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«Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 641: Milk Pump

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Chapter 641: Milk Pump

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Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Jing Yichen had not gone to work during the past few days but stayed at home with Shangguan Ning, worried about her recovery. He spent the remaining time teaching Jing Rui to talk. He was patient and attentive, and Shangguan Ning found herself not as capable.

He was feeding Jing Rui and changing his diaper, helping him shower in such a proficient way that the nanny did not have much left to do.

Shangguan Ning teased him. “You can become a very skilled nanny!”

Jing Yichen was very proud of it. “I must not regret not taking care of my baby. I must do my best for his growth.”

At night, Jing Yichen read stories to Jing Rui and pampered him to sleep. Jing Rui might not understand a thing, yet his father was very interested in telling bedtime stories. He even held his son’s hands, teaching him how to write.

When Jing Rui fell asleep, Jing Yichen took a shower and went to bed.

“Oh, now you finally put down your son? I thought that you would spend the night with him!”

Shangguan Ning sounded sour, making Jing Yichen laugh.

“Baby, you are not jealous of our son right? If you like me so much, why not show it to me? Go and take shower, and let’s meet in bed!”

But before she made it to the bed, they met in the bathroom.

Shangguan Ning had only one pantie left as she said both annoyedly and bashfully. “Didn’t you say that we should meet in bed, instead? You have showered already, get out now!”

“But I am here! My clothes are all wet. Do you think that I am someone who would give up halfway?”

Jing Yichen did not care if they were doing it in bed or in the bathroom. She was his woman and he could do it with her wherever he wanted. Also, if they did it in the bathroom, the fun was enhanced and Shangguan Ning could reach the climax much faster.

The bathroom was full of mist and an intoxicating scent surrounded them. The water’s temperature was mild but Shangguan Ning found it a bit too hot today and her body turned pink.

Shangguan Ning leaned against Jing Yichen as if she had no strength. If he had not taken hold of her waist, she would have lost her balance. She was shivering in Jing Yichen’s arms.

After they finished with it, Jing Yichen did not pester his woman any more. She had just recovered and she must not do too much exercise, otherwise she would have difficulty getting off the bed.

He was feeling satisfied right now, especially when he saw Shangguan Ning’s white skin covered with the small strawberries which he had planted. He smiled brightly.

Jing Yichen whispered in Shangguan Ning’s ear with his low and sexy voice. “Swelling?”

He blew warm air in Shangguan Ning’s ear that both her ears turned red instantly.

He was being so flirty, making Shangguan Ning blush.

Her breasts were swollen because Jing Yichen had not pumped out the milk for her today after spending so much time taking care of Jing Rui.

But Shangguan Ning did not dare to say it loud!

She shook her head with a red face and said, “No, no, let’s just get out of here!”

Jing Yichen pinched her face as a punishment and said with a low voice, “It is not good to lie. What about letting me take a sip?”

Shangguan Ning pinched his waist. This man was being so flirty these days!

“Shut up and no more talking. You are being so indecent!”

“I have decided that I need to drink whatever our son can’t finish, sounds ok?”

Jing Yichen pushed Shangguan Ning to the marble wall that was slippery, and the couple’s bodies became tangled with each other.

Shangguan Ning did not dare move in case something more would happen. She truly had no strength left.

She bit her lips. “No, Ruirui will finish all the food, nothing will remain for you!”

“I am so nice to our son. He will definitely share some of his food with me. You have no say in this.”

Jing Yichen’s hands were groping all over her beautiful curves, forcing Shangguan Ning to give him what he wanted.

Shangguan Ning got so shy and her face turned red.

“Honestly, you are so shameless!”

How come did this man turn so indecent after they got married?

Now he was asking her for milk! Shangguan Ning felt acutely embarrassed.

But she had underestimated how cheeky Jing Yichen could get. He would never let go when he could get something good out of her. He was an extremely skilled negotiator.

“What about our son getting milk powder whilst I get the milk. I think he prefers milk powder with different flavours. He has been fed up with your milk which only has one taste.”

Shangguan Ning felt helpless. She bit his lips and glared at him and said in a threatening tone, “No more of this nonsense! I need to sleep now!”

But what she did not realise was that her look was not intimidating but full of lust. Her eyes looked gorgeously inviting, making his heart skip a beat.

Jing Yichen just could not help but kiss her for a long time before releasing her and saying in a low voice. “Nope, before the deal is completed, you are not allowed to sleep. I will keep you company until you approve of the deal.”

A confident smile hovered over his handsome face, and then he took hold of Shangguan Ning and showered with her despite her disagreement.

Shangguan Ning just could not stand being flirted with in this manner. After a short while, she felt hot all over again.

She took a bite at Jing Yichen’s shoulders helplessly and said in a low voice, “Alright then, I approve of the deal.”

Jing Yichen smiled proudly, took a towel and dried her up and used another clean towel to wrap her up, carrying her out of the bathroom into the bedroom.

Shangguan Ning had arms around his neck as she said in a low voice, “My breasts are swollen, help me.”

Jing Yichen’s profound eyes were suddenly full of fire as he said in a low voice, “Yes, madam!”

He felt that it had been a wise decision that he did not buy Shangguan Ning a milk pump.

Otherwise she would have definitely used the pump and not him, whenever she felt her breasts swell up.

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