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«Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1335.3: The truth: Sadness of the failures (Part 3)

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Chapter 1335.3: The truth: Sadness of the failures (Part 3)

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"What do you mean when you say that the Soul Record of your universe might not be the same Soul Record that governs ours?" Bai Zemin was startled.

"I have two reasons for thinking so." Lilith explained slowly, "The first reason might seem silly but if you think about it in reality it makes a lot of sense. In this universe, each of the notifications that different living beings receive when they undergo the slightest of changes in their souls is green… On the other hand, the notifications that the living beings in my universe received were all gold in color."

Different colored notifications?

Now Bai Zemin was really at a loss.

While this reason was indeed stupid, it was actually extremely logical as Lilith pointed out earlier.

"If the Soul Record was the same why would it change the color of its notifications?" Bai Zemin muttered to himself.

"Exactly." Lilith nodded, "As for the other reason… well, as I go through my story you'll understand what I'm talking about."

After a pause, she narrated her entire past so that Bai Zemin would understand her each and every move until before she met him.

It turns out that her world, Gaia, was on the verge of annihilation once they were forced to evolve. The mutant beasts on Gaia were ten times more powerful than the mutant beasts on Earth and with the existence of many members of the ancient races turning into terrifying zombies the human race was practically wiped out in a matter of the first two months.

Fortunately, two terrifyingly powerful figures rose up among them.

One of them was the only princess of the Nine-Tailed Spiritual Fox race. With the power to bend all other living beings to her will she suppressed countless revelations and with her terrifying swordsmanship abilities coupled with her overwhelming charm she became the bane of all her enemies.

As for the other, surprisingly he was a formerly weak human compared to any member of the ancient races.

This human's name was Bai Zemin, and he awakened an extremely simple but absolutely horrifying ability when the power of will became available to him.

"In the Greek mythology of Earth, Atlas was a giant barbarian who received supreme punishment from the gods. Atlas, with the heavy duty of holding the heavens on his shoulders for all eternity, developed an unbreakable will before the most powerful and his hatred only fueled his power as all he ever wanted was to shatter the chains that restrained him to seek vengeance." Lilith sighed and a complicated emotion appeared in her eyes, "Bai Zemin's power was something that for some reason was dormant deep within his bloodline. His physical strength reached such a monstrous level that any opponent within his level would end up exploding into a pile of bloody mist with a single punch."

Bai Zemin made no sound and just listened for now.

"Zemin, when the apocalypse started you were already very powerful from day one. But that person, he…" Lilith smiled bitterly and then said, "On the first day of the apocalypse he fought against a prince of the ancient races who failed to withstand the sudden blow of will. This prince was so powerful that in less than 24 hours he had already grown to the Second Order, but when he set his eyes on Feng Tian Wu he stirred up Bai Zemin's fury and in less than 10 strikes he was completely blown apart."

Bai Zemin sucked in a breath of cold air silently.

Ten blows to destroy a Second Order soul evolver in just the first day of evolution? More importantly, that Second Order soul evolver was not just any Second Order but was a terrifying member of the ancient races whose overall stats were much higher than humans from the beginning!

Bai Zemin could only kill Second Order existences months after starting to evolve, but the Bai Zemin of Lilith's universe killed one from day one… This difference in power was not small.

Lilith continued: "As time went by, Bai Zemin and I naturally became the two most steadfast pillars of the ancient races and humanity. As the years progressed and after going through so many battles together I naturally began to develop feelings for him, and even if it wasn't love I probably wasn't too far from reaching that stage. However, I never expressed it since he had Feng Tian Wu. Even though I was not a cold woman since unlike Shangguan Bing Xue I had a very happy childhood, I still had my own pride."

Bai Zemin nodded silently, not feeling the slightest discomfort.

To begin with, when all these events happened in Lilith's life he wasn't even born. Forget about having been born, Bai Zemin and Lilith didn't even know about the existence of parallel universes, let alone about each other's existence. It was completely natural for her to have had feelings for someone else; particularly considering that this person fought alongside her and shared hardships with her through the years.

"You might say that everything was on a good course up to this point, but approximately 20 years ago things finally took a colossal turn." Lilith sighed again, perhaps relieved that the little man behind her wasn't jealous or perhaps because of her memories revived as she recounted her past.

"For some unknown reason, 20 years ago the Soul Record of our universe just seemed to give up on us…and when I say us I mean my entire universe."

I wenty years ago, the notifications that the living beings of Lilith's universe used to receive began to fail. Some words were blurred or incomplete, wrong letters, disordered order, wrong numbers… Everything became chaotic when part of their power simply got out of their control and they could no longer use it completely at will.

Those who suffered the most, however, were the Lower Existences.

"When the Soul Record began to fail, the Higher Existences of our universe began to enslave the Lower Existences to take over all the worlds that had yet to fully grow. Through doing this they would be killing four birds with one stone; keeping an eye on countless resources, free workers, possible new talented recruits within their range of vision, and preventing a new contender from rising." Lilith mocked and a sneer appeared on her face, "However, they miscalculated just one thing."

"The Bai Zemin of your universe, uh…" Bai Zemin sighed.

"That's right," Lilith nodded and said in a voice filled with hatred, "Back then, two large factions with over 10.000 Higher Existences launched their assault on my world. To show their power, they began to slaughter indiscriminately and to do all sorts of acts more bestial than what a beast would do. In just the first day, countless kingdoms that had risen during the years of peace fell and the blood of our people literally flowed forming rivers with each fallen city."

Bai Zemin hugged her tighter as he felt her body tremble. It was obvious to him that she was remembering things she didn't want to remember, let alone talk about. Still, he did not stop her.

This conversation was necessary and very important for them as a couple as well as for their future. So, although it was painful to talk about old hurts, sometimes there was simply no choice but to do so.

"I saw with my own eyes how my father was killed. I also saw with my own eyes how they raped my mom and then cut off her head. Finally, my only female friend was put in the spotlight." Lilith's voice was extremely cold.

This was the first time Bai Zemin had heard her speak with such a cold tone of voice. Her voice was always warm, playful, full of noble and alluring charm. But this time her voice was chilling to the highest possible degree.

"Similar to what happened in your universe, Wu Yijun was the only girl who managed to befriend me because of my status back then. She was powerful, pure, without any sinister schemes to approach me for. I still remember her smile before she gave me the core of her heart. I will never forget it."

Suddenly, Lilith brought both hands to her chest and a faint pale green light shone into the darkened room.

"That's…!" Bai Zemin stared at the small object in Lilith's hands in shock.

"World Tree Heart Fragment'." Lilith nodded slowly and tears began to fall down her face as she stared at the small glowing object with eyes full of pain and regret, "She would rather die than be soiled by those beasts. She put all her records and locked her soul in here before handing it over to me… But what neither of us two expected was that because the World Tree Heart is a supreme treasure it absolutely would not allow anything or anyone to enter it."

"Not even an hour after I kept the World Tree Heart Fragment inside my heart, my friend's soul records were directly expelled. Those records were complete and were not obtained through the power of the Soul Record, and as they were inside me I didn't even have time to realize what was happening before I became a fusion of two souls."

Lilith slowly and carefully kept the World Tree Heart Fragment as if it was her most precious thing and continued indifferently, "My friend did not die but my old self did. From that moment onwards she and I became a single existence."

Bai Zemin finally understood… Many things made sense now.

Characteristics of Shangguan Bing Xue and Wu Yijun were literally everywhere in Lilith's existence.

White hair, blue eyes, occasionally ice-cold personality, the power of making ice out of thin air…

Innocent baby-like face, perfectly seductive demonic curvaceous body, usually warm and loving personality, the power of controlling plants…

"So that's why you said my previous theory was right but at the same time wrong." Bai Zemin sighed as he wiped her tears gently.

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