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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 415 Supernatural Thing

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Chapter 415 Supernatural Thing

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After walking out of Mr. Li’s room, Kuwasawa Amami sees that there is no one around Li Yong, so she gets up her courage and says gently, “Yong, are you going to have a lunch break? You can come to my room. I have made my bed.”

Looking at the beautiful and lovely face of Kuwasawa Amami, Li Yong pinches her little ruddy face and smiles, “Next time!”

“Okay.” Kuwasawa Amami nods shyly and is a little disappointed.

“By the way, you’re going to Japan with me tomorrow night to interpret for me. Get prepared ahead of time.”

“Okay.” Kuwasawa Amami smiles sweetly and quickly agrees. Even if she doesn’t have a chance today, she’ll have a chance when they get to Japan, so she’s very happy.

Then, Li Yong sends Han Fei into the company and takes Wei Fangxia to the Yong Kang Clinic.

Because Liu Lingyin called him and said that there was a patient in the clinic who had a strange disease. Even Rushen and Ruyin can’t cure him. Li Yong is just free now and wants to see what strange disease it is, so he rushes over.

“Yong, long time no see. I miss you so much.” As soon as Li Yong gets off the car, Sun Qiang comes to greet him. He also extends his arms and wants to embrace and kiss Li Yong. Li Yong is startled and hurriedly dodges to the side.

Seeing that Sun Qiang is so lustful, Li Yong frowns and finds that Sun Qiang hasn’t touched women for half a year and has even become interested in men.

Li Yong knows that as he practices, he becomes more and more handsome. He doesn’t mind if a beautiful woman asks for a hug and a kiss. But he is disgusted if a man wants to do it.

It’s troublesome to be too handsome!

“Yong, do you think I am all right now?” Sun Qiang can’t take advantage of Li Yong, so he has to stand still and asks.

Li Yong opens the clairvoyant vision and nods, “You’re almost alright now, but you can’t play with any women. You can only find one sexual partner. If you have more, you might have a recurrence of the illness. Once you get AIDS the second time, I can do nothing. You can only wait to die by then.”

Sun Qiang’s face hardens with fear. He tries to make a smile and says firmly, “Yong, I understand. I have decided that after I get married, I will only make out with my wife. I dare not to touch other women no matter how beautiful they are.”

“A good man should be like this. Put all your energy on your wife. You can do as much as you like.”

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Li Yong pats Sun Qiang on the shoulder and walks into the clinic with a smile.

He knows that it’s the desire of Sun Qiang’s parents and grandparents. Sun Qiang works as a security guard here. The biggest gain is that he has quit women. As long as Sun Qiang marries a wife and lives in peace, he still has a promising future.

There are many people lining up for treatment in the clinic. The long line has blocked the way.

Li Yong finds that the place is too small. He has to change to a bigger place.

He looks across the street and sees that the twelve-story building has been built.

While he is thinking about it, Zhang Yurong calls and tells him that the building has been built and decorated. Qian Lingling is waiting in the Huadu Beauty Club and asks Li Yong to go to sign the completion contract.

Li Yong still wants to treat the patient and can’t go over temporarily, so he says smilingly, “Ms. Zhang, let her come here. Since we need to sign the completion contract, we have to go to the construction site to see! I’ll wait for her in the Yong Kang Clinic.”

“Okay, she’s having beauty care. I’ll ask her to go over later.” Zhang Yurong says with a smile.

Li Yong hangs up the phone and finds Liu Lingyin, who takes him to a ward on the second floor. He sees a thin girl who is four to five years old. Her face looks black and her lips are dry and cracked, as if she is going to die.

The girl’s mother is staying by the girl’s side and keeps wiping her eyes.

In order not to disturb the girl, Liu Lingyin says softly…

“Xiaoyong, we have diagnosed several times and still do not know what disease the girl has. We dare not to treat her randomly, so we didn’t use any drugs. They have received treatment in a large hospital for more than two months. They didn’t have money to continue the treatment, so they came to us. See if you can cure the child with your medical skills.”

Li Yong sees that the girl’s body is covered with black gas, which is different from the black gas in Mr. Li’s head. The black gas in Mr. Li’s head is man-made energy gas. The girl’s body is covered with natural energy gas.

Mr. Li was harmed by someone else. But there is no man-made trace in the girl’s body.

Li Yong thinks for a moment and the result appears in his mind.

“Doctor, please cure my daughter. Give her the best medicine. Although I have no money, I can work for you. I am not afraid of pain and fatigue. I can do everything. I will certainly be able to pay off the medical expenses. If I can’t pay off the expenses this life, my daughter can continue to do it after she grows up…”

This young mother says with tears. She suddenly kneels down in front of Li Yong.

Li Yong hurriedly supports her up and says, “Don’t be sad. I can cure your daughter. Go out and wait for a while. We need a quiet environment. Thank you for your cooperation.”

After the young mother wiped her tears and walked out of the ward, Liu Lingyin gently closes the door and asks, “Xiaoyong, can you really cure her? But what disease does this child have?”

“It’s not a disease. It’s the supernatural thing.” Li Yong says faintly.

“Supernatural?” Liu Lingyin is very surprised, because the supernatural thing is superstition and has no scientific basis. She can’t believe it.

“Doctors can’t deal with such a situation. But I can cure her.” Saying this, Li Yong takes out the silver needle. He doesn’t urge the spiritual power but uses the silver needle to absorb the evil gas in the girl’s body.

The bright silver needle soon becomes as black as ink. Li Yong wipes and cleans the needle and continues to absorb the evil gas.

After doing this a dozen times, the black gas in the girl’s body is gradually decreased. Her pretty face becomes red.

Liu Lingyin watches quietly and feels it very amazing. Seeing Li Yong stop, she immediately says excitedly, “Xiaoyong, I also want to learn your medical skills. I have decided that I want to learn traditional Chinese medicine.”

“Haven’t you regarded my Senior Brother as your teacher?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

Liu Lingyin says with a bitter smile, “Yes, but I can’t find him. How can I learn?”

“I don’t have time to teach you for the time being! How about this? I’ll write you a set of mental cultivation method of traditional Chinese medicine. You can try to practice. As long as you can practice successfully, you can cure general diseases.”

“Okay, okay.” Liu Lingyin agrees hurriedly. At ordinary times, she saw amazing and effective methods when Rushen and Ruyin treated patients. She couldn’t explain any of them. She gradually becomes interested in traditional Chinese medicine.

Li Yong sits in the ward and writes down the first level of the mental cultivation method on the case book. This is the easiest medical mental cultivation method in his memory. It’s a quick mental cultivation method taught by ancient divine doctor.

If Liu Lingyin can practice successfully, Li Yong can continue to write more complex mental cultivation methods for her. She can learn step by step, accumulate experience slowly and gradually walk into the magic hall of traditional Chinese medicine.

If Liu Lingyin can’t even practice this method successfully, she has no connection with traditional Chinese medicine.

“Here you are. Can you understand it?” Li Yong hands it to Liu Lingyin and asks with a smile.

Liu Lingyin takes the mental cultivation method in her hands and looks at it carefully, but she actually can’t understand it.

Li Yong has to explain it to her. It’s an hour later when Liu Lingyin understands it.

The young mother waits anxiously outside. She knocks on the door and asks, “Doctor, are you all right?”

Li Yong opens the door and says with a smile, “You daughter is all right.”

The young mother rushes to the bed and sees that her sleeping daughter has woken up and is looking around with her curious eyes. Her daughter’s face is very ruddy and is no longer black. Her eyes become bright. She looks innocent and naive, just like when she was in good health in the past.

“Thank you, doctor. Thank you so much.” The young mother is excited with tears in her eyes and is going to kneel down again.

Li Yong supports her and persuades, “Don’t thank me. That’s what a doctor should do.”

“How much? How much do I have to pay you?” The young mother sobs and asks. She takes a handful of change from her pocket, the largest of which is only ten yuan.

“You don’t need to pay.” Li Yong says faintly.

However, no matter how faintly Li Yong says, the young mother immediately cries into tears.

For a poor person, the most beautiful words are “you don’t need to pay”.

“Young man, you’re really my benefactor. I’ll repay you…” The young mother says incoherently.

“Thank you, big brother.” The girl sits up smilingly, blinks her big eyes and says gently. She is dressed in old clothes, but her temperament is brighter than those children who wear famous-brand clothes.

Li Yong waves his hand and walks out of the ward with Liu Lingyin smilingly. He is happy to be able to help such a child. His medical skills are used to cure the diseases. This is exactly what he is going to do.

They come downstairs. Liu Lingyin sees a lot of people queuing up to see the doctor, so she has to put away the medical mental cultivation method and walks quickly to the consulting room to work. It’s been very busy in the clinic. Liu Lingyin is busy from morning till night.

When Li Yong is about to take Wei Fangxia away, he is stopped by Rushen and Ruyin. They hold Li Yong’s arms and ask smilingly, “Host, are you coming to see us?”

Rushen smile brightly, because she is very happy to see Li Yong.

Ruyin doesn’t smile, but it can be seen from her bright eyes that she is happy.

“Don’t call me Host. Call me Yong.” Li Yong says seriously.

“Yong.” Rushen hurriedly changes her words.

“Yong.” Ruyin also likes this name. She feels the distance between the Host and her is closer.

“Are you used to working here?” Li Yong concerns them a little bit.

“Yes, but we don’t know what’s going on with Master. We’re so worried!”

“Yes! Why is there no news at all?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already met Master. He is in Thailand now.” Li Yong comforts them.

“Wow, this is really wonderful. As long as Master can escape from Heiniao, no one can threaten him in the world. Master is not alone. He has the entire Nanshan School.” Rushen says happily.

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