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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 416 Have Sex First and then Fall in Love

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Chapter 416 Have Sex First and then Fall in Love

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“What about Master’s wife? Has she grown up?” Ruyin asks.

“It can’t be so fast! She is still a child and is growing slowly.” Li Yong sighs and says.

“Yong, we want to visit her. Can we?” Rushen asks.

“Why do you want to see a crying baby?” Li Yong thinks it’s not necessary.

“But she is the wife of our Master even if she is a baby. We have affections for her. She was very nice to us in the past,” Rushen pouts and says unhappily, “Why don’t you let us go to visit her?”

“Yes! Why don’t you let us visit her? Are you abusing her?” Ruyin says angrily.

“Okay, you can go to have a look. She is in the Huadu Beauty Club. I told Ms. Zhang to take care of her.”

“We’ll go after we get off work.” Rushen and Ruyin say together.

“I’ll leave now.” Li Yong bypasses the two women and wants to leave, but is stopped by the two women.

“Yong, since you are here, don’t you go to see your wife? Your wife is missing you every day? The No. 108 article of our rules says that the Host must take care of every wife wholeheartedly. He needs to solve difficulties for his wives and make them happy and laugh. He can’t ignore any of them.”

Rushen grabs Li Yong’s left hand tightly and pulls him back.

“Yes! Yes! You are not qualified to be our Host if you are not good to your wives.” Ruyin grabs Li Yong’s right hand tightly. The two women pull Li Yong upstairs together.

“Is there such a rule? But Master did not take care of his wife wholeheartedly. He even left her to me and let me take care of her. I nearly quarreled with my wife because of this.” Li Yong says indignantly.

“Hum, Master has been wholeheartedly taking care of his wife. If he hadn’t extended his wife’s life, she would have died ten years ago. In order to let his wife survive, Master nearly died of fatigue.” Rushen says angrily. In her heart, Master and his wife are a model couple. She doesn’t allow Li Yong to talk nonsense.

“If you are as good as one tenth of Master, you are also a good man.” Ruyin also says angrily.

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Li Yong feels strange. When he risked his life to fetch the spring water of rejuvenation from the Dragon Jade, Master and his wife were actually fighting for it. They didn’t look like intimate husband and wife?

However, he doesn’t continue to refute, because he spent little time with Master and his wife. He doesn’t know them better than Rushen and Ruyin. Maybe Rushen and Ruyin are right. Master and his wife were very intimate.

However, Li Yong still feels very strange. Master has thirty-six wives. How can he manage it?

Now he has relationships with less than ten women and he is a little too busy to take care of all of them.

He is always worried that he will neglect any one of them, because he is too busy to spend time with them.

He comes to the room where Tian Baiqing once lived. Rushen and Ruyin push him in.

“Xiaopan, your husband is coming to see you.” Rushen says with a smile.

“He has no conscience and comes to see you after so long time. You have to teach him a lesson.” Ruyin says toughly.

Then the two women close the door and leave, leaving Li Yong and Xiao Xiaopan in the room.

Li Yong sees that Xiao Xiaopan, who is dressed in old white nightgown with scattered hair, is sitting on the bed and practicing.

Her white arms and slender legs are all completely exposed. Her angel-like beautiful face is sexy and dignified, giving Li Yong a special feeling of beauty.

But her clothes are too simple. She doesn’t make up, but she is free and easy. Her face is beautiful. Li Yong feels that she is confident and beautiful, giving him a feeling of a certain distance.

He admires her, but has no indecent thought about her.

“You’re here.” Xiao Xiaopan gets out of bed slowly, puts on a pair of old slippers and asks gently.

“Okay.” Li Yong answers and doesn’t know what to say. He sees that Xiao Xiaopan’s slippers were once worn by Tian Baiqing, and her bedding and pillows were also used by Tian Baiqing.

His wife is living such a plain life. It makes him feel a little sad and blame himself.

The atmosphere is a little awkward. Xiao Xiaopan pulls a chair to Li Yong, “Sit down.”

Li Yong sits down and finds that there is water on the chair. His trousers are wet, so he hurriedly stands up.

Xiao Xiaopan is very sorry. She quickly picks up the rag and wipes it. Then she says again, “Sit down.”

“No, I’m just coming to have a look.” Li Yong says faintly.

“Have a look at me?” Xiao Xiaopan is a little happy.

“Yes.” Li Yong turns his head and looks out of the window.

“Then why don’t you look at me?” Xiao Xiaopan feels that Li Yong is lying to her. He is coming to see her, but he doesn’t look at her. This is blatant deception!

Li Yong takes back his eyes and finally looks at Xiao Xiaopan. They look at each other and both feel like they are strangers.

It was like a dream when he thinks of them making out that day.

They have not been contacted with each other after that. Li Yong didn’t ask about Xiao Xiaopan’s life. Xiao Xiaopan also didn’t go to look for Li Yong. It seems that they met by chance and separated after that.

However, fate lets them meet soon. They both have small changes in their minds.

“You…” Li Yong wants to say something but stops.

“What do you want to say? Come on. Don’t be so womanish.” Xiao Xiaopan thinks Li Yong is not masculine enough.

“Did you miss me every day?” Li Yong asks with a smile. This is what Rushen said. Li Yong doesn’t completely believe it.

“Who said that? I am not so bored. Why should I miss you?” Xiao Xiaopan blushes and doesn’t admit it.

“Don’t you want to…practice by having sex with me…?” Li Yong thinks and asks. He says “practice by having sex” after careful thinking. Because its meaning is too shameful.

“I… what about you?” Xiao Xiaopan blushes and doesn’t know how to answer, so she asks Li Yong.

Li Yong is also too embarrassed to say again, so he hurriedly changes the topic and asks, “Are you used to living here?”

“It’s all right!” Xiao Xiaopan sits gently on the edge of the bed and says.

“Do you have money to spend?” Li Yong asks again.


“Where did you get the money?”

“Rushen and Ruyin gave me. As long as I need money, they will give me.”

Li Yong hands her a bank card and says, “Don’t spend their money in the future. Their wages are not much. You are one of my women, so you should spend my money. There is one million yuan in this card. You are free to use it.”

“So much?” Xiao Xiaopan is excited. One million is an astronomical figure for her.

“You are my wife. I will give you as much as you want.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“One hundred yuan is enough for me.” Xiao Xiaopan laughs happily.

“At least one million. I don’t have a card that has one hundred yuan in it.” Li Yong frowns and feels that Xiao Xiaopan is very easy to be satisfied. He can raise 3,600 or even 36,000 women, not to mention 36 of them.

“Then how much money do you have?” Xiao Xiaopan feels that if Li Yong gives her one million yuan, he will have no money. How can she take so much money? The money she asks for shouldn’t be more than that Li Yong has. This is what a woman should do.

“I have a lot of money.” Li Yong smiles softly.

“How much is a lot of money?” Xiao Xiaopan feels that Li Yong’s answer is too casual. She wants an accurate number.

“Two billion yuan.” Li Yong says faintly.

Xiao Xiaopan silently calculates and calmly accepts this bank card with one million yuan in it. She didn’t expect Li Yong to be so rich. She is thinking how to spend the money.

Then Li Yong takes out a piece of top-class jade and strings it up with a rope. Then he hands it to her and says, “This one is for you.”

“What is this?” Xiao Xiaopan actually doesn’t know jade. She’s been out of her mind since she was twelve years old. She recovered not long before, so she still has little knowledge about this world.

“It’s a gift,” Li Yong says faintly, “Put it on your neck. It will look good.”

Xiao Xiaopan put the top-class jade that is worth several million yuan on her neck and asks with a smile, “I’ve never worn a gift from anyone else. How much did you spend buying it?”

How much is it? Li Yong laughs and says, “One yuan.”

“It’s cheap, but it won’t be hurtful to lose it. I always lose things.”

Saying this, Xiao Xiaopan has put the jade on her neck. Her temperament changes all of a sudden.

“This is the first time I’ve given you a gift. You’d better not lose it.” Li Yong says. After all, it’s worth more than 10 million yuan. Li Yong doesn’t care about it, but he doesn’t want Xiao Xiaopan to lose it.

“I’ll also give you a gift!” Saying this, Xiao Xiaopan picks up an old coat and takes out a worn pen from the pocket. She touches it affectionately for a moment and hands it to Li Yong seriously, “My grandfather left it to me. It’s the most valuable thing for me. I give it to you today. You must take good care of it.”

“It’s too expensive. I don’t want it.” Li Yong doesn’t want to help Xiao Xiaopan keep things. Besides, this pen is especially important to Xiao Xiaopan. It doesn’t make any sense to him. He doesn’t know where to hide it.

“Don’t you think it’s too expensive?” Xiao Xiaopan is surprised.

“Yes, the gift I give you is worth only one yuan. You should give me a cheap one, too!”

“Well, then!” Xiao Xiaopan carefully puts away the pen. She bites her lip and thinks. Then she smiles faintly and touches her hair. She chooses the longest one, puts it in her hand and makes it a circle. Then she puts it in Li Yong’s hand and asks smilingly, “Is this okay?”

“Yes.” Li Yong happily accepts the gift and puts it in the silver needle bag seriously.

“I want to go back to visit my hometown. Can you go with me?” Xiao Xiaopan asks.


Seeing that Li Yong doesn’t object, Xiao Xiaopan immediately says joyfully, “Any time will do.”

“Then wait until I come back from Japan. I’ll go to Japan for a few days to deal with something.” Li Yong says.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you to come back.” Xiao Xiaopan says happily.

“I’ll go now. I’ll come to see you in a few days.” Li Yong stands up and says good-bye. He feels that Xiao Xiaopan and he are beginning a new relationship. They are that kind of couple who has sex first and then falls in love.

They were too crazy when they had sex, so they were a little strange to each other after that.

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