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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1716 Among Us

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Chapter 1716 Among Us

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They looked at the video the spy from the military had got. And there was something interesting they found in this video.

Although it was only for an instant, the sleeve of the guy was stretched out a little bit, showing a green-colored uniform sleeve. This uniform could only come from one place, the military.

"This is…"

"He's wearing a military uniform?"

"Then, the culprit is from the military?!"

"How can you be so sure about it just from the clothes? There is a chance that this guy is wearing it to pin the blame on the military."

"But have you forgotten our deals with that old Vice President?"

"Don't tell me, that old bastard was trying to trap us? There were a few of us in his ranks, so did he try to use us to bring that Theo here?"

"You can't deny the fact that the Salvatore Family has a lot of grudges against him. There is a chance that they use the military personnel to ambush him."


There were a lot of possibilities, considering they didn't know anything about those four ambushers. On the one hand, they wanted to believe it wasn't them who did it. On the other hand, the possibility of them being the culprit wasn't zero.

"There are a lot of oppositions to our plan. Don't tell me one of those people from the opposite party is trying to sabotage us?"

"This might be a possibility as well. They use the military uniform because we have a good connection with the military and the latter must think they're one of us."

Their expressions darkened as they could see the pattern of this possibility.

Whoever did it truly had considered a lot of things to cause all this misunderstanding. And they knew Ary was the key to destroying whatever they were planning to do.

"What do you think about that teacher, Rgsawr?"

Ruby shook her head in confusion. "I don't know too much about him. However, I can assure you that his strength is a real deal. This camera footage alone can prove that. Although he is surrounded by four powerful people, he can still survive. And with how the richest woman in the world believed his opinion without hesitation, all the things we discussed here are possible."

They looked at each other as if they suspected them to be traitors. If there was indeed someone among us who tried to sabotage their plan, it would become an even bigger matter.

After all, they had all the weapons to harm Ary. The grudge of the Salvatore Family, the Vice President who worked in the dark, and the monsters in Theo's mouth. All of these were connected to them, so they couldn't dismiss all kinds of possibilities about them being the culprit.

Not just them, but the military and the Salvatore Family had found the same clues.

The Vice President furrowed his eyebrows and said, "Don't tell me, there is a traitor among us?"

"We can't be sure about that, Mr. Vice President. But if there's truly a traitor, then that traitor is most likely seeking Theo's wrath. By letting Theodore Griffith fight the government, it'll be clear that he wants to drive him away from the base just like the union. When that happens, I'm afraid our base will be significantly weaker."

"Then, who will get the most from this situation?" The Vice President frowned before he thought about a particular existence. He was the only one who would benefit the most.

Without Theo, conquering this base would become easier.

The instant that thought appeared in his mind, his face became cold as he gritted his teeth, shouting inwardly, 'Those bastards. To think they're trying to destroy us. And they're even more clever by using both of us and the Salvatore Family as the cover…'

The Vice President was thoroughly angered as he planned to deal with this situation completely.

Just like him, the King of Fighters had read the report and watched the video leaked by their spies. He frowned while saying, "They're truly clever. To think they're using our conflict to pin the blame on us. From the video, it's clear that this guy was wearing a military uniform… Is the government trying to destroy us by using this incident?"

The King of Fighters thought the government was the culprit, while the government believed the other race was the mastermind. Meanwhile, the other race themselves thought all of them had the chance of being the culprit.

In other words, all of them suspected each other. And whatever they did after this would result in Theo coming here. They had to avoid that at all costs because Theo had the power to destroy the Salvatore Family, fight the government, and ruin the other race's plan.

So, they had to please Theo with all kinds of facts whether they were real or not. At the very least, they had to show the progress of the investigation.

In the end, all three leaders planned to frame other parties for this incident. But one thing was clear.

"I don't know if this is right or not, but there might be someone who wants to destroy our plan by creating this situation. And that person…" The monster guy paused for a moment.

"Yeah, there is someone who is trying to pin the blame on us to destroy us. And it's possible that the people who do this are in this family since he can tell that bastard Theo he has dealt with us to show his loyalty or whatever sh*t." The King of Fighters narrowed his eyes. "And that person…"

"By wearing the military uniform, it seems that the culprit wants Theodore Griffith to stay away from us completely. This is unacceptable. I'm afraid whoever did this wants to pin the blame on us and create even bigger problems." The Vice President took a deep breath and announced, "And that person…"

The monster guy, the Vice President and the King of Fighters seemed to have the same opinion as they said the same thing. "…is still among us."

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