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«Black Bellied President Dotes on Wife (Web Novel) - Chapter 642: Back on the Road

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Chapter 642: Back on the Road

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The following morning when Shangguan Ning woke up, she found Jing Yichen still lying next to her. She asked him drowsily. “Why are you here rather than at work?”

Jing Yichen pinched her cute nose and said with a smile, “You liked me so much last night and now you are driving me away? Baby, you are so ruthless! Didn’t I do a good job yesterday? What about trying it once again?”

Before he could finish his words, Shangguan Ning covered his mouth with her hands. “Shut up, don’t bully me any more even if you don’t want to go to work.”

Jing Yichen moved her hands and said mildly, “Alright, alright, let’s get up and eat breakfast now.”

After one night, Shangguan Ning’s breasts had swelled up again. Jing Yichen understood it clearly that she was uncomfortable.

Suddenly he brightened up and said with a naughty smile, “Oh, it seems that I will have a good breakfast now.”

Shangguan Ning ignored him, and got up to wash herself.

Jing Yichen was still sitting in the bed, happy to see his beautiful wife walking away.

He was not going to work deliberately. Tang Shunian’s issue had not been solved and he did not want Shangguan Ning to stay at home alone, taking care of the child.

Lu had been looking for Tang Shunian based on the traces he left behind.

But Jing Yichen hadn’t heard anything from her yet so he understood that Lu had not yet found him.

Tang Shunian was very sneaky. He was not going to expose himself so easily. Instead, he may try and lay a trap for her.

But Lu was capable enough not to fall into the trap.

Lu had not undertaken a killing mission in a long time.

She was a calm, and persistent top-notch killer who feared no difficulty. She was used to killing people and had amassed a large amount of wealth from it.

To some degree, she had used others’ lives to get her own going, at least during the beginning years of her days as a killer.

She was actually protecting herself when she was out to kill Tang Shunian.

She owed the Jing Family way too much, to both Jing Zhongxiu and Jing Yichen, who had never asked anything in return for the favors they had done for her. Hence, she had volunteered to kill Tang Shunian.

It was just killing a man. That was all what she was capable of.

It was well lit in the B City mall. Several customers were roaming around, trying to pick whatever they would like to take home.

The underground stands had a lower rent than that above the ground, so the things here were priced cheaply as well. Many ordinary people liked shopping here.

Last night, Lu had followed Tang Shunian to this place but lost track of him.

Lu could hear and see better than others and could be very fast. She had a sharp sense of smelling too, so normally, she would not lose the target.

But she ran into a problem when she reached the underground mall.

She found four versions of Tang Shunian!

The four men looked exactly the same in every way. The body shape, the height, the clothes and even the perfume was the same. They looked very similar to each other.

Lu could catch and kill two at her speed, but then the other two would surely run away.

But that was not the key point. The problem was that Lu just could not be sure which one of them or if one of them was the real Tang Shunian!

She had read up about Tang Shunian, and had even met him once in the underground kingdom. But she only caught a glance of him when the door was opened. She did not really have a clear picture of him in her head.

Lu had conducted many different tasks, and 99% of them were accomplished only by seeing pictures and material. But she had never missed a target.

That was because she had an amazing instinct towards the target and every time after seeing the picture, she would normally have a deep impression about the target and would never miss the man.

But these four men, today, were making her unsure.

Lu could not be sure about them being Tang Shunian but when these four men appeared, Tang Shunian was surely around the corner.

She was a killer and what she was best at, was to take the life of the target on the sly. Even if she was good at close combat, she would not use this kind of stupid method.

She would not be silly enough to spend her energy by using fists when she could finish the work with a bullet.

Only a mental man like Tang Shunian would waste others’ energy and time rather than give them a quick death.

Lu was simply curious about how she had been found out. Judging from the four substitutes which Tang Shunian had arranged for her, he must have known that someone was following him.

But she had hidden herself well. How did she get discovered?

Lu was not that good at emotions, but in killing, she had a strong instinct. She was a professional killer and thinking about the minute details was a part of her nature now.

She caught up with one of them quickly and finished him with a lethal bullet.

Her pistol had a silencer so only a muffled sound came out after the killing. Nothing else could be heard.

She left after killing him and did not even bother to deal with the body. She knew that soon people would find that body and chaos would arise, which would help her hide and she would find out why she had been exposed.

Dressed in a black outfit, she dashed around in the underground mall and then killed the second double.

The body of the first double had been found and loud cries arose there. Women screamed and children whined, the air was so scary that people got frightened.

Lu did not go after the third double, because the underground mall was massive and Tang Shunian must have built an even bigger underground passage through which the two doubles would run to hide themselves away from her. She would fall into Tang Shunian’s trap if she followed them.

Lu was calm and her heart was beating steadily. She did not show a sign of panic because of the killing.

She hid herself in the darkness, waiting for her prey to show up in the chaos.

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