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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 417 It’s More Romantic

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Chapter 417 It’s More Romantic

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Xiao Xiaopan sends Li Yong downstairs and watches Li Yong and Wei Fangxia leave together.

She doesn’t think about the relationship between Wei Fangxia and Li Yong, but Wei Fangxia can’t help thinking about the relationship between Li Yong and Xiao Xiaopan. When she saw Xiao Xiaopan look at Li Yong affectionately, she felt very uncomfortable. As soon as they walk out of the Yong Kang Clinic, she immediately asks, “Who is this woman?”

“My wife.” Li Yong answers honestly.

“Hey.” Wei Fangxia clenches her fists and nearly hits Li Yong.

Seeing that Li Yong doesn’t drive, Wei Fangxia follows up and asks angrily, “Where are you going?”

“To visit my another wife.” Li Yong says cheerfully.

“Bastard,” Wei Fangxia can’t help kicking on Li Yong’s ass, “How many wives do you have?”

“What’s the matter? My wife is not angry. Why are you angry? Do you care about too much?” Li Yong feels strange and says, “You’ll be easy to be ill if you care about too much. You’d better be happy, lest you’ll have irregular menstruation.”

“Bah, what do you think of me?” Wei Fangxia says angrily.

“As my wife!” Li Yong says cheerfully.

“Bastard, who’s your wife?”

“Well, I think you’re a woman! You are a bad woman, a mean-spirited woman.” Li Yong thinks that Wei Fangxia is too emotional, which is frightening. Besides, she is easy to get angry and furious out of no reason. So he says she is mean-spirited.

In fact, with such a personality, Wei Fangxia can’t hide things in her heart. She will say it out if she doesn’t like something.

“You’re mean-spirited. Your families are all mean-spirited.” Wei Fangxia is so angry that she almost vomits blood. She also knows that it’s not good to be angry. However, seeing that Li Yong is grinning cheekily and has a big mouth, she can’t control herself.

“Thank you for your praise.” Li Yong accepts it easily. He feels that it’s good if people have some bad ideas sometimes. If one faces a cruel killer, it is acceptable to be mean-spirited.

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“Huaxia regulates monogamy. You can only have one wife.” Wei Fangxia says with a didactic tone.

“Huaxia is a drug-free country. Why are there so many people taking drugs? Huaxia is a gun-free country. Why do so many people have guns? Huaxia propagandizes that officials should serve the people and be selfless. Which official do you think really serves the people selflessly? Tell me, why are there still so many corrupt officials? Therefore, Huaxia regulates monogamy, but why can’t I have a few more wives? My wife has no opinion. Why do you complain about it so much?”

Li Yong says confidently and proudly.

Seeing that Wei Fangxia is startled after being asked by him, he sighs in surprise, “God! Do you want to be my wife? My wife won’t care about so many things. Do you want to be my mother?”

“I…you…” Wei Fangxia becomes speechless and doesn’t know how to refute. She doesn’t agree with Li Yong’s absurd idea. Seeing that Li Yong is grinning cheekily, she really wants to hit him.

She feels that people like Li Yong won’t know about the truth of the universe without being hit hard.

At this moment, Li Yong is taking her across the street and comes to the front of the new building.

Qian Lingling gets off a red sports car, waves her hand and shout, “Xiaoyong, I’m here.”

Li Yong looks at her and sees that Qian Lingling is wearing a black lace skirt with a ribbon on her waist and a pair of purple stockings. She is graceful and charming.

Because she needs to drive, she is wearing a pair of red and white sneakers. She makes her hair a bun. She holds her hand high with sunglasses. There is a bright smile on her face. She keeps waving hand towards Li Yong.

Li Yong has noticed that she has just had beauty care. Her skin is tender, fair and shining.

She can go directly to the stage to perform with this look.

They are more than ten meters apart. Li Yong hasn’t walked over and Qian Lingling has been running to him.

She gets into Li Yong’s arms, puts her arms around Li Yong’s neck and hangs her legs. She puts her legs around Li Yong’s waist like water snakes. She kisses Li Yong on his face first, and then looks into Li Yong’s eyes with a smile and says, “I heard from Yurong that you were stronger. She even couldn’t bear it, right?”

Seeing this, Wei Fangxia opens her eyes widely. She wants to push Qian Lingling away, but she stops. Last time in the service area of the highway, she saw Li Yong make out with this crazy woman. They have had intimate contact, so it’s too late to stop them now.

Besides, Wei Fangxia feels that she is not capable to do it.

Under Wei Fangxia’s angry gaze, Li Yong pats Qian Lingling’s butt and puts her down.

“Take me to see the building first!” Li Yong walks to the building. They are on the side of the busy road. This is really not a good place to flirt. It’s not good to be photographed by others.

Qian Lingling rushes to the front to lead the way. She always comes here and is very familiar with this place. She leads Li Yong upstairs while explaining to him. This is her job. She keeps talking and Li Yong nods constantly.

The building has been built and simply decorated. The doors and windows have all been installed and the walls have been painted.

As long as the corresponding instrument and professional equipment are placed and doctors and nurses are hired, a new hospital can run at any time. It’s much bigger than the Yong Kang Clinic. Even ten Yong Kang Clinics together are no better than this place.

Li Yong decides to move the clinic here and changes it to Yong Kang Hospital.

They go from the first floor to the thirteenth floor and Qian Lingling has explained the plan clearly.

“Do you see it, Xiaoyong? There are your office and lounge, the bedroom and living room, as well as the kitchen and bathroom on the highest floor. This is your home, and you can live here. There is also a special elevator for you. You can take it from the underground parking lot to this floor directly. I specially designed it for you. Do you like it?”

“Why did you design it so well for me?” Li Yong is very satisfied. The private space on the thirteenth floor is not in the contract. There is also a special elevator, which is not included in the contract.

There are only twelve floors in the contract. Qian Lingling specially built one more floor.

“At the beginning, I just wanted to build a private space where I can date with you. But now I’m divorced and don’t need to date you secretly anymore. I am a free woman now. I can do anything with you as long as you like. I don’t have to worry about anything. Ha-ha… Long live freedom!”

Saying this, Qian Lingling puts her arms around Li Yong’s neck and directly gives him a kiss. She doesn’t care that Wei Fangxia is watching on the side. Last time when she made out with Li Yong, Wei Fangxia was also watching.

She isn’t shy, but is very excited.

Wei Fangxia’s angry and helpless gaze specially makes her feel excited.

Li Yong kneads Qian Lingling’s butts and asks smilingly, “It must need a lot of materials and labors! How much should I give you?”

“Don’t talk about money! Talking about money hurts feelings. I send it to you.” Qian Lingling says generously.

“I just want to give you a gift.” Saying this, Li Yong takes out a piece of top-class jade from his pocket.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.” Qian Lingling has a good vision and is very knowledgeable. She knows that this jade is very expensive at the first glance. She says excitedly, “Is it really for me? Xiaoyong, you are really nice to me.”

Saying this, Qian Lingling holds the top-class jade in her hand. It has become the most valuable thing on her body. She opens the innermost layer of her purse and carefully hides the jade in it. Then she puts her arms around Li Yong and kisses him.

During the kiss, she keeps teasing Li Yong with her tongue to convey her joyfulness.

She stops when she begins to gasp. Then she hugs Li Yong tightly and says constantly, “Xiaoyong, I want it so much. Give it to me!”

“It’s not proper to do it here!” Li Yong says softly.

“Why? Let’s take a bath and we’ll be clean.” Qian Lingling has put her arms and legs around Li Yong tightly like water snakes and won’t let him go. She shows her enchanting charm completely.

“All right! Since you are so wet, I will satisfy you…” Li Yong begins to move his hand. He doesn’t urge the Ecstasy Finger Technique at once, because Qian Lingling’s body has been completely opened and he can do whatever he wants.

It’s just that it’s too simple here. There’s no bed, table or chair. Some positions can’t be done.

Li Yong has to choose the rudest and most direct way. Being touched by him, Qian Lingling groans constantly. She also occasionally turns around and asks Wei Fangxia who is several meters away, “Beauty, would you like to join us?”

She said it because she heard from Zhang Yurong that Li Yong was very strong and even Zhang Yurong couldn’t bear it. She is also afraid that she can’t bear it, so she wants Wei Fangxia to share with her.

“I’m not interested.” Wei Fangxia is expressionless and turns to walk out. Seeing that Qian Lingling entangles Li Yong shamelessly and asks Li Yong to make out with her, Wei Fangxia can’t scold Li Yong.

This makes her realize that Li Yong should be the only one to be blamed since there are so women around him. Sometimes those women take the initiative to send themselves to Li Yong. They entangle him and beg Li Yong to make out with them.

Wei Fangxia is very contemptuous of this kind of woman, but she is also helpless.

Facing Qian Lingling, Wei Fangxia is very angry, but she can’t scold her since she is not familiar with her.

So she keeps silent and tries to suppress the anger in her heart.

“Beauty, don’t go! If you don’t want to play, you can look at us!” Qian Lingling shouts with a smile.

“Hum, b**ch.” Wei Fangxia spits and walks faster.

Qian Lingling doesn’t get angry, but laughs happily. After laughing for a while, she looks at Li Yong and says, “Xiaoyong, don’t be silent! Can you scold me? It’s more romantic.”

“Scold you?” Li Yong is used to being silent when making out with a woman. He thinks it’s not good to scold others. He generally won’t scold others if he is not very angry no matter what happens.

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