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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1717 Arguing

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Chapter 1717 Arguing

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"What have you done? How dare you betray me at this moment?!" The Vice President slammed, glaring at a black-haired guy.

"I suspect you were the one who did it. You are the one who should give me the explanation!" The guy gritted his teeth, annoyed. He already had a lot of problems with this situation since Theo had told them about the enemies not being humans. "We have lent you some of our people so that you can create a perfect body for us.

"But to think you're using the data you've got to mess this up. Those four must come from your labs. You must have gathered enough data and you're planning to pin the blame on us. Do you think I don't know about it? I'm going to fight it with you!"

The Vice President obviously never heard that. Even if he was the culprit, there was no way he would admit it. He shouted, "Of course not. Do you think I won't get implicated when it's investigated properly? It must be one of those rebels from your side!"

"We have been handling our side carefully and not a single one of them is coming here. So, you should stop lying! I know the problem comes from your side!"

"You're the one who should stop lying and pin the blame on us."

The Vice President kept arguing with this mysterious person as they suspected each other. Both of them truly had no idea about what happened, but they were the only possible culprit of this attack.

Because they couldn't find a single thing about each party, they gave up arguing after a few hours.

The Vice President and the mysterious guy were trying to come up with a solution that could solve the problem for the time being. At the very least, they had to stop Theo from coming here.

Hence, they thought about the same thing. Since they didn't want to admit they had made a mistake, they could only use another influence as a scapegoat. And there was a perfect scapegoat for them.

The only family, who had a conflict with the Star Group not long ago, the Salvatore Family.

It didn't take too long for them to reach an agreement, knowing this was the only way. The Vice President had some assurance since the Salvatore Family wouldn't kill him for this because of the Time God. Meanwhile, the mysterious guy's existence wasn't known by many.

Hence, the Salvatore Family wouldn't be able to do anything to counter this.

"And that's how it is, Mr. Ary. We believe that the Salvatore Family is involved in this and we'll make sure to bring you justice. Everything will be revealed soon, so please rest assured that we'll make sure everything is investigated."

Theo listened to the guy sent by the Vice President and nodded his head. "I understand. Thank you for the help."

"Yes." The guy nodded and immediately left before any problem could appear.

Theo was impressed that they could lie that easily for the sake of saving their own lives. At the same time, he was disappointed because the president was actually using the Salvatore Family as a scapegoat.

If the Vice President didn't know about this other race, he would have investigated the monsters. But the fact that they used the Salvatore Family meant the Vice President was related to them. And it was something worth investigating.

When the guy left, Theo's expression became serious.

"Hmm, it seems that I have to step up my game after this." Theo smirked, feeling he had to use another plan.

"Still, the people in this event have become a bit too tense recently. I guess assassination in this event surely brings a lot of tension to everyone since they think there will be more targets. And this time, no one will realize it as they're not as strong as me."

Theo looked down, contemplating.

"I see… Let's do that then." After getting his answer, he came out of his room and went to the rooftop, looking at the entire area.

They were staying in a hotel with twin towers and next to them were several buildings prepared for their classes.

He was staring at the landscape before glancing to a certain spot. "There, huh… It's easy for me to infiltrate the enemies, but I don't know any information about them currently. So, it's better for me to stay low. At the same time, since the Salvatore Family has been chosen as a scapegoat, let's use it to my advantage then."

Theo smiled.

The next day.

"Good morning, Mr. Ary." Ruby smiled, greeting him. After that incident, Ruby became gentler and more proactive toward him.

Since Ruby was also of another race, her intention was clear. She wanted to stay by his side to get information about the Star Group and Theo while ensuring Theo didn't report this incident directly to Theo. It was a good plan from a normal person's perspective, but this was something they shouldn't have done if they were dealing with Theo.

Theo smiled. "Good morning, Miss Ruby. You're energetic as always."

"Of course." Ruby pumped her fists. "I'm going to teach more stuff to the children."

"That's great. I'm cheering for you." Theo chuckled. "After all, you were the only one who wasn't cold to me when the others just simply stayed away from me."

"Haha, I didn't choose my friends after all."

Ruby chuckled and waved her hand as she hastened her pace. "Alright. My class is right on the corner. I'll go first!"

"Sure." Theo waved his hand with a smile, seeing her entering the class.

Ruby showed a big, energetic smile. Just looking at that smile gave them some energy to tackle the day.

Yet, no one would expect that smile to disappear.

"Eh?" Ruby's smile was no more as the person in question was lying on the ground, staring at her own headless body. Yes, her head was severed and she could only look at her headless body.

"What is—" Ruby didn't know anything before her head split into two.

That day, the academy was shocked after hearing about a brutal murder at the event.

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