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Department of Dungeon Studies: Arcane Academy LitRPG (Web Novel)

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J Pal


Greatness isn't bred. Its molded in trials of fire and depths of desperation.

Nox is an alchemist by trade, but he dreams of magehood. Fate dealt him unfavorable cards but he has learnt to compensate for his shortcomings with scholarly pursuits, tenacity, and sheer grit. Fortunately, for him Woodson University and their scouts are always seeking individuals with his work ethic.

The Department of Dungeon Studies sees the value of the mind and its ability to overcome all limitations. After all, they stripped the divine of their titles. The department turned gods into Dungeon Lords and their domains into Dungeons. The department will teach Nox how to use divinity to stand strong in a broken world. It will give him the tools to achieve his ambitions and his limitations will push him to the forefront of arcane discovery.

Unfortunately, more immediate challenges await Nox, too. He lacks the means to pay the university’s ridiculous tuition. Only alchemy and smart business deals will earn him the hundreds of gold coins he needs.


Why should you read this story?

—Magic university setting with a mature cast in their twenties

—Protagonist with questionable morals

—Unique magic system which involves cultivating a solar system in one's core

—Unique MC powerset involving magical research, versatile spell work, alchemy, arcane archery (no spellblades or fireballs!)

—Detailed spell crafting and alchemy

—Dungeon diving

—Journey from novice to archmage

Rating 3.0/5 (4 votes)

01 days 08h 41m 46s. (32 hours) • 1572 • 2024-02-16 14:50:22

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