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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1728 Proof

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Chapter 1728 Proof

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All of them entered the room without hesitation, looking at the corpse of a middle aged man. There was nothing they could see from his body. This was already a good point for the Vice President.

However, it would become troublesome if he didn't change this person or remove his data. If he tried the former, he could shut down all the CCTV in the area and trade this with another person. If he chose the latter, he would have to go through the bureau to handle this issue.

And most likely, the President would smell this scheme and stop him. So, he had no choice but to change the corpse with someone similar tonight.

Unknown to him, Theo was glancing at him from time to time, observing his expression.

He had already known what kind of conflict would appear after this. And there was no way he wouldn't utilize it.

"There is nothing that can be seen," stated Azka while looking around the body.

"Indeed. There is nothing we can use to recognize him. At the very least, we can still scan his face."


They nodded in agreement. Azka thought Theo would be his ally because he was attacked by the assassins as well. Although he was cornering their race before, it was done unintentionally. Theo was simply unaware of them.

Little did he know, Theo had been manipulating him this whole time. Azka wouldn't know what hit him when Theo revealed all his cards.

"We shouldn't touch him or anything to make sure that he's sterilized for the autopsy. And since we have confirmed the culprit, we can wait until they're doing the autopsy. I kind of agree to open this autopsy so that everyone knows who this guy is… Although my attackers didn't seem to be humans, I couldn't rule out the possibility of them being humans." Theo explained, trying to pin the blame on this organization as well.

This was what Azka had been waiting for. "It seems that you and I think alike. We have to make sure everyone knows this person's identity."

"Yes." Theo nodded in agreement.

Since they knew what to do, Theo and Azka asked everyone to leave, including the Vice President. Because he was related to the incident, the Vice President didn't show anything, considering he planned to switch the guy with someone else with a similar face. And when he was scanned, they would get another identity completely unrelated to the special squad.

Theo and Azka left the room as Azka would like to chat with him about their experience. Sadly, only they survived this ambush.

It seemed Azka planned to strike down the Vice President by asking Theo to participate in his scheme. He looked like a real human who had a strong desire to protect humanity. Unfortunately, nothing could escape from Theo's eyes. He could see his name, which was completely different from what a human should have.

Unfortunately, he still couldn't determine what he was. The only way to figure out his identity was the lab where the Vice President conducted his experiment.

That laboratory was going to be destroyed soon, so he had to find this place as soon as possible.

And the only way to find it was by scheming both Azka and the Vice President. He wanted to know what kind of deal these two had.

As expected, the moment they all had gone. The Vice President began to work again.

He was staring in front of a few people who operated the security cameras. Of course, these people weren't the staff from the Central Committee. Instead, they were his subordinates.

Because of what happened previously, he allowed the people from the Central Committee to rest so that they could take over. Azka prevented him earlier, but he wasn't smart enough to think about this plan.

Hence, this plan was bound to succeed. All he needed to be wary of was Theo, but he had made sure that he could see Theo on the monitor, so all that was left was for him to change the corpse.

Killing another person wasn't hard for the Vice President. And his people began to move the bodies by covering them in a quilt.

The operation this time was led by the same captain. Because he was angry that his comrade died, he planned to use this chance to get his comrade's body back to bury it properly.

So, he volunteered to do this mission himself.

The rest of the agents also worked in diverting the people so that no one would come around the area.

As soon as they reached the room, the captain opened the quilt and exchanged the bodies without hesitation.

After that, he came out of the room and pushed the cart back to where it belonged. The Vice President would take care of the rest.

'Good. Good…' The Vice President muttered with a smile. He had confirmed that the bodies had been exchanged and all he had to do was to alter the record from the control room.

Unbeknownst to him, there was another camera, hiding in one of the corners.

Not a single of them realized that Theo had been using his illusion before he even approached them.

The illusion Theo was observing the corpse and talking to Azka while the real Theo was planting another hidden camera in the corner. And since the room would be forbidden to enter, this would be a good weapon to harm the Vice President.

The special squad captain wanted to cover his entire body, but because he couldn't make himself suspicious, he had to put on the same clothes as a staff. Hence, a portion of his face was open and that was enough for Theo.

The Vice President didn't know Theo had been amassing all kinds of proof to destroy him. All he knew was the fact that Theo was staying in his room, waiting for the autopsy patiently as if he trusted the committee one hundred percent.

The same applied to Azka. Although he wanted to do more, his movement was also restricted since people were observing him as one of the victims.

And finally, the day had come for everything to be revealed.

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