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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 2667: The Main World’s Protector!

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Chapter 2667: The Main World’s Protector!

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Eighth Page Eye Shadow rarely spoke, but each time she did, she said things that the other Eight Pages could not ignore.

“That’s right. It’s just as Eye Shadow says. The relationship between Tower

Canon and Epoch God Palace can never be mended. The only way would be if Tower Canon had never targeted Eye Shadow all those years ago. Tower Canon still doesn’t understand Epoch God Palace’s full capabilities.

“Given the circumstances, there’s no way that Tower Canon can take on Epoch God Palace. I only hope that Tower Canon’s actions don’t lead Epoch God Palace to come up with any ideas or think we are trying to ruin their original plans.

Otherwise, Tower Canon and Epoch God Palace will have to clash once again.”

A moment later, First Page Crimson said, “Since we know that there’s no way back. We need to make sure that we get it right. Let’s teach the lifeforms of this world that resistance is futile!”

While First Page Crimson spoke, the enormous crevice behind him continued to leak death aura that contaminated the main world’s roots.

Slowly, the rift became quieter, as though it was emulating the foreboding calm before the storm.

By the time Liu Jie returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion, it was already abuzz with activity.

After greeting Gao Feng, Xia Qing, Gu Lang, and An He, Liu Jie entered the kitchen to join Zong Ze.

The Mother of Bloodbath’s mouth watered as it watched Zong Ze and Liu Jie.

Zong Ze and Liu Jie worked very well together. Every time they finished cooking a dish, they would take out a portion of it to keep the Mother of Bloodbath at bay.

The Mother of Bloodbath happily snacked on what they gave it while Lin Yuan, Wen Yu, Gao Feng, Gu Lang, and Xia Qing began chatting on the sofa.

This was the first time that Xia Qing was making Wen Yu’s acquaintance, but she was always friendly towards girls.

Furthermore, Xia Qing understood Wen Yu’s abilities and knew that she was in charge of delivering information to the entire Radiance Federation. It was also she who had solved the Radiance Federation’s resource transportation issues.

Xia Qing could not help but be curious about Wen Yu.

Suddenly, a feeling arose in Xia Qing, and she looked at Lin Yuan.

It seemed as though everyone in his orbit was exceptional.

Previously, Wen Yu was merely a moon attendant working in the Radiant Moon Palace. She did not possess any capabilities that allowed her to stand out.

But after meeting Lin Yuan, she managed to transform completely in just two years.

The moon attendants were chosen by the Radiant Moon Palace’s four tea

attendants. The four tea attendants had a very good eye for talents.

If Wen Yu was truly this amazing, they would not have kept her as a regular moon attendant!

With this thought, Xia Qing quickly shook her head.

She did not know how Lin Yuan managed to grow to such an extent, but she still saw him as the same person he had been a year ago during the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

An He took a few sips of the Three Treasures Tea.

“Lin Yuan, your tea tastes much better than my Master’s sea! The osmanthus flavor is fragrant and strong without being bitter. It also has refreshing capabilities. Having a cup of this by the window during winter would be absolute bliss!”

An He was not exaggerating. This was genuinely how he felt.

Wen Yu was the one who had created the Three Treasures Tea. Its name came from the three ingredients it was made of.

Wen Yu had conducted many experiments before she finally decided to toss in the dried flowers of the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus to complement the bitterness.

The pairing of the osmanthus flower and plum flowers made the drink even smoother and more refreshing.

The Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus’ flower petals also provided an invigorating effect.

Lin Yuan’s Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus grew up in the Pure Land of Bliss and was nourished by the pure spirit qi for a few months before he brought it to the Return from Faraway Mansion.

It could be said that very few feys in the world could produce resources that the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus could.

An He only started working hard recently.

In the past, he would never leave the house if he could help it. When he was at home, his favorite activity was to drink tea and look out the window at the scenery.

As he sensed his recent growth, An He felt rather regretful.

If only he had not been so laid back in the past, he would already have reached a much higher level than he was now.

Presently, there was still a gap between himself and Zong Ze and Gu Lang. With this thought, An He could not help but sigh heavily.

Otherwise, given his character, he would already have asked Gu Lang and Zong Ze to train with him.

Wen Yu could not help but smile when she heard An He praise the Three Treasures Tea.

She was very proud of the Three Treasures Tea, and both Lin Yuan and Liu Jie liked drinking it.

Amidst her day-to-day activities, regardless of how busy she was, she would produce a batch of Three Treasures Tea whenever she got her hands on the Cinnabar Sweet Osmanthus’ flowers.

Lin Yuan said happily, “Wen Yu is the one who concocted the Three Treasures Tea. If you like it, she can give you some before you leave. An He, how has your growth been coming along?”

If anyone else had asked him this question, An He might not respond honestly.

But since It came from Lin yuan, An He (110 not try to nide anything ana replied, “Lin Yuan, you know of all my feys. They need pure earth-elemental energy in order to evolve their bloodlines. Master has been very busy trying to achieve a breakthrough.

“With scarce resources, they have all gone to him to help him in this endeavor. My power hasn’t increased by much since we last met, but I have improved my combat skills.”

An He’s voice sounded rather bitter.

When he was picking out his feys, he had only thought about picking the strongest ones. He had not considered the difficulty of nurturing them at all.

An He’s words resonated with Gu Lang as he was facing the same situation with his feys.

But he had the advantage of having Bamboo Monarch, a Class 5 Creation Master, as his master. Bamboo Monarch had provided him with significant help. Otherwise, it would also be difficult for him to increase his power.

Xia Qing did not react much.

Her increase in power had also been stalled due to a lack of resources, but she was already accustomed to this.

After fighting on the frontlines for so long, she understood the world’s ways and how precious high-class Creation Master resources were.

The Creation Masters were always the irreplaceable kingpins of the world as they were the only ones who could produce resources and create experts. Gao Feng was the member of the group who was the most familiar with Lin


It was clear that Lin Yuan had asked An He this question because he wanted to help them after hearing about their needs.

Gao Feng had not made many friends in his life. Being born to a top faction, Gao Feng had watched people scheme and play tricks all his life. Many of his fellow faction members had parted ways after plotting against each other. Hence, he had long learned to put up a wall against potential friends.

Furthermore, after choosing the path of a support-type spirit qi professional and being unable to find a team, he had lost even more hope in the bonds of friendship.

Only after he met Lin Yuan did Gao Feng learn what friendship was like.

Zong Ze, Gu Lang, An He, and the rest who Gao Feng eventually became friends with were all people he got to know through Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan rapped his finger on the table twice before saying to An He, Gu Lang, Gao Feng, and Xia Qing with utmost seriousness, “Tell me exactly what resources you’re lacking, and I’ll supply you with them. After this meal, we’ll make sure that all of your powers reach a new level before the Radiance Envoy selection begins.

“That way, the Radiance Envoy selection will truly become interesting. I will also be able to use these upcoming fights to raise the spirits of the Radiance Federation’s younger generation!”

Lin Yuan’s words caused a shock to bloom on Zong Ze, Gu Lang, and Xia Qing’s faces.

None of them thought that Lin Yuan was lying.

They were all disciples of members of royalty, and Xia Qing was the Spacetime Elder’s granddaughter. They all knew that Lin Yuan was the one who supplied all those vital resources to Federation.

Given that Lin Yuan was able to supply resources to all of the Radiance

Federation, it went without saying that he could do the same for them.

Zong Ze, Gao Feng, and An He had already received Lin Yuan’s help in the past.

If Lin Yuan had not raised the Fiery Sky Hou’s powers, Zong Ze might have already been killed in the abyssal world.

Xia Qing, An He, Gu Lang, and Gao Feng all knew the implications of Lin Yuan’s words.

The four of them did not bother being overly courteous and just bumped fists with him.

There was no need to be explicit about one’s emotions amongst friends. Action was much more important.

If, in the future, Lin Yuan ever needed any of them to take on an enemy with him, none of them would hesitate to agree to fight to the death alongside him!

There was one thing Lin Yuan said that was right: something had to be done to raise the morale of the Radiance Federation’s citizens. There was no better way to do this than to exhibit their power during the Radiance Envoy selection. This would give all of the Radiance Federation’s citizens a sense of security.

Gu Lang said softly, “Lin Yuan, Zong Ze is still in the kitchen. He’ll tell you what resources he needs once this meal is over. When the time comes, all of us must put on a good fight. It will be a performance where we show all that we’re capable of!”

Lin Yuan smiled and nodded.

He was always sincere in helping his friends. Thus, he did not like it when they stood on ceremony with him as it made them seem distant.

Gu Lang, An He, Xia Qing, and the rest were undeniably the cream of the crop. Once they received resources, their powers would definitely skyrocket.

It was not just the Radiance Federation that needed to be riled up and motivated. The same went for the other federations in the main world.

Lin Yuan intended to discuss with the Moon Empress about helping the other federations regain their hope after the Radiance Federation’s morale had been raised.

Otherwise, if a dimensional lifeform could not kill a dead spirit, the humans from the other federations would be so filled with fear and panic that they would have no idea how to take on the mantle and continue the battle.

Gao Feng had yet to visit the Dead Spirits Wells and see the dead spirits for himself. He was very curious about the dead spirits.

“Lin Yuan, can you share updates on the dead spirits? I am very curious to find out what types of dead spirits there are! I came here immediately after coming out of seclusion, so I haven’t had the chance to fight a dead spirit yet.”

Xia Qing looked at Gao Feng and began speaking before Lin Yuan could get a word out, “Every lifeform that has ever lived in this world can be turned into a dead spirit. They come in many forms, and it’s hard to measure them through statistical data because new types are popping out at every second.

“The best way to gain an understanding of the dead spirits is to head to a Dead Spirits Well and fight the dead spirits yourself. The environment around the Dead Spirits Wells is very dangerous and not for the weak-hearted.

“There could be death happening around you at any moment. Once the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection comes to an end, Radiance Sacred Hall will make the arrangements.

“The Radiance Envoys, Radiance Knights, and Radiance Hundred Sequence will be sent to the various cities and stationed around the Dead Spirits Wells to help with the fighting. I hope that all of you will be prepared. I fought by the Dead Spirits Wells for almost three days and only barely escaped death numerous times. If the other experts there didn’t save me, I would already be dead!”

Xia Qing spoke calmly, but her words allowed Gao Feng to get a clear picture of the dangers of the dead spirits.

Gu Lang nodded knowingly.

“I came out of seclusion early, so I trained by the Dead Spirits Wells for two days. The most dangerous part is that the dead spirits you kill will release death aura that can infect your body. Healing-type feys can’t treat these injuries. The death aura is also very concentrated in the air around the Dead Spirits Wells and will eat away at your vitality.

“Luckily, Lin Yuan has just provided a short-term solution to all these problems. With the Creation Masters’ continuing hard work, these issues will be solved very soon.”

Once Gu Lang was done speaking, Liu Jie and Zong Ze began serving the dishes.

The Mother of Bloodbath did not join the rest at the table. Instead, it stayed in the kitchen to work on the roast meat that Liu Jie and Zong Ze had specially made for it.

Given that the Mother of Bloodbath was Lin Yuan’s Path Protector, Lin Yuan’s friends were its seniors.

The rest of them would be unable to comfortably chat if it joined them at the table.

The Mother of Bloodbath did not have many friends. While it had been growing, its only real friend was Endless Summer.

The Mother of Bloodbath spent a long time being on its own.

Thus, it really hoped that Lin Yuan would be able to make as many friends as possible.

Lin Yuan did not remember the last time they had gathered together.

After this meal, everyone at this table would embark on a new journey.

During the beginning of the sixth epoch, Lin Yuan made a silent wish. He prayed that after the sixth epoch ended, the seventh epoch that followed would be filled with peace and joy so that none of the lifeforms in the main world would have to endure any more suffering.

Lin Yuan did not tell the others about his wish. This could be because of the belief in Lin Yuan’s previous life that saying a wish out loud would cause it to not come true or because this was not the right time to say it.

Nonetheless, Lin Yuan would work hard to make his wish come true.

Once they defeated Tower Canon and stability returned to the main world, Lin Yuan would head to the Sky Beyond the Clouds under the name of being the main world’s protector and continue protecting the main world from there.

With this thought, Lin Yuan suddenly frowned.

There was another secret faction in the main world that was stronger than Tower Canon—Epoch God Palace.

The words ‘Epoch God Palace’ had already become a source of headaches for Lin Yuan…

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