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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 2668: Nurturing Shiny!

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Chapter 2668: Nurturing Shiny!

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Lin Yuan already had a certain level of understanding of Tower Canon. They were not completely foreign to him. Thus, he was not at a total loss about how to take them on.

On the other hand, he was utterly unfamiliar with Epoch God Palace.

If he had not heard about them from Eighth Page Apoptosis, he might not have known that such a secret organization existed in the world.

Any powerful organization needed to be guided by a goal in order to function.

Taking Sky City as an example, if they did not have any goals, Wen Yu and Liu Jie might not mind, but the white-clothed followers would not feel any sense of security.

An organization without a clear goal would lose all of its value. Hence, Epoch God Palace definitely had an objective.

Lin Yuan had also considered the possibility of Epoch God Palace being a foreign entity just like Tower Canon. What else could explain why Tower Canon had suffered such a humiliating loss to Epoch God Palace?

This thought made Lin Yuan lose his appetite.

However, he did not share his thoughts with anyone else for fear of affecting them.

Even if he did tell Xia Qing, Zong Ze, and the rest about his concerns, they

could not offer any solutions.

Lin Yuan would still end up having to handle everything on his own.

Therefore, where was the point in him sharing his worries?

Lin Yuan felt that if the opportunity arose, he needed to do a deep dive into Epoch God Palace.

Since Epoch God Palace was currently staying quiet, he would make the first move to reach out to them.

After coming to this decision, Lin Yuan added Epoch God Palace to his schedule.

Tower Canon had already pushed the main world into chaos. Lin Yuan prayed that Epoch God Palace was not planning something similar.

If Epoch God Palace had the same intentions as Tower Canon, the main world’s lifeforms would be sent into another disaster immediately after the dead spirits crisis.

During the meal, Wen Yu and Liu Jie noticed Lin Yuan’s demeanor change.

Lin Yuan was the type to look after others. After being the sole caretaker of Chu Ci in their younger days, Lin Yuan was very thoughtful in everything he did.

But he had only taken a few bites of the food on the table and was quiet most of the time. It was evident that he was ruminating over something.

Wen Yu and Liu Jie had been with Lin Yuan for a long time, so they knew him best.

Although Gu Lang, Zong Ze, Gao Feng, An He, Xia Qing, and the rest were his friends, they were not always by his side, so they could not pick up on when he was acting out of character.

After the meal, Lin Yuan broke his silence and returned to his usual manner.

Liu Jie and Wen Yu exchanged a look. It seemed that whatever issue was occupying Lin Yuan’s mind was a very difficult one to crack.

If it was an easy task, Lin Yuan would not be keeping it to himself.

Wen Yu and Liu Jie intended to ask Lin Yuan about this once Zong Ze and the rest left. Even if they could not provide actual help, they could help to take on some of the emotional burden.

Lin Yuan passed around a platter of fruit that could cut through the discomfort of unctuous flavor before turning to tell Zong Ze what he had just said to the rest.

Zong Ze’s gaze sparkled as he listened to Lin Yuan.

It was all because of the Heavenly Maiden Sleet elemental pearl given by Lin Yuan that the Fiery Sky Hou was able to evolve to its current state and transform its bloodline to one that allowed it to stand over Gu Lang’s fey with the barren bloodline.

Not even Chef Supreme was able to produce such a treasure.

Previously, Zong Ze assumed that the heavenly-maiden-grade elemental pearls had come from the Moon Empress. But now, he knew that it came from

Lin Yuan himself.

Lin Yuan had already invested a large amount of Creation Master resources into the Radiance Federation, but none of it had been at the same level as the Heavenly Maiden Sleet elemental pearls. However, they were all Defined Life at least. Thus, the Radiance Federation’s experts’ feys still substantially evolved their bloodlines.

The rest of them also had the means to obtain such resources. It was clear that Lin Yuan intended to provide them with higher-level resources.

Zong Ze and the rest accepted Lin Yuan’s gesture and did not stand on ceremony with him.

They also possessed the Thoughts Letter Paper, albeit the access parameters for each one were different. They could only exchange messages with the people linked to the Radiance Federation but could not reach the experts who were part of the Astronomical Parliament or Sky City.

All of them wrote down what they needed on their Thoughts Letter Papers, and Lin Yuan received all their messages.

Wen Yu was the one who suggested using the Thoughts Letter Paper to collate the resource lists. She made this suggestion because she knew just how many resources each of them needed.

If one of them did not need many resources, those who needed more would be embarrassed to openly ask for what they needed.

This way, with everyone directly reporting their needs to Lin Yuan through the Thoughts Letter Paper, there was no need to worry about such issues, and all of them could make their requests without holding back.

As Lin Yuan read through their lists, he got a sense of the levels that Zong Ze, Xia Qing, and the rest’s feys with the barren bloodlines had reached.

He quickly packed the resources in brocade boxes and distributed them.

After receiving the resources, Zong Ze, Xia Qing, and the rest would have to go into seclusion for a day or two to evolve their feys’ bloodlines. Once they were done, all of them would reach new heights of power.

Lin Yuan also intended to go into seclusion for a while.

Long Tao was also supposed to be present at this gathering, but he was currently in charge of overseeing Coiling Dragon’s Valley’s affairs.

Recently, he had slowly taken on more and more duties within Coiling Dragon’s Valley. He now handled many responsibilities that usually belonged to the head of the family.

At first, he felt very out of his element.

The head of a top faction had an endless list of tasks to attend to every day.

Although he did not have to handle everything personally, he still needed to supervise. It required some extra effort to ensure that the elders listened to his orders.

Luckily, Long Tao was given the title of Young Leader at a young age and was also part of the Radiance Federation’s most elite team, the Radiance Hundred Sequence. Thus, he captured the faith and loyalty of most people in the family, and it did not take long for him to weed out the minority who stood in his way.

When he had merely been the Young Leader, Long Tao had been extremely respectful to the elders in his family.

But now that he held the role of the head of the family, his duties had changed, and so had his perspective.

The head of a family needed to wield absolute authority!

His father had also faced obstacles when he was the head of the family. As a result, he had been unable to change the family in the direction that he wanted.

Because of Long Tao’s relationship with Lin Yuan, Coiling Dragon’s Valley was part of the Moon Empress’ camp and had replaced Whale Ocean Commerce to become one of the Radiance Federation’s three top factions.

Given his relationship with Lin Yuan, no one in the family dared to oppose Long Tao’s plans.

Hence, all Long Tao needed to do was adjust to the life of being the head of a family.

Long Tao never understood why his father’s powers had increased so slowly after he became the head of the family.

But now, he knew the reason.

If he occupied the position of the head of the family for too long, he would have to neglect increasing his power as well.

Two years ago, Long Tao would have been willing to make such a sacrifice for his family.

However, after his interactions with Lin Yuan, Long Tao came to realize that power was the center of everything. Without power, nothing else mattered.

Long Tao had been nurturing young aides in his family that he could trust to help him develop the family.

It went without saying that these aides would have to use their actions to prove their loyalty to him in order to win his trust.

Long Tao’s capabilities were unquestionable. His grandfather and father admired his ruthless actions.

However, the two of them were unaware that he cared more about increasing his own power than managing the family.

It was said that one should never forget those who had been kind to them.

Long Tao was still grateful towards Lin Yuan and continued to instruct the Coiling Dragon’s Valley members to nurture dragon-species feys and supply Lin Yuan with dragon livers.

He also used the relationship between Coiling Dragon’s Valley and Dark Clouds Bird Shrine to help Lin Yuan obtain large amounts of main phoenix-species feys’ blood and even some essence blood.

Long Tao had already delivered all of these resources to the Return from

Faraway Mansion some time ago and handed them to Master Hong Shen.

Master Hong Shen immediately gave Lin Yuan the dragon liver and phoenix blood when he returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion. He had even processed the dragon liver to remove the membrane covering them that was difficult to digest.

Lin Yuan had contracted Shiny long ago but had not had the chance to nurture it.

Now, he could finally nurture it!

The longer he waited, the more Shiny’s confidence fell!

Since he would be competing for a spot as one of the Radiance Envoys, there was no reason not for Lin Yuan to wield a fey with the barren bloodline. During the dead spirits crisis, feys with the barren bloodline were still the Radiance Federation’s secret weapon.

Lin Yuan looked at Zong Ze, Xia Qing, and the rest and invited them, “Why don’t you go into seclusion here? We can all head to Radiance Sacred Hall together when you’re done.

“Although you won’t be participating in the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection, the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection will be immediately followed by the Radiance Envoy and Radiance Knight selections. As per Radiance Sacred Hall’s request, you will need to be present to watch.”

Xia Qing, Zong Ze, and the rest gratefully accepted Lin Yuan’s invitation. Wen Yu immediately waved over a few servants to set up training rooms for them to evolve their feys.

Luckily, Lin Yuan had built a sufficiently large building. Otherwise, they would not have been able to build so many training rooms.

At first, every training room’s walls were embedded with a layer of radium to prevent any battles or fey nurturing processes taking place in the training rooms from damaging them.

But as Lin Yuan grew increasingly stronger, and with the large amounts of high metal-type spiritual ingredients that he obtained from the subterranean world, Hu Quan instructed his disciples from Heavenly Craft Pavilion to work with the high-class Land Imps to renovate the training rooms’ wall.

Once the walls were embedded with the Sovereign metal-type spiritual ingredient Strong Jade Soft Steel, it would be difficult for even Immortal experts to leave a mark on the walls.

The Strong Jade Soft Steel was stronger than most Sovereign metal-type spiritual ingredients.

When Lin Yuan was nurturing the Perfect Touch Wisteria six months ago, he did not have many Sovereign metal-type spiritual ingredients. But now, they were common goods to him. He could have as much of it as he wanted!

Once Zong Ze, Gao Feng, Xia Qing, and the rest entered the training rooms to nurture their feys and sacred source lifeforms, Lin Yuan picked another training room and prepared to enter.

At this moment, Lin Yuan heard Wen Yu call out to him, “Young Master, were you preoccupied with something during the meal? You can share it with Big Brother Liu and me if it’s convenient. Regardless of what it’s about, we will face it together with you!”

Wen Yu would never have dared to say something like this a year ago. Although she was his assistant, she was actually his servant.

However, Lin Yuan never saw her as a servant.

But as she spent more time with him, Lin Yuan became not just her Young Master but also her family.

Now, as a member of his family, Wen Yu wanted to share his burdens.

Liu Jie nodded earnesty. Wen Yu had said out loud exactly what he was thinking.

Lin Yuan did not try to hide the truth from Wen Yu and Liu Jie.

He was not trying to find someone to share his burdens. There was no one who could help him shoulder this burden. He only told Wen Yu and Liu Jie about this because he could sense their sincerity.

“Aside from Tower Canon, there is another secret and more powerful organization called Epoch God Palace. They have been hiding in the shadows all this time. I don’t know what their goal is. But from how things look, they have no intention of interfering with Tower Canon’s plan.”

Liu Jie and Wen Yu looked astonished.

This was the first time that they were hearing of Epoch God Palace.

Wen Yu pursed her lips. She knew that if such a powerful secret organization did not side with the humans, the humans and sea clans could be ruined!

It was no wonder that Lin Yuan’s expression was so grim.

Wen Yu could not come up with any way to address this matter. The only thing she could do was stick by Lin Yuan and face Epoch God Palace with him when they eventually made their move.

Liu Jie took a deep breath and said with a smile, “Young Master, regardless of what Epoch God Palace’s goal is, we must do whatever it takes to protect the Radiance Federation and all of the lifeforms in the main world! That was our goal from the very beginning. All we need to do is follow it to the end!”

Lin Yuan reached out and patted Liu Jie and Wen Yu’s shoulders before he smiled and nodded.

What a coincidence. This was exactly how he felt, too!

Since he did not know what lay on the road ahead, all he could do was keep up the passion and weather all storms that came his way.

He had grown enough to stand up on behalf of the Radiance Federation and humans to shield all the lifeforms in the main world from the imminent storms.

Lin Yuan never wanted to be a savior. He never had any ambitions of saving the main world… He had only made it to this point in his life because he felt a sense of belonging to this world and saw it as his home!

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