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«Blood Warlock: Succubus Partner in the Apocalypse (Web Novel) - Chapter 1333.1: The truth: Sadness of the failures (Part 1)

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Chapter 1333.1: The truth: Sadness of the failures (Part 1)

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Upon entering the room, the first thing Bai Zemin noticed was that the lights turned off.

The artificial sky that covered Hero City had been removed and had not been raised again for months so at this moment the silver rays of the moon penetrated the panes of the large windows, dimly illuminating the room just enough so that one did not have to walk blindly.

Bai Zemin stood still in his place for a moment and silently watched that beautiful figure standing by the window with her back facing him. There was no need to say that the outline of Lilith's silhouette was simply too inviting and beautiful to the max even if it was just the back of her body.

He walked towards her with difficulty and after closing the gap of a few meters he stopped beside her. His thoughts were far from calm but at the same time they were far from the lust and carnal desire that usually two newlyweds would feel towards each other.

Maybe it was instinct or maybe it was something else unknown but somehow Bai Zemin knew the time was right. Tonight would be a mark that could mark the end of a phase and the beginning of a completely new one; a better one… or at least that's what he hoped from the depths of his soul.

Lilith stared at the stars and the moon in the sky with a drunken expression on her face. Perhaps she was drunk by the beauty of the night sky visible from the top floor of the huge royal palace or perhaps her thoughts were far enough away that she was pulled out of reality. Only she knew the truth.

A long time later, she finally softly opened her closed lips and slowly said, "Zemin, I think you must already know who or what I am?"

Bai Zemin nodded at first, but then immediately shook his head softly, "Actually… I've had this thought for quite a while now. Particularly after space pulled me into a parallel dimension. At that time I somehow felt I had discovered something, I even spent days researching… But now that I reached a higher level and have more knowledge I somehow feel that my previous theory is not quite accurate."

Lilith paused and then turned her head slightly to look at the outline of his face, "You must think I am an alternate version of Shangguan Bing Xue or Wu Yijun, am I right?"

Bai Zemin also looked at her silently for a few seconds, appreciating that innocent baby face way too similar to someone else's he knew, before nodding softly, "The coincidences are too many. It's just that there are also too many differences…"

"Actually, you're not completely right but you're not completely wrong either." Lilith smiled sweetly at him and reached out a hand to caress his face with utmost gentleness.

Bai Zemin's heart trembled. The cause might be that she fell from a Higher Existence to a Lower Existence but somehow Bai Zemin now had the ability to estimate Lilith's emotions with much more intensity and ease.

Even though she was smiling at him, he could tell that she was extremely nervous and sad right now.

"I… I know I should have told you this earlier. I know I absolutely shouldn't have waited until today because everything would be so much easier for you if we hadn't gotten married." Lilith's lower lip trembled almost imperceptibly but she quickly covered up her fear looking away, "But I am a selfish woman after all… Even if after knowing the truth you hate me and want to push me away, at least I will have the memory that you, Bai Zemin, joined me spiritually."

Bai Zemin looked at her for a couple of seconds and seemed to realize something before shifting his vision to the outside world, just like her. After almost a minute of silence, he said weakly, "So, when we first met it wasn't a coincidence as such, was it?"

"I was looking for you." Lilith nodded without holding anything back, "Actually, I did meet you long before. It's just that at that time you were just a little kid with a little over 10 years old and hadn't even evolved at all so there was no point in appearing in front of you then."

Bai Zemin recalled Lilith telling him back then that she had joined the Demonic Army 10 years ago. But considering that it had been more than 3 years since she told him that, the time should be approximately 13 years at present.

Taking into account that Bai Zemin was 24 this year, Lilith might have run into him when he was just a little boy of 11 who basically couldn't do anything on his own.

Seeing that he remained silent, Lilith continued from where she stopped before: "The reason why I previously told you that your theory regarding my identity was wrong and right at the same time is very simple. That is to say, I am not someone from a parallel dimension but from a universe parallel to this one."

Bai Zemin was not too surprised so he nodded slowly. After a moment's consideration, he muttered somewhat uncertainly, "So… the difference between the two is…?"

"A parallel dimension is basically a plane that is formed based on the existence of another plane. The laws of that parallel dimension are generally identical to those of the main dimension except that it has its own destiny that runs parallel to the destiny of the main dimension, so, unless something unexpected happens, the main plane and the secondary plane would never cross paths."

Actually, Lilith wasn't very clear about this either. She only learned more in the last few years so it wasn't a surprise that Bai Zemin didn't know anything about it.

"On the other hand, a parallel universe is a completely independent bubble of life that does not rely on another bubble to exist but would still share many similarities, such as the source of other bubbles. You can say that my universe and your universe are both major universes… It's just that for some major reason unknown to everyone both universes seem to be the same but at the same time they are not… Not only do I not know what's really happening here but probably no one does." Lilith sighed with an extremely complicated expression on her face.

She wanted to understand more than anyone else, but unfortunately, her power was too low to reach touching depths like these.

Even though it was a bit confusing, Bai Zemin nodded as he actually understood the analogy of planes and bubbles. A plane could be identified as a one-dimensional sheet of paper while the bubble was a three-dimensional structure; both were at completely different points of existence but existed in the same reality.

As Bai Zemin's soul level increased, his affinity with the laws of heaven and earth also grew. Therefore, his present self could see and understand things that his past self could never appreciate no matter how simple they were.

This was also the reason why it often was pointless to know the truth of some things, because even if you did know it you would never understand it and in the end you would only waste time for nothing. You would eventually end up losing more than you would gain.

Lilith continued: "The planet I was born on was called Gaia… as you can see this is the name of the goddess who personifies the planet Earth according to Greek legend in this world. This is what I meant when I said that even if my universe and your universe are different bubbles they still share many things, including the source."

"The same source?" Bai Zemin's pupils contracted slightly and his heart skipped a beat.

Lilith's words might sound very simple but Bai Zemin actually spotted a point that most would definitely overlook. This was particularly true because he knew from the Soul Record mission/request, in those records, it clearly stated that this universe was basically the lost land of the Golden Domain that suffered a colossal war many years ago.

Then Lilith's universe should also be the same…

Seeing that Bai Zemin intended to ask questions, Lilith gently raised her hand to indicate not to speak first. She gently said, "Don't worry, I will tell you everything today. After I finish my part and… if you still want to be with me, the two of us will have plenty of time to make a study about it together."

Bai Zemin glanced sideways at her and couldn't help but notice the way her beautiful sky-colored eyes were flooded with glistening tears under the moonlight. It was obvious that what she was about to say caused her great pain, but Bai Zemin somehow knew that those tears were born out of fear and guilt.

As for why Lilith would feel fear and guilt…

Bai Zemin sighed in his heart and a complicated glint of light flashed like lightning in his eyes. He was finally starting to understand some things now.

He turned to look at her and extended his hand gently.

Lilith looked at his outstretched hand with confusion but still took it and didn't struggle when he pulled her into his embrace. She instead buried her face in his chest and enjoyed the warmth of his body, breathing in his natural scent greedily as if she wanted to record it forever fearing she could never feel it again after tonight.

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