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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1727 Suspicion

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Chapter 1727 Suspicion

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"Have you heard there were assassins yesterday?"

"Yes. I heard there are a lot of people who fall victim to their ruthless actions."

"Are we going to be next?"

"I don't know. I don't think the event will continue at this rate."

"That's probably true. After all, the current situation is extremely dangerous."

"But I heard they managed to kill one of the assassins, and now, they were trying to identify the assassins."

"I'm wondering who the insane bastard that wants to kill the people here is. We're the future hope of this base, and we have lost a lot of people from the previous war and the apocalypse. Yet, they're still doing things like this… I don't know what their motivation is…"

"That's true. Even though humans should unite to survive in this world, they're still trying to harm humanity. We need to ask other influences to investigate this matter."

"Yeah. There are a lot of influential people among us, so I bet they're going to make their move very soon."

The students kept chatting about what had happened yesterday. Some were scared, some were confused, but more importantly, the rest were angry. They wanted to crush these assassins but had no resources to do that.

As expected, the Vice President had begun his move. Knowing that the plan was a failure, he had to get the dead body so that they wouldn't be recognized as his subordinate.

"Mr. Vice President!" The central committee leader greeted him.

"Mhm." The Vice President nodded. "I'm going to take over this case. We can't allow these assassins to be spared. That's why I'm going to mobilize our troops…For that, I need the assassin!"

"Certainly, Mr. Vice President." The leader agreed without hesitation. The Vice President was the one who hosted this event after all. There was no way he could be compared to him in terms of status. Without hesitation, he was going to hand the corpse to him.

It was at this time Azka shouted, "Well, isn't this Mr. Vice President? You truly give me a different treatment. When Mr. Ary was hurt, you provided the best facility to heal him and even came to him personally. Yet, when it was me almost getting killed, you didn't even spare a glance.

"I find this pretty confusing, considering I can describe the enemy better than Mr. Ary because I managed to escape their initial ambush. I wonder why the Vice President would like to get the corpse."

The Vice President furrowed his eyebrows. "I'm simply going to make my move personally. There have been a lot of people hurt from this incident, so I'm going to track those bastards down!"

"If that's the case, we have all the tools to determine the guy's identity here. Why do you wish to take him away?"

Azka kept pressuring the Vice President.

"Insolent! Who do you think you are to order me around? I'm going to bring him to the best autopsy facility in the military. I'm going to make sure we can find the culprit, but you're trying to hinder my job?"

"Of course not. I'm simply curious, considering I have been treated differently despite you saying you will ensure the safety of Mr. Ary like anyone else here and give him the best treatment to recover." Azka narrowed his eyes. As expected from the Vice President, he knew how to throw back the question to Azka. "Besides, are you going to blame the Salvatore Family again? They have been hiding this whole time due to the recent problem."

Even Azka was having a hard time finding a way to implicate him.

However, there was something clear. The Vice President was going to get rid of the body as soon as he received it.

And this was when Theo came.

"Excuse me…"

"!!!" Azka and the Vice President widened their eyes in shock, never expecting Theo to come here.

"Well, Mr. Ary. What are you doing here?" Azka asked.

"I'm a bit confused here. I also saw the attackers yesterday, and I feel that they're coming from another faction."

"Hoh? Is Mr. Ary implying that the attackers this time were different from the people you fought?"

"Yes." Theo nodded. "I could see they were humans while my opponents were not. So I don't know what this information will do. Of course, I'm just telling you based on my observation."

"This is interesting. So, there was a group of assassins trying to assassinate me… The problem is… for what reasons?" Azka asked with a smile. "Vice President, I suggest that we do an open autopsy. Even the government can't escape from suspicion, right? Or are you trying to hide something, Mr. Vice President?"

Theo's appearance and information were all Azka needed to turn around the situation. If the Vice President rejected this proposal, it would raise suspicion about his action.

The other teachers would be using their connections to pressure the government to do a trial for the Vice President.

At the same time, the Vice President couldn't afford to slip up as well. But it seemed that the condition didn't allow him to retreat.

The Vice President gritted his teeth and said, "If that's the case, then I can't say no. However, this has to be done immediately, so we're going to hold the autopsy tomorrow after gathering the students and teachers. With this, we'll determine whether we should continue the event or not."

"I agree with it." Azka nodded with a confident smile, knowing he would win in this case.

Theo, who was unrelated to this matter, couldn't help but raise his voice. "Excuse me. I have a suggestion for you. How about we go inside together to make sure that the corpse is still the same? This way, we can make sure that whoever they are hasn't changed the corpses or anything."

Azka's expression brightened, liking the suggestion. He pointed at Theo and said, "That's it. Let's go inside. As someone directly related to this incident, I think I have the right to know my condition."

The Vice President gritted his teeth but still gave them the go sign.

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