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«God of Tricksters (Web Novel) - Chapter 1729 Gathering

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Chapter 1729 Gathering

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"Look at that, the captain of the Manta Mercenary Group."

"They're the rising Mercenary Group, which is famous for their group tactic."

"They must be coming here to get justice since Miss Ruby was one of them."

"That's right. I have seen multiple leaders from different organizations, groups, and even companies."

"It seems they're trying to get justice for their people."

"Then, the result of this test will be whether we can still continue the event or not."

"That's right. If not for the fact that there are so many Mythical Rank Experts here, any events would've been suspended already as soon as a threat appeared."

"True. If not for the fact that the Vice President was in charge and that many Mythical Rank Experts, we would be home by now."

The students were whispering to each other while looking at the important people coming into the venue. Obviously, all of them had begun to be concerned when the enemies had blatantly killed many students and teachers, so they had to come personally so that they could directly pressure the Vice President to stop the event.

"Wait. That's…"

Everyone's eyes suddenly stopped when a woman came out of her cubicar. There were two reasons why they paid special attention to this woman.

The first one would be the man who was waiting for her. He was the most famous teacher in the event right now, Ary Tjahaja.

Hence, the woman's identity was none other than the current CEO of the Star Group, the richest woman in the world, Maya Hamilton.

"Welcome." Theo smiled, helping her come out of her car.

"Thank you." Maya smiled back as she looked around, finding the stunned people.

The second reason why they paid special attention to her was none other than her prestige. She had reached the top with her own power. Even though she wasn't as talented as Theo in a fight, she maximized her achievement in business, allowing her to stand toe to toe with Theo.

The Star Group business was something everyone wished to get involved in. The Star Group had dominated the weapon market. In addition, they would be opening the commercial flight soon. This business would change the whole world because no one could safely cross the sky other than the Star Group for the time being.

Hence, there would be a monopoly for a while until someone got the technology of the Star Group. Of course, there was Theo's pillar used to protect the airplane, so no one could replicate it anytime soon.

This was why they were stunned to see someone near their age achieve all this. Even the leaders of many organizations and influences wanted to curry favor.

Unfortunately for them, Maya simply walked to the venue while ignoring them. She wasn't here for business after all.

The venue wasn't open to the public. Except for some students with great connections, only the teachers and the leaders of the organizations could enter.

They were currently facing an enemy they knew nothing about. These terrorists attacked them, the future hope of this base. They had to thread carefully because there would be a huge problem if future generations were completely cut off.

They had sealed the center to sterilize the area so that the doctor could proceed with the autopsy.

Theo and Maya took a seat. Maya knew Theo had prepared something, so she couldn't help but look forward to what he was going to show in this place.

"This is going to be interesting," Maya murmured while glancing at the people around her, finding the Vice President in the VIP seat. "Hmm?"

Maya was quite surprised to see the Vice President acting as if he didn't have any faults. His face was full of smiles. It was something acceptable when they had just gone through a big assassination.

'It seems that the matter is bigger than I originally thought…' Maya frowned and asked, "Do you need me to do something?"

"No. Just watching from here is enough. I'll handle the rest."

"Alright then."

After a while, the seat was filled. All these people had come to this place despite the sudden invite.

They all wondered what was happening right now.

The staff began by bringing the body inside the sterilized room. The Vice President stood up and said, "I apologize for inviting you here despite your busy schedule. However, there is a huge problem we're facing currently, so we're thinking about showing what has happened to all of you right here, right now.

"We don't like any more misunderstanding because it might lead to another casualty. Without further ado, let's begin. We have to identify the culprit and punish them."

The people nodded in agreement. They also wanted this to finish as soon as possible, so they didn't raise any questions or objections.

Since no one was talking, the Vice President gave a signal to the doctor to begin.

"Scanning!" One of the four doctors said while pushing the body into a tube, planning to scan the exterior of the corpse. The machine would be able to recognize facial expressions as well.

There was a huge screen showing the result of the scan. There were four stab wounds and twelve Magic Power wounds.

The face was scanned and showed several pictures. Each of these pictures was recorded in the database when they were creating their ID Card. So, all of them paid attention to the face and the result of the ID card.

"Hmm? There are three people whose faces are similar?" The people muttered.

One of them was a mercenary, one of them was a Mathematician, and another one was a fugitive.

The people were trying to see which identity was a Mythical Rank Expert. After all, not many people could become one. And from the look of it, the mercenary and fugitive seemed possible.

Only Azka furrowed his eyebrows, never expecting there were only three appearing on the screen. This person should be the Vice President's subordinate, so there was no way they had such a low status.

Something wasn't right.

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