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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 418 You’re Getting More Reserved

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Chapter 418 You’re Getting More Reserved

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“Call me b**ch.” Qian Lingling grabs Li Yong’s arm and says.

Li Yong prepares but still can’t do it.

“Scold me!” Qian Lingling urges him.

So Li Yong scolds her. He is surprised to find that when he scolds Qian Lingling, Qian Lingling gets even more excited. It’s really more romantic like Qian Lingling said.

Li Yong seems to discover the new world and becomes happier as he scolds.

“B**ch.” Wei Fangxia hears their voice, so she can’t help scolding angrily.

She doesn’t go too far and is just outside the two walls. She can clearly hear all kinds of shameful sound made by Li Yong and Qian Lingling.

While listening, Wei Fangxia is also short of breath. When Qian Lingling lets out a loud cry, she feels that Li Yong is so good that he makes Qian Lingling not be able to bear it and very lustful.

With the passage of time, when Qian Lingling’s voice begins to be hoarse, Wei Fangxia can’t stand it anymore. She gets close quietly and looks in from the window sill. She sees that Li Yong is holding Qian Lingling who is naked. He stands upright and keeps moving up and down. As the body sways, Qian Lingling keeps shouting.

Wei Fangxia rubs her hot face and can’t help clamping her legs. She also unwittingly bites the finger.

“Stop, stop, I need to take a break.”

After hanging on for twenty minutes, Qian Lingling surrenders. She can barely speak clearly.

At this moment, Li Yong has just warmed up. He is like a rutting bull and still has endless strength.

However, Li Yong also doesn’t want to continue to torture Qian Lingling, so he has to stop and gently puts her on the clean floor. Then he puts the clothes to her side.

Then Li Yong turns his head and looks at Wei Fangxia who is outside the wall. He asks smilingly, “Have you watched enough, Ms. Wei?”

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“I…” Wei Fangxia now removes her finger from her mouth. Being stared at by Li Yong, she wants to hide. But after looking at Li Yong’s body and seeing his penis, she can’t move her eyes.

She doesn’t know why Li Yong’s penis is attractive to her.

Li Yong walks to her slowly and she doesn’t retreat. When Li Yong grabs her, she doesn’t resent, but is a little expectant and excited. She also doesn’t know why she becomes like this. She seems to be obsessed with Li Yong’s body and wants to be tortured under Li Yong’s body.

So before Li Yong takes any action, she has actively leans into Li Yong’s arms and reaches down to grab his penis.

At this moment, she seems to understand why some women give themselves to Li Yong willingly.

Then Wei Fangxia formally comes on stage and Qian Lingling becomes a bystander.

When Qian Lingling regains her strength, she also jumps up. She and Wei Fangxia begin to make out with Li Yong together.

They spend half an afternoon. Finally, even Li Yong is a little tired. Then they stop.

Li Yong finds that Qian Lingling’s constitution is weak and she can’t stand it at all. She can hold on for up to twenty minutes.

But Wei Fangxia is very strong. She not only has a strong body, but is also very persistent. She seems to be better than Hu Yuexue. After doing it for an hour, she still has some strength and is not tired.

Li Yong supports Qian Lingling up. Qian Lingling’s legs tremble a little and she can barely walk.

Wei Fangxia doesn’t need Li Yong to support her at all. She stands up easily and is full of explosive strength all over her body. She hasn’t been influenced. Not only does she pick up her clothes, but also she hands Li Yong his clothes. After she gets dressed, she goes downstairs and buys a few bottles of pure water.

She unscrews the lid of one bottle and hands it to Li Yong, who drinks it up at once.

He sweated a lot and is really thirsty.

Fortunately, Wei Fangxia bought many bottles of pure water. Li Yong drinks three bottles and feels better.

Qian Lingling also drinks a bottle of water and regains some strength. She leans on Li Yong’s body and says, “Yurong said you became stronger. I still didn’t believe it. After trying it by myself, I think it’s really unbearable. Xiaoyong, why did you become so strong?”

“Aren’t all men like this?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“How is it possible? Ten men together are not as good as you!” Qian Lingling is so happy, as if she has picked up a treasure.

“Oh, am I so strong?” Li Yong becomes happy and looks proud.

“One woman can’t satisfy you at all,” Qian Lingling sighs, “Two women can barely do it.”

Li Yong changes the topic and asks, “Ms. Qian, are you free these days?”

“Yes! As long as you look for me, I’m free every day.” Qian Lingling says with a smile.

“Then help me decorate this place into a hospital! The name is Yong Kang Hospital. Buy anything you need and buy the best goods. Then move the Yong Kang Clinic here.” Li Yong says.

“Okay! I’m happy to do something for you.” Qian Lingling says smilingly.

“I’ll ask Liu Lingyin to come here. She will be the director of Yong Kang Hospital. You should listen to her opinion and decorate the hospital according to her ideas.” Li Yong continues to say.

“No problem. But I want to ask if Liu Lingyin is also your woman.” Qian Lingling once met Liu Lingyin when she came to Zhang Yurong. In her eyes, Liu Lingyin is also a beauty.

“Not yet, but she’s one of the most important people in my life. She is just as important as you are. Her dream is to be able to manage a hospital to save lives and contribute to the society. I build this hospital for her. I’m helping her realize her dream. I want to make her happier.” Li Yong explains with a smile.

“I really envy her!” Qian Lingling says in a jealous tone.

“What dream do you have? Tell me. I can help you realize it.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Me! My dream is to be with you.” Qian Lingling says smilingly.

“Isn’t it easy?” Li Yong puts Qian Lingling in his arms and kisses her sexy red lips.

Then Li Yong looks at Wei Fangxia who is sitting beside him silently and asks with a smile, “Ms. Wei, do you have any dreams? I can help you realize them.”

“My dream in the past was to buy a villa of my own and have a lot of money. Now, I have bought a villa and have a lot of money.” Wei Fangxia says faintly.

“Do you have any other dreams?” Li Yong asks again, “I can really help you realize them.”

Wei Fangxia takes a glance at Li Yong, blinks her bright big eyes and says coldly, “Not for the moment.”

“The woman that is easy to be contented is good. It won’t be very hard for me to support.” Li Yong smiles complacently.

Then Li Yong calls Liu Lingyin here and formally introduces Qian Lingling to her. He asks them to decorate Yong Kang Hospital together and move the Yong Kang Clinic here.

“Ms. Liu, I have transferred 100 million yuan to the clinic’s account. If it’s not enough, just tell me.” After ordering all the things, Li Yong transfers the money for decoration to Liu Lingyin.

“It’s too much. Ten million yuan is enough.” Liu Lingyin says hurriedly.

“You also need to buy all kinds of medical equipment. Our hospital will combine traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, so we have to absorb the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine. The equipment for diagnosing and analyzing diseases needs to be imported from other countries. We have to purchase the best one.” Li Yong knows he is the only one who has the clairvoyant vision. Others need to rely on a variety of equipment to diagnose diseases.

He can’t stay here every day. He has a lot of other things to do, so equipment is essential.

Besides, if a hospital doesn’t have all kinds of imported equipment, people dare not to come to see the doctors!

“That still doesn’t need a hundred million yuan.” Liu Lingyin thinks that a hundred million yuan is really too much.

“You can give it back to me if there is money left. More is better than less,” Li Yong says with a smile, “Just spend the money and take this hospital as your own. This is my gift to you.”

“No, I don’t want it. I’ll just work for you.” Liu Lingyin quickly refuses. She dares not to accept it.

“Why not? Don’t you think this hospital is too small? Is it not good enough for you?” Li Yong teases her.

“I…” Under Li Yong’s gaze, Liu Lingyin doesn’t know what to say.

“Let Ms. Qian help you. She is trustworthy. She has a lot of experience. You’d better listen to her opinion.”

“Okay.” Liu Lingyin nods to Qian Lingling and Qian Lingling smiles at her. At this moment, Qian Lingling sees that Liu Lingyin is still an innocent girl, an older girl who only knows about work.

Then Liu Lingyin and Qian Lingling have a meeting and begin to work. The division of labor between the two women is clear. Qian Lingling is responsible for ordering and arranging all kinds of furniture and doing some cumbersome basic works.

Liu Lingyin is responsible for applying for hospital qualification, purchasing all kinds of equipment and hiring doctors and nurses. She takes in charge of the operation of the hospital. In addition, she is also responsible for the relocation of the Yong Kang Clinic. Although there is only one road between the two places, it is a cumbersome job to move the whole clinic into the new building.

Li Yong and Wei Fangxia are driving on the highway when the two women are busy doing those things.

Wei Fangxia is silent all the time. Li Yong feels very strange and asks, “What’s the matter with you, Ms. Wei?”

Wei Fangxia takes a glance at Li Yong and still keeps silent. She even doesn’t want to scold him “bastard”.

“Ms. Wei, was I too rude? Did I make you hurt?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“No.” Wei Fangxia answers faintly. She is not as hot as before.

“Why are you suddenly like another person?” Li Yong asks with a smile, “You’re getting more reserved.”

Wei Fangxia sneers and keeps silent. She is very confused now and doesn’t know how to face Li Yong. She also doesn’t know what she should regard Li Yong as. She feels that her relationship with Li Yong is getting more and more complicated.

At the beginning, she just needed to protect Li Yong and follow him just for work.

Then she hated Li Yong but she had to protect him.

Then she hated Li Yong and liked Li Yong at the same time. She loves and hates him. At that time, she has the hottest temper and is easy to get angry. She always scolds him fiercely.

In fact, when scolding Li Yong, she also feels bitter and sad.

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