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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1715 Doubt

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Chapter 1715 Doubt

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During the call, Theo didn't notice Ruby had her eyebrows twitch for a split second. She was sweating inwardly, thinking, 'She believed that? Is it because of his ability? But considering he could defeat someone as powerful as Eric, then…'

She paused for a moment, gradually believing Theo. After all, Theo had shown his overwhelming power. It was clear he had boundless experience on his back.

'Not a human? But the only one who is not a human in this place is me… and probably the rest of the guys too…' Ruby suddenly came to a realization. 'Don't tell me, someone from our side is the culprit? But we have agreed to not make any move before we confirm the situation. Is there anyone betraying us and acting secretly?'

Ruby was trying to figure out the situation.

Theo turned around and bowed his head to Ruby. "Sorry for making you wait here, Miss Ruby. Thank you for taking care of me."

"No, no! You don't need to worry about that." Ruby waved her hand while smiling, not trying to show anything obvious.

However, Theo furrowed his eyebrows. His eyes were locked on Ruby as he observed her from top to bottom.

"What's wrong?" Ruby moved back a bit, not understanding Theo's action.

Theo scratched the back of his head and said, "No, I must have mistaken you for something. I apologize."

"It must be because you just got ambushed. It's better if you take care of your body first before thinking about anything else. Besides, I'm sure the military will visit you soon. At that time, I have to leave."

"I understand. I'm thankful for your help." Theo nodded. "It seems the other teachers have done something as well. So, please thank them on my behalf."

"Sure." Ruby nodded with a smile.

Since the doctor had notified the military, a group of soldiers and the Vice President suddenly entered the room with serious expressions. This was a huge blunder from their side because they didn't expect there would be people ambushing Theo.

"I apologize for not being able to protect you, Mr. Ary. However, my team is working nonstop to gather the evidence, so we hope we'll be able to give you an explanation as soon as possible."

"Please don't mind about it, Mr. Vice President. I had expected something like this, but four people of that level were beyond my imagination. It was my fault for underestimating them." Theo made an awkward smile as if he didn't want to burden the other party.

"That's… If you don't mind, can you tell us about what happened? This would give us some clues about the culprits."

"I understand."

Theo told them the entire story about those four people. Maya even called the Vice President during the story to back up Theo's claim, causing them to wonder what was going on.

Only the Vice President had a heavy heart as if he had known everything from the start.

But because he couldn't show it, the Vice President placed a scapegoat for the time being. "I see. We have taken your report. For the time being, the prime suspect is the Salvatore Family. Don't worry, Mr. Ary. We'll investigate this properly."

"Yes." Theo nodded with a calm expression, seeing them out.

They were confused by Theo's words, but the only one who knew everything was within Theo's calculation was Maya.

In her bedroom, Maya laughed out loud. In fact, she had been trying her best to hold her laughter. After everything was over, she let out all the laughter in her while saying, "Theo is such a drama queen. No matter how strong they are, there is no way they can defeat Theo. Yet, such a person is injured heavily? Who are you kidding?

"He is such a drama queen. And what? The enemies didn't seem like humans? It was just a bluff to the person next to him. And with this, I'm afraid there will be a huge conflict between those people."

Maya had seen through Theo's plan and played along with him the entire time. It was truly hilarious how Theo managed to fool them so easily.

As Maya said, Ruby hurriedly returned to her group to inform them about what had happened.

This was a huge problem for them because Maya had mentioned Theo. If Theo truly came to this place, they wouldn't be able to finish their tasks anymore.

Hence, they had to understand the root of the problem and try to figure out the current situation.

"What's going on?" One of them asked while releasing his killing intent. "We have agreed not to make any move."

"I'm not sure as well. But Maya Hamilton believed him and even wanted to call Theo. So, we couldn't dismiss the possibility of him telling the truth." Ruby shook her head helplessly. She also wanted to know what was going on.

"Then, I have to ask everyone in this place. Have you attacked him?"

No one answered it because they never did it. But as a leader, the guy gritted his teeth and said, "There is no telling whether you're telling the truth or not. We have to get to the bottom of this. First of all, we have to confirm their identity first by using the camera footage."

"Rsasawr is gathering it."

"We'll try to review it and see if we can catch the culprit. We can't allow the ones who will ruin our plans to be alive."

They agreed, knowing they had to do this if they didn't want to get destroyed by Theo. They had to de-escalate the situation so that Theo wouldn't go there.

With that thought in mind, they waited patiently for the spy they had planted in the military to return with the recording.

"How is it?" The guy asked, hoping nothing went wrong.

"I'm not very sure how to answer it. First of all, the assassinations attempt are too mysterious. Please watch this."

They fell silent, watching the video carefully. However, one of them picked up something that changed the entire situation.

"There! Can you see that?"

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