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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1718 Anger

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Chapter 1718 Anger

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"You bastard! What do you mean by this?" The King of Fighters roared, glaring at the Vice President on the screen.

"You should be the one to explain your action, Mr. Salvatore. Don't forget that you're the one who causes all this. All of our evidence is leading to you." The Vice President narrowed his eyes, pressuring the Salvatore Family.

"Me? I haven't even done anything. I have been loyal to the base, yet, you're treating me like this? Do you know what you have done?!" The King of Fighters gritted his teeth, never expecting the Vice President to betray him.

Because of his strength and affiliation, the King of Fighters had a lot of friends in the government, including the Vice President. In fact, he was one of his backers who would clean up if he made a mess.

However, he never expected that because of the incident, he would be framed by his own backer. This betrayal angered him.

"Do you really want to do this, Sullivan? Do you think by framing me like this, they will give you an opportunity to lick Theo's feet?"

"Watch your words, Mr. Salvatore." The Vice President glared at him. "Don't accuse someone innocent!"

"You're the one accusing someone innocent."

"Then, you should have told it to the judge in the court." The Vice President narrowed his eyes. Since he had another backer, which was the other race, he didn't mind losing the King of Fighters. After all, the other party had a Saint among them. Getting help from the Saint would seriously bring a lot of benefits.

Hence, it wasn't that hard for him to choose to abandon the Salvatore Family.

The King of Fighters, on the other hand, gritted his teeth. He had been cornered by the Star Group because of what happened earlier. Even his allies had abandoned him for the sake of getting the benefit. Of course, some of them were just lying so that they could get the benefit before going back to ally themselves with the Salvatore Family, but it didn't change the fact that the Salvatore Family had been experiencing a massive hit to their reputation.

That was why they couldn't do big things that would cause more trouble. Besides, it would be over if Theo decided to make a move himself. Thus, he had been holding back this whole time.

He just never thought that the person he trusted would backstab him like this, turning him into a scapegoat.

If Theo truly visited their Salvatore Family, they didn't know what kind of damage they would have to suffer.

The King of Fighters pointed his finger at the Vice President and shouted, "Don't think this is the end, Sullivan! I'll have my revenge."

The Vice President furrowed his eyebrows before ending the call, not bothering to answer his last remark.

The King of Fighters released his anger that day. He even began investigating everything about the event, trying to find those mysterious people by himself.

He had some suspicion about the Vice President himself since he didn't even bother to throw him away as if he had gotten a bigger benefit from the other party.

It wasn't that hard for him to see it. The benefit from Theo's upgrade skill wouldn't be that big for him. He wouldn't even abandon him with this alone. He might cut contact, but he would give a secret message to him. However, this time was different. Not only was there no secret message, but the latter even used him as a scapegoat.

There was clearly a third party that forced the Vice President to abandon the Salvatore Family. Hence, the King of Fighters swore that day he would get his revenge.

Of course, his revenge wasn't limited to the Vice President who betrayed him. He also wanted to make sure that Ary experienced hell as well.

He didn't know at that time a bigger and more dangerous problem was awaiting him.

Theo was completing his task, teaching the students. While those three parties were trying to hurt each other, he was completely undisturbed.

And as expected, Ruby kept meeting him from time to time, gathering as much information as possible.

She kept reporting to the people behind her about everything she found while making sure Theo didn't find out.

They didn't know at that time, Theo wasn't the only one who was watching her. Instead, there was one more person who had been keeping a close eye on both of them.

"This is…" This mysterious person only wanted to observe the guy called Ary Tjahaja at first. But he never expected that he would find something even more interesting.

In that instant, he thought of what to do to achieve his goal.

Obviously, there was no way he would escape Theo's eyes. Theo had sensed his presence and he couldn't help but smile when he realized it was time for him to begin his second plan.

Theo let this mysterious person leave quietly as if he didn't even know he was there. Unbeknownst to them, all of those who were scheming around Theo had been playing into Theo's plan this whole time.

And it all started with Ruby.

Ruby was smiling while walking to the teacher room, trying to meet Theo again. "Hello… Or I guess I'm the first one as usual."

She chuckled as she entered the empty room with a smile.

However, there was a surprise waiting for her on her table. She never expected it, but this was a surprise that would put her life on the line. Whether she would live or not, everything would be determined by her actions after this.

"What is this?" Ruby asked with a confused look, staring at a white envelope on her table.

She glanced left and right, wondering if someone was there and left it for her.

She hesitated for a moment, but she decided to grab this envelope that turned out to be a letter.

When she opened it, she was dumbfounded to find what was written there. "This is…"

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