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«Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1336.4: The truth: Sadness of the failures (Part 4)

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Chapter 1336.4: The truth: Sadness of the failures (Part 4)

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"That's why I told you that you are half right and half wrong." Lilith smiled bitterly and pointed out, "Depending on my mood and many other things, one of two personalities will blossom. There is only one exception; with you."

"With me?" Bai Zemin was startled.

He was a little surprised by the fact that the existence he knew as Lilith was composed by two souls; two souls whose records were very similar to two people very close to him. However, when she said her last sentence he was very surprised.

Lilith turned to look at him with tears in her eyes and said, "You… You could also say that both Wu Yijun's soul and Xuanyuan Bing Xue's soul in me have come to love you and accept you as a life partner. That is why with you my way of behaving and acting is something that only you have seen in my entire life; it is completely new."

Bai Zemin looked at her fondly and could not help but lean over to kiss her forehead. However, to his surprise, Lilith stopped him midway.

He looked at her in confusion, to which she replied in her voice a little choked with emotions, "Zemin, first let me finish. I don't know if when you know everything you'll want to touch me again after all."

Seeing her like this, Bai Zemin actually wanted to tell her that his feelings for her would never change and that everything would stay the same beyond tonight. But in the end, he restrained himself and nodded slowly.

Actually, he could already guess a thing or two so far with the information he had added to his previous theories. But he decided to wait for Lilith to finish anyway.

It turns out that when the Higher Existences attacked Gaia, among many other Lower Worlds, they started to perform all kinds of wild acts that they couldn't do before because of the chains of the Soul Record. Moreover, according to Lilith, the punishment of the Soul Record was millions of times more vicious than the punishment of the Soul Record of this universe.

"This is the second reason why I feel that the gold-lettered Soul Record is a different entity than the green-lettered Soul Record. According to the data recorded on one of the ancient scrolls found in the space storage equipment of some dead Higher Existences, the punishment of the Soul Record of my universe was immediate total annihilation. The offender's carnal and spiritual existence would be directly wiped out of life like a cloud of dust being swept away by strong whirlwinds." Lilith explained.

"The Soul Punishment of the Soul Record we know degrades Higher Existences by stripping them of their most powerful records and making them fall into a Lower Existence again. Unless that Higher Existence is as young as you they absolutely will be killed by the law of time." Bai Zemin reasoned slowly, "But the Soul Record you speak of seems to be much more… fierce?"

"I don't know if the right word to use here is fierce or not but… Anyway. All we can say is that the two Soul Records, regardless of whether they are the same entity or not, work in different ways. I don't think people at our level need to bother much with this for now, I firmly believe that as we get stronger naturally we will learn many truths in the future." Lilith concluded.

Bai Zemin nodded in agreement with her thoughts after a moment of consideration. There was no use dwelling on wild theories regarding things that were so far away from them, it was much better to invest their time in things they could improve or do right now to someday reach the point where they would reach to touch those kinds of secrets.

Lilith couldn't help but remember the moment when Bai Zemin reached the last level of the giant staircase back in Eventide World. At that moment she saw Bai Zemin suffering and couldn't help but step forward as she intended to help him, however, she was stopped by a simple notification that shook her spirit from deep within.

She took a deep breath and to avoid deviating from the main topic continued quickly: "Gaia fell into a period of chaos and uncertainty for a total of seven days before an event that changed everything occurred. At that time, one of the Higher Existences ran into Feng Tian Wu by accident… Although he tried to protect her, his strength was too lacking compared to beings of Fifth Order and above."

What those Higher Existences didn't know was that a simple act would lead to their doom.

"After Feng Tian Wu was killed, something inside him simply broke. It was then that the last level of his Blood Berserker's Wrath skill was triggered, and with it, he gained such immense power that it makes me shudder just remembering it." Lilith sighed and then continued in a low voice, "It's a pity that the price he had to pay was too high…"

After seeing his beloved being killed before his eyes, feeling helplessness and hatred beyond all sense, the Bai Zemin of Lilith's universe went mad in rage. That rage seemed to awaken something within him, and in just two days he mercilessly slaughtered all the Higher Existences that invaded Gaia at that time.

Bai Zemin could not help but suck in a breath of cold air when Lilith told him this.

Those were ten thousand Higher Existences not ten thousand lettuce!

"Back then he was already at the peak of the Fourth Order but, unfortunately, he could never breakthrough to become a Higher Existence." Lilith gently squeezed Bai Zemin's hands as she said this and then explained, "That's why back then I was relieved during your second job change. If you had chosen to walk that path… maybe you could have ended up just like him and would never be able to go beyond level 400."

Bai Zemin said nothing as even Lilith herself did not know why her friend ended up restricted at level 400.

She continued, the contempt in her voice evident, "After having their joint army annihilated, those arrogant Superior Existences naturally didn't take it well. However… Hehehe."

His chuckle in the middle of the dark room was chilling, to say the least.

"Fifth Order, Sixth Order, Seventh Order… Even when one of the Leaders arrived personally they couldn't stop him. All life on Gaia was annihilated because of battles that were beyond what they could endure, and even the world itself lost its vitality forever as it focused on not being destroyed, which led to the loss of all that energy to fuel its core. Only two beings remained alive, he and I."

"How could that be possible?" Bai Zemin couldn't help but stop her at this point, "Despite being in the Fourth Order he killed Seventh Order beings and even expelled an Eighth Order Leader? With combat power like that he could practically defy the heavens and become the ruler of everything!"

However, to his surprise, Lilith shook her head, "It's not as easy as you think… But you'll soon understand."

She took a deep breath and continued, "After two years of practically non-

stop battles, the Higher Existences stopped invading. It wasn't until later that we learned that for some unknown reason a huge spatial rift had opened up connecting our universe to another universe; this universe."

Bai Zemin's expression changed when he heard this.

What happened when someone discovered a new territory full of resources? The answer was obvious.

"Thus began the war between the two main universes. However, the Higher Existences of my universe were already badly damaged after being harassed by that person repeatedly and losing millions of troops. In the end, the joint troops of your universe won but had to retreat even before eating a single candy. It wasn't until later that I found out they retreated because the place they were supposed to protect suddenly began to get weaker." Lilith couldn't help but find it funny and laughed.

Even Bai Zemin was speechless.

So much fighting and sacrificing to finally be forced to retreat with losses and without even taking a stone home. Now that was pitiful and laughable.

"That's when he and I planned something." Lilith bit her lower lip hard and hesitated. Despite her hesitation, however, she forced herself to go on, "Full of hate, pain, sadness, two people who had lost everything finally saw a glimmer of hope when we spotted the spatial rift to a parallel universe. We, who for some reason failed at something and ended up being abandoned by the Soul Record, still had hope to start over now."

As Lilith explained to him, the Bai Zemin of his universe sensed the aura of his loved ones through the spatial rift just before it closed. Therefore, the two began to plan their invasion.

However, they were too weak and he could not control his impulses. That's why Lilith was sent here after years of preparation and effort to find a Firmament Fragment that would allow her to break all the bonds of space for a brief moment.

Bai Zemin finally understood the reason why she feared that he might hate her after today.

It was because at the beginning, Lilith did not have the slightest good intention towards him.

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