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«Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1334.2: The truth: Sadness of the failures (Part 2)

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Chapter 1334.2: The truth: Sadness of the failures (Part 2)

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"Like I said before, I am someone who comes from a parallel universe to yours. My universe was just as flourishing as this one, its laws were firm and life overflowed so, although I don't quite understand why there would be two main universes coming from the same source, I can say that it was in no way inferior to this one in anything."

Bai Zemin hugged Lilith from behind as she sat between his legs. They had both moved to the bed to be more comfortable as they needed to be as relaxed as possible for what was to come.

With the moonlight as their witness, Lilith continued without his interruption.

"My world, Gaia, was similar to Earth but not exactly identical. The laws of my world were clearly weaker than the laws here on Earth but, for some reason, life on Gaia used to be incredibly prosperous and healthy to the point where we could live to the age of 400 without any disadvantages. Zemin, in my more than a decade in this universe I have only run into two things more powerful or anomalous that my universe did not have, or rather, were more within the range of the acceptable and the logical."

Bai Zemin thought about it silently for a moment and then understood what she meant, "One of these things is me, and the other should be Earth."

"That's right." Lilith nodded and continued softly, "Yours is more acceptable, and I will explain the reason shortly. But as for Earth… This world is really very strange."

The first time Lilith came to Earth to look for Bai Zemin, the first thing she noticed right away was that this planet was not like the other worlds she had been to before. In fact, even her planet, Gaia, could not compare to planet Earth even though in theory they should have come from the same source.

"You know? The reason why mankind and other living beings on Earth could only live on average up to 70 years is because the laws of this world from the beginning do not seem to have been created for such weak races. For example, the vast majority of mankind on Earth suffered from back pain and their bone marrow often developed irregular curvatures. This is because the humans who were born here on Earth were simply not suited to the gravitational strength of the world."

Lilith continued, "It's not just about the law of gravity. The law of nature that from a certain angle dictates on life and death is much more severe here to the point that any unevolved living being could hardly live beyond 80, and that is precisely why those who made it past 100 years alive were as rare as the feathers of the phoenix and the horns of the unicorn."

If the planet on which Lilith was born was parallel to Earth and came from the same source, then how was it possible that they could live even several centuries while the inhabitants of Earth usually did not even reach 100 years? Actually, both Bai Zemin and Lilith had a theory about it.

"I think you already know this too but Earth is definitely abnormal; even more so than you. This world absolutely experienced a great fall and is now much weaker than it once was. That's why its laws are more powerful than they should be and that's why its inhabitants suffer so much." Lilith paused for a moment to organize her next words and then continued.

"On my world, Gaia, the absolute rulers were half-beast humans like me. We called ourselves descendants of the ancient races as we were much stronger than any other race; even humanity was absolutely inferior. I personally was born into one of the few pure-blooded royal families, the Nine-Tailed Spiritual Fox family. My bloodline can fiercely suppress practically any living being and bend them to my will; even the elements of the world often listened to me to a certain extent."

"For us, things like running up to 150 kilometers per hour, jumping tens of meters high with a single movement, seeing objects more than 2 kilometers away, and many other things that mankind could never do were extremely simple and routine. All this without evolving at all. As you already know, what is difficult to accept, explain, or prove often ends up being related to the divine or miracles… Therefore, our ancient race became something like Gaia's guardian god."

Bai Zemin couldn't help but suck in a breath of cold air upon hearing what Lilith said.

In his eyes, running 150 kilometers per hour or jumping tens of meters high was no big deal nowadays. But that's precisely what it was nowadays! After having evolved to the point of not recognizing himself for more than 3 years!

However, Lilith and her family could do all that and more without evolving at all!

Lilith was silent for several minutes before slowly continuing, "In fact, I used to be Xuanyuan Bing Xue. My mother's name was Shangguan Xinyue and my father's name was Xuanyuan Wentian… It's just that unlike how things went down in this universe or in the parallel dimension you were dragged into before, both of my parents lived happily together and I was incredibly happy throughout my childhood. However, my current self. is no longer Xuanyuan Bing Xue nor could I be in the future even if I wanted to be."

Bai Zemin took a deep breath and said in his heart, 'So I was right after all? It really is like that?'

In reality, Bai Zemin was not entirely correct.

He thought that Lilith was a copy version of the Shangguan Bing Xue he knew. After all, the Soul Record that was the ruler of everything clearly pointed out that this universe was the main universe and all the others were nothing but copies born over the years through infinite factors that overlapped with each other.

However, Lilith, who was formerly called Xuanyuan Bing Xue, was not a copy version of Shangguan Bing Xue. She was her own person precisely because her universe also used to be a main universe; and this was precisely what confused Bai Zemin the most.

Besides… what did she mean by "used to be" and by "my current self is no longer Xuanyuan Bing Xue nor could I be in the future even if I wanted to"? There was definitely a big picture behind these two lines.

He said nothing and made no sound, letting her continue. He believed he would have the answer soon.

Indeed, Lilith continued, "At this moment, 81 years have passed since the moment I was born, and almost 30 since my universe was destroyed by yours."

"What?" Bai Zemin was startled and his heart trembled fiercely, "W- What exactly happened?"

Lilith sighed and a mountain of complicated emotions shone in her sky-

colored eyes. She was clearly lost in her memories as she whispered, narrating the past, "When I was 22 years old, almost the same message you received the day the apocalypse began flashed before the eyes of every living thing in my world. In fact, I still remember exactly the moment… It was so, so similar to how things happened for you that even now I shudder with fear at the thought that this was all arranged by something or someone many years ago."

"At that time I was pursuing my studies, except that the university I was attending was different from the universities on Earth. We descendants of the ancient races attended along with a very small number of humans an academy where we were not only inculcated with mental knowledge but were fiercely trained in physical terms. Because we living beings on Gaia were hundreds of times more powerful than living beings on Earth, when our world evolved we suffered an immediate catastrophe."

Humanity on Earth was almost annihilated because of zombies, humans who powerful before everything exploded, the zombies would also have been much more powerful and thus the human race could really have been wiped out.

So, Lilith's world which was full of powerhouses naturally suffered more in this aspect.

"Unlike life in this universe, the living beings in mine did not use mana as core energy but the energy we used to activate skills is called will. Remember I mentioned the barbarian race years ago? Actually, the barbarian race was annihilated in your universe so I didn't lie about it. But in my universe, there was a barbarian still alive, and he also happened to be born in my world, Gaia."

Bai Zemin was stunned before his eyes slowly opened wider and wider. His pupils began to tremble intensely as a wild thought grew within him.

As she leaned against his chest, Lilith could feel his heart beating more and more intensely as well as his irregular breathing. She nodded and said: "The only living barbarian capable of mastering the use of the energy called will in my universe is a different version of you despite being called by the same name. However, you don't need to think about it too much… He and you were definitely different and also lived completely and utterly different lives."

"W-What do you mean?" Bai Zemin asked in a low voice, trying to calm down.

"The Bai Zemin of my world never experienced heartbreak in contrast to you… In any case, he and my universe's version of Feng Tian Wu did manage to become a couple. Unfortunately, she fell and it was at this point that everything got out of control… But first we must get to that point. In fact, it's all so complicated that just thinking about it gives me a headache… because my universe's Soul Record wasn't even the same as the one here, or so I think."

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