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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 419 You Are Too Loud

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Chapter 419 You Are Too Loud

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But now, she finds that she has fallen in love with Li Yong, which makes her frightened.

So she keeps silent and tries to convince herself, “You can’t fall in love with Li Yong. You can’t have feelings for him. You can’t. You really can’t.”

“Li Yong is a bastard. He has so many women. Why do you still fall in love with him? The woman who falls in love with him won’t have a good result. He can’t make so many women happy even if he has a lot of money and is very powerful.”

“There is no man in the world who can make so many women happy. Even the emperor is no exception.”

“Women are selfish. When they begin to fight and calculate with each other, no one can negotiate among them.”

Thinking of these, Wei Fangxia makes up her mind again and decides to keep a distance with Li Yong. She must not indulge in the joyfulness of the body. She must own herself and an independent life.

Because of her temper, Wei Fangxia feels that she can’t get along with every woman. When she thinks that someday in the future, some of Li Yong’s women will conspire to plot against her and bully her, she feels frightened.

When Wei Fangxia thinks of these and feels horrible, Li Yong has driven the car into the villa of the Han Family.

“We’re home. Ms. Wei, how is your practice of the mental cultivation method?” Li Yong gets off the car and asks with a smile, “Would you like me to give you some instructions? With my advice, you can certainly practice faster and better.”

“No.” Wei Fangxia replies coldly and hurriedly walks back to her room.

She locks the door, sits alone on the bed, and continues to think.

She also thinks that one day in the future, when she becomes old, even Li Yong can bully her and her children. How can she tolerate such treatment with her hot temper?

Then she resists, but she can’t win Li Yong. It is obviously useless to resist.

As soon as she begins to think, she can’t stop. As she thinks, she feels horrible. She is afraid of the life in the future and feels exhausted all over the body.

She feels that as a woman, she should be more powerful than men. Then she won’t be bullied by men. If she is more powerful than Li Yong, she will beat him hard if Li Yong dares to dislike her. She’ll beat him again if he dares to bully her. Wei Fangxia laughs when she thinks of the scene that she beats Li Yong and Li Yong kneels down to beg her.

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If she wants to control a man, she has to be more powerful than him. This is her conclusion.

Thinking of this, Wei Fangxia immediately sits on the bed with legs crossed and begins to practice the mental cultivation method.

When she moves her internal strength and gets into the state of practice, she finds that her mood gradually calms down. She soon has inner peace and is no longer excited.

She finds that practice can make her become sober and calm. She gains the power of peace no matter what happens.

She seems to be obsessed with the feeling of practice and soon enters the state of being oblivious of herself.

Li Yong is also practicing upstairs. He will go to Japan tomorrow, so he needs to save his strength and energy to keep the strongest fighting force.

The next morning, after sending Han Lu and Han Fei to the company, he comes to the R&D department specially.

He sees that Deng Hongli is helping Liu Xiaoyue recruit new employees. The two women are busy but very happy.

After the written examination and interview, Liu Xiaoyue picks only four men and six women from hundreds of applicants and establishes the first research team. Then they immediately get involved in the intense work.

Seeing that Liu Xiaoyue keeps on improving and is very full of energy, Li Yong nods and is very satisfied.

“Come to me directly if you meet any difficulties that you can’t solve.” Li Yong walks to Liu Xiaoyue and says faintly.

“Thank you.” Liu Xiaoyue smiles very beautifully.

“You don’t have to work too hard. You can hire an assistant to help you share some work.” Li Yong orders.

“Not hard.” Li Yong’s concern makes Liu Xiaoyue feel warm in the heart.

“Yong, why are you being so nice to Xiaoyue? What are you planning?” Deng Hongli who is next to them wanted to leave and let Li Yong and Liu Xiaoyue stay alone. But hearing their conversation, she can’t help asking, “You have had a wife. You can’t have a crush on Xiaoyue.”

Liu Xiaoyue blushes and glares at Deng Hongli, “Hongli, don’t talk nonsense.”

Li Yong laughs and says, “Don’t you allow me to have a crush on her?”

Deng Hongli glares at Li Yong and says, “I don’t care if you have a crush on someone else. But I won’t allow it if you have a crush on Xiaoyue.”

“What if having a crush on you?” Li Yong raises his eyebrow and says.

Deng Hongli is happy on the inside, but she says seriously, “Don’t flirt with me during working hours.”

Seeing a colleague walking over, Liu Xiaoyue hurriedly pulls Deng Hongli and says, “Come on. Let’s continue to recruit employees.”

Seeing that they are all busy working, Li Yong walks around and comes to Han Lu’s office.

Pushing the door straight in, Li Yong sees Han Lu sitting on the sofa. She puts her two long legs together and stretches them out. She is leaning on the sofa and making a phone call. Seeing that there is no one else in the office, Li Yong sits on Han Lu’s legs, puts his hands on Han Lu’s shoulders and says smilingly, “Darling, come one, give me a kiss.”

Han Lu glares at Li Yong. She tries to drive him away, but she has to keep calling.

“All right, Ms. He, thank you.” Han Lu is talking with He Xiaosheng about the sale of the drugs on the phone.

Li Yong pinches Han Lu’s pretty face and bites her ear. He rubs her boobs with his big hands. Han Lu’s face becomes red and is out of breath.

“Lu, what’s the matter with you?” He Xiaosheng finds that there is something wrong and asks wonderingly.

“I’ve got a cold. I’m sorry. Ms. He, I’m going to take some medicine. I’ll call you later.”

Han Lu hurriedly hangs up and pushes Li Yong away immediately. She says angrily, “Get out. This is the company. It’s the working place. Don’t touch me here. Do you hear it?”

“Darling, why can’t you say gently? Why do you have to be so fierce?” Li Yong says awkwardly.

“Hum, I’m talking about work, work, understand?” Han Lu is still fierce.

“Okay, you can continue to talk about it.” Li Yong says helplessly.

Han Lu takes a deep breath and feels that she didn’t finish talking just now, so she picks up the phone and calls He Xiaosheng.

Li Yong takes the opportunity and sits on Han Lu’s legs again. This time he directly kisses Han Lu on her neck, which is the most sensitive part of Han Lu’s body. He kisses several times and Han Lu begins to groan constantly and becomes soft all over the body. She can’t continue to talk about work with He Xiaosheng and has to hang up again.

This time, Han Lu doesn’t get angry. She holds Li Yong’s face and says with red cheeks, “Darling, didn’t I satisfy you last night? Why are you still like this? If you want, I can satisfy you tonight, okay?”

“I want it now.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Not now.” Han Lu refuses directly.

“I want it now.” Li Yong thinks it must be very exciting to do it in the office. He wants to have a try.

“No.” Han Lu is very serious and ruthlessly pushes Li Yong away.

Li Yong is not so easy to be dealt with. He jumps over immediately and pushes Han Lu on the sofa.

Han Lu is startled. She didn’t expect that Li Yong really wanted to make out with here in the office.

They are husband and wife who sleep together every day, so it’s normal to do it. But they are in the company now. Han Lu is afraid that some employees will come in. If she should be seen by the employees, her cold image would be ruined.

Gossip is the most hurtful. It will be spread among people. She doesn’t know what they will say.

As soon as she thinks of it, the door of the office is knocked.

Han Lu is startled. She sits up angrily and kicks Li Yong off fiercely. Then she hurriedly tidies up the clothes and hair that were messed by Li Yong to restore her manner and image.

“Bastard, don’t touch me anymore,” She lowers her voice, grits her teeth and scolds. She stabs Li Yong on his forehead with her finger. She feels that Li Yong is like a rutting beast, which is really unbearable.

A department manager walks in to report work to Han Lu.

After the manager left, Li Yong walks to Han Lu’s side again. He grabs Han Lu’s small hand and says, “Darling, I will go to Japan in the evening and can’t see you for a few days. Thinking that I will be separated from you, I really want to make love with you. Darling, don’t be so fierce. Let me do it again!”

“No.” Han Lu is less angry and becomes gentle. Thinking that Li Yong will go to Japan and they can’t see each other for several days, she is reluctant to be separated with him either.

“I want it,” Saying this, Li Yong hugs Han Lu, takes a chance and begins to kiss her.

Being entangled by Li Yong, Han Lu can’t work, but she is unwilling to blame Li Yong. After thinking for a while, she says gently, “Wait until noon. After lunch, I can do it with you during the noon break, okay?”

“Can you help me do it with your mouth?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“Bah, get out and don’t interfere with my work.” Han Lu feels gross.

Li Yong walks out of Han Lu’s office and walks around the company twice. Then it’s time to get off work.

Back home, Li Yong sees that Han Lu is a little sleepy and tired after lunch. She yawns constantly as she lies on the bed, so he doesn’t make out with her. He just sees Han Lu fall asleep.

Until Han Lu wakes up an hour later, he turns over and jumps on her.

It’s several hours later when they finish. Han Lu doesn’t go to the company, but decides to accompany Li Yong at home. She wants to send Li Yong to the airport.

Han Lu comes to the living room and sees Han Fei’s weird sight.

“Lu, although you are going to separate, you didn’t have to make such a loud sound! It’s not that you are never going to see each other. Brother Yong is going to come back in a few days. I thought it was an earthquake. I was frightened…”

Han Lu is so embarrassed that she quickly covers Han Fei’s mouth, blushes and says, “Don’t talk nonsense.”

“I didn’t talk nonsense. I’m telling the truth, okay? You were making really a big noise and the cat was too scared to catch the mouse…”

“Shut up, or I’ll stick your mouth.” Han Lu is very ashamed and embarrassed.

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