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«Fey Evolution Merchant (Web Novel) - Chapter 2666: Epoch God Palace and the Radiance Federation!

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Chapter 2666: Epoch God Palace and the Radiance Federation!

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Lin Yuan had his own reasons for making such a prediction.

Tower Canon had been recuperating in the shadow for thousands of years and only just managed to implement their Sleeper’s Revival plan.

They must have anticipated many of these present issues.

Given that they could not allow the Sleeper’s Revival plan to end before achieving its purpose, they had to have more moves they were waiting to use!

Lin Yuan’s approach towards taking on his enemies was always to address the issues as they cropped up. Hence, he did not fear Tower Canon at this present moment.

When Tower Canon made their move, it would also allow Lin Yuan to get a better look at their true capabilities!

He would eventually have to take them on. He was already prepared to face the real Eight Pages of Tower Canon in battle.

“Xia Qing, you don’t have to bring any ingredients. Just come and eat! Zong Ze has gone with the Mother of Bloodbath to get ingredients. With the Mother of Bloodbath buying the ingredients, they will definitely end up with more than they need! ”

Xia Qing did not insist and said, “I’ll go over once I’m done packing.”

Xia Qing was the straightforward type, so she did not stay on the line to chat with Lin Yuan.

She knew of the Mother of Bloodbath. But when she was first acquainted with the Mother of Bloodbath, she had no idea that the Mother of Bloodbath was Lin Yuan’s Path Protector. Instead, she knew it as a member of theHeavenly Family


Lin Yuan was also the reason for the alliance formed between the Radiance Federation and Heavenly Family Cottage.

With Xia Qing’s position and status, it was not difficult for her to find out such information.

She could no longer measure just how much Lin Yuan had done for the Radiance Federation.

At first, the only role models in Xia Qing’s mind were her parents and grandfather. Now, she had another - Lin Yuan.

Lin Yuan was the idol of many youths in the Radiance Federation, but Xia Qing would never lose sight of her aim as a fan. She would only silently try to follow in his footsteps. She would not try to outdo him, just to become someone like him.

After inviting Xia Qing, Lin Yuan yawned.

He had been busy and on the edge for many days. A few days of rest were like a luxury to him. Lin Yuan was not the type who could live without working.

While he was waiting for his friends in the Return from Faraway Mansion, Lin

Yuan communicated with Bai Qinghuan and Qin Yu through the Thoughts

Letter Paper. They told him about the progress of the construction of the fortresses in the dimensional worlds.

After the Elemental Paper evolved to Suzerain/Myth, Wen Yu left to see Mystic Moon so she could tell him about her new abilities.

Paper World Carrier was extremely important to the Radiance Federation now.

Both the Death-Cleansing Scale Snakes and Dead Decay Earthworms needed to go through a logistical process to be dispatched.

These resources were delivered by humans who always had to perform careful checks to ensure that nothing was wrong before they could be delivered to the next stage.

There were no problems with this method, but the efficiency was lowered.

With a lower efficiency, it could cost the lives of many troops who were fighting by the Dead Spirits Wells.

These issues would be eliminated by using Paper World Carrier to transport the Death-Cleansing Scale Snakes and Dead Decay Earthworms. Wen Yu would be able to quickly deliver the resources to the troops on the frontline.

Mystic Moon was shocked, to say the least, after he learned of Wen Yu’s ability.

He had already been stunned by the Elemental Paper’s previous abilities. Yet, it was able to bring him an even greater surprise after evolving into Suzerain/Myth!

Mystic Moon immediately reported Wen Yu’s new abilities to the Moon Empress.

After learning of this, the Moon Empress immediately instructed Wen Yu to send out the Death-Cleansing Scale Snakes and Dead Decay Earthworms that the Creation Masters had nurtured.

This was originally a very large undertaking. But with the Elemental Paper’s Paper World Carrier, Wen Yu could easily complete this job. She was not at all challenged by merely delivering resources.

Wen Yu returned to the Return from Faraway Mansion once she was done with the task.

When she returned, Liu Jie was still not back from evolving the feys. However, Zong Ze, Gu Lang, An He, and the Mother of Bloodbath had all arrived.

The three of them had initially intended to buy more ingredients. But when they saw how the Mother of Bloodbath was picking ingredients, they realized that their idea of ‘more’ was not the same as that of the Mother of Bloodbath. Its idea of ‘less’ already exceeded its idea of ‘more’!

As the Mother of Bloodbath swept through the market for ingredients, they quickly filled up half of a Diamond fey storage box.

Zong Ze gulped when he saw this.

Even if he worked his hardest and used all the skills that Kitchen Fragrance Palace had imparted to him to turn these ingredients into dishes, he would not be done using all of them even after working in the Return from Faraway Mansion’s kitchen for five decades.

Zong Ze had always known that he was a good cook. Gu Lang always gobbled down large portions of food that he made.

But Gu Lang’s appetite was not considered large compared to the Mother of Bloodbath!

Unbeknownst to Zong Ze, the Mother of Bloodbath had already held itself back.

At the thought of Zong Ze and Liu Jie’s cooking skills, the Mother of Bloodbath wanted to eat everything and anything they could make. After all, there was unlikely to be any ingredient in this world that the two of them did not know how to turn into a dish.

There were no disadvantages to buying more, just to be prepared!

When the three of them saw Wen Yu, they greeted her before Zong Ze made a beeline to the kitchen and began preparing his feast.

When the three of them saw Lin Yuan, they could not stop themselves from taking turns to hug him.

After being reunited with their friends after such a long time apart, all of them were overwhelmed with emotions.

A merry gathering began in the Return from Faraway Mansion. Xia Qing arrived soon after Wen Yu returned.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the sea…

An ancient castle on an island was swallowed by a dimensional rift leaking black miasma. The concentrated death aura flowed in all directions and rapidly withered everything alive on the island.

Eight strange figures were sniffing the air with yearning.

The death aura that was extremely lethal to living creatures was nourishment for these eight figures.

After the eight of them spent a long time tasting the death aura, Third Page Violet Light Green tossed a bright red fruit in one hand as she said with amusement, “The humans have indeed produced a hero! They are actually able to control all of the dimensional lifeforms from the dimensional worlds to fend off the dead spirits!

“I underestimated lifeforms from these five dimensional worlds. They managed to consume the death aura and turn it into nutrients. If we don’t do something, the dead spirits crisis will come to a standstill!”

While she spoke, Third Page Violet Light Green did not look anxious at all. Rather, her tone contained derision.

Seventh Page Concubine Winding narrowed her eyes and said nonchalantly, “The humans probably think that they have won this stage of the dead spirits crisis! The humans sure are naive. They can hold back the dead spirits from invading by laying down the metal-type stone boards. Using the Dead Spirits Wells can funnel and redirect the dead spirits.

“The humans’ actions are indeed helpful for this initial stage of the dead spirits’ revival. But in another two months, the dead spirits will explode out, and it won’t be as easy for the humans to stop them then! Let’s continue trying to fuse the dead world with this Class 2 world.

“As long as the dead world becomes connected to this Class 2 world, we will be able to open the death dimensional rift in this world anytime! Then, the humans will truly find out what it means to be swarmed by dead spirits!” First Page Crimson could not help but frown.

Seventh Page Concubine Winding was not the type to behave ostentatiously, but she despised humans with every fiber of her being.

This was because she came from a higher-class world. It was natural for her to look down on lifeforms from a lower-class world.

First Page Crimson had felt the same way when he first woke up.

However, First Page Crimson recently had gotten the increasingly strong feeling that something was wrong.

There was no way for humans from a Class 1 world to surpass the boundaries of a Class 1 world.

The hero that Third Page Violet Light Green mentioned should not exist in this main world!

This was an anomaly for a Class 1 world.

Usually, for a Class 1 world to fuse with a dimensional world, a Class 6 dimensional rift would have to open in the Class 1 world and lead to a

catastrophe. Eventually, the energy from the two worlds would connect, and repeated calamities would guide the dimensional worlds to combine with the Class 1 world.

This was why every Class 2 world needed to recuperate for a very long time before it could begin thriving.

Otherwise, there would be no need for the Sky Beyond the Clouds, which had the duty of maintaining order in the worlds to protect Class 2 worlds!

But this Class 1 world was far too peculiar that First Page Crimson could not help but come up with a suspicion.

Seeing as things were progressing exactly along his suspicions, First Page

Crimson could not help but say, “We can’t let our guard down. I suspect that other lifeforms from higher-class worlds have arrived in this world and are putting up obstacles for us! How else could a Class 1 world undergo such momentous changes in just two years?

“This is a key juncture during the main world’s fusion with the dead world. We can’t leave now. Otherwise, I would personally go to investigate the Radiance Federation and find out if someone is supporting them!”

First Page Crimson’s words caused Second Page Warbler Candle to frown slightly.

Second Page Warbler Candle was the second one of the Eight Pages to wake up after First Page Crimson. She had even investigated and observed this Class 1 world on First Page Crimson’s behalf.

She believed that the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection was when all the changes began.

One of the young men from the Radiance Federation had distinguished himself during the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection.

Second Page Warbler Candle could not help but shake her head when this thought entered her mind.

That young man was not even a B-rank spirit qi professional. He was only able to defeat his opponents by using his mermaid bloodline.

Second Page Warbler Candle had seen everything clearly through Second Page Revival.

That young man was not the only person in the main world who had evolved his bloodline using the mermaid bloodline. The Goddess of Mercy was another example.

Second Page Warbler Candle just could not find it in herself to attribute all the changes in the Class 1 world to Lin Yuan.

But it was true that it was only after the Radiance Hundred Sequence selection that the Radiance Federation transformed its position and managed to overtake the Freedom Federation to become the dominant faction of the main world!

Second Page Warbler Candle could not understand how the Heavenly Family Cottage and the Vast Sea Labyrinth were suddenly on such good terms with the Radiance Federation.

The old fellow from the Radiance Federation had indeed set his spirit fire alight, but the Heavenly Family Cottage and Vast Sea Labyrinth were on a completely different level!

While Second Page Warbler Candle was frowning and deep in contemplation, Fourth Page Cavity Orchid said indifferently, “Crimson, don’t you think you’re overthinking? When we first arrived in this world, it sensed our presence, and the world willpower sealed off this world.

“So no one else could have come to this Class 1 world after us! They would have already eliminated us if they could break the world willpower.

“How could they allow us to awaken from our slumber? Crimson, you have become careful and cautious ever since Epoch God Palace defeated us. This isn’t beneficial for our objective of invading this Class 1 world!”

Second Page Warbler Candle never got along with First Page Crimson. Second Page Warbler Candle always liked watching the other Eight Pages disparaging First Page Crimson.

But at this moment, Second Page Warbler Candle felt that Fourth Page Cavity Orchid’s thoughts were too simple.

Second Page Warbler Candle did not want to side with First Page Crimson, but her thoughts aligned more with his. At the same time, she wanted the other Eight Pages to take the faction behind the Radiance Federation seriously.

Second Page Warbler Candle decided to bring up Epoch God Palace.

“We don’t know what Epoch God Palace’s motives are for remaining in this Class 1 world. It’s clear that they don’t belong here. Since they arrived here before we did, do you think they’re behind the anomalies?”

Second Page Warbler Candle’s words had a greater effect than First Page Crimson’s words.

The previous encounter with Epoch God Palace had caused the Eight Pages of Tower Canon to become extremely fearful of them.

It was true that Epoch God Palace had not interfered even once in the Sleeper’s Revival plan.

But this did not mean that they were not secretly helping the Radiance Federation.

If this matter was really related to Epoch God Palace, it would be very bad for Tower Canon!

Fifth Page Falling Rainbow was silent for a moment before she said, “I think we should try making contact with Epoch God Palace so we can get a better idea of what they want from the main world. If both our goals are in agreement, they might be able to help us!”

Sixth Page Wave Glow scoffed.

“Do you really think that Epoch God Palace will be willing to work with us? If you think it’s possible, you can be the one to make contact with them! I hope you manage to win their cooperation.”

Sixth Page Wave Glow resented Fifth Page Falling Rainbow because the incident she and Second Page Warbler Candle had caused had set the Sleeper’s Revival plan back by thousands of years.

Sixth Page Wave Glow was about to retort when she was interrupted by Eighth

Page Eye Shadow’s soft voice, “There’s no need to make contact with Epoch God Palace. We have already begun fusing the dead world with this Class 2 world… We can’t turn back now! Even if a bottomless chasm is waiting for us at the end of the road, we have no choice but to walk on!”

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