true. If that's the case, is the Salvatore Family the culprit?"

"But from Mr. Ary's statement, the enemies this time weren't humans."

"He might just confuse them."

The people were confused as they were trying to figure out the current situation. As expected, the Salvatore Family seemed to be the culprit from their perspectives. After all, there was a huge conflict between Theo and the Salvatore Family a while ago.

At the same time, Theo made them question the Vice President himself by asking the question. "When I was injured, I saw the Vice President as soon as I woke up… I wonder where is he right now? I'm certainly not trying to be arrogant by making the Vice President come upon my call.

"But the incident this time is more severe than mine since Miss Ruby has…" Theo took a deep breath, having a hard time saying it. It was clear that Ruby had a special place in his heart because she was the only one who was close to him. So, they understood Theo's sadness.

Theo couldn't finish his words, but his meaning was clear to everyone.

They began suspecting the Vice President as well, wondering what he did during this incident.

As for the Salvatore Family, the Vice President, or the Suspected Other Race, all of them were having a war between themselves because of what happened.

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