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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 420 Someone Lived Here

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Chapter 420 Someone Lived Here

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At this moment, Li Yong also walks down from upstairs and asks with a smile, “Why are you making a fuss?”

Han Lu and Han Fei look at each other and immediately quiet down. They both ignore Li Yong.

Because they won’t admit that they are making a fuss. They are both grown-ups. Why should they make a fuss?

In fact, Li Yong has heard what they said. They really made a loud noise. Although it couldn’t make the cat not be able to catch the mouse, it made Han Fei upset.

“Have you packed?” Li Yong sees a luggage in the living room. He takes a glance and sees that there is all Han Fei’s stuff, including her clothes and daily stuff. There is also one set of Li Yong’s clothes.

Li Yong didn’t expect that Han Fei was so careful. She even packed Li Yong’s underwear.

“I don’t know what to bring. You’ll be back in a few days, so I just take some clothes randomly.”

Seeing that Li Yong is looking at the luggage, Han Fei explains casually.

At this moment, Wei Fangxia, who is in sexy short skirt and high heels, strides in. Seeing Han Lu and Han Fei, she shows a charming smile and then hands Li Yong an envelope.

“It’s done.” Facing Li Yong, she is calm and her tone is also very calm.

Opening the envelope, Li Yong sees two ID cards inside. The first is Li Yujie, the photo of which is Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi. This is Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi’s new identity in Huaxia. The second is Kuwasawa Xiaoyong. This is Li Yong’s new identity.

“What about yours? Are you going in your real identity?” Li Yong asks.

“In my bag.” Wei Fangxia takes an ID card from the bag, which is the same as that of Li Yong. Li Yong sees the name is Li Daxia. Daxia, Daxia(the pronunciation is the same as “heroine” in Chinese). Li Yong smiles and thinks Wei Fangxia is really like a heroine.

Then Li Yong calls Li Tianmei and Hongyu, who rush over before long.

Li Tianmei wears a set of short cheongsam with Eastern beauty’s reserve. The slit is very high, revealing the attractive legs. She is also very sexy.

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She is in high heels and walks forward, looking very charming.

Hongyu is wearing a set of red short wind coat and a piece of black tight pants. Her legs are wrapped in dark stockings and she is wearing a pair of short boots. A part of her thighs is revealed, looking sexy and charming.

Han Lu sees that those people Li Yong wants to take are all women and are all beautiful, especially Li Tianmei and Hongyu. She is unfamiliar with them, so she looks at them with a strange look.

She pulls Li Yong aside, glares at him and asks, “Why do you take so many women with you?”

Li Yong explains, “Fei is not an outsider. She is going to explore the market of Japan. Madam Wei is going to protect me. This is her job. They are all women. You can’t blame me!”

“What about them? What can they do if they follow you?” Han Lu points to Li Tianmei and Hongyu, who are the main points of Han Lu’s words. Because Han Lu isn’t worried about Han Fei and Wei Fangxia.

“Li Tianmei is very good at Japanese. Her Japanese is even better than native speakers. She is the interpreter invited by me. She can understand dialects of each district of Tokyo. Since I am going to gamble on stones, I surely need an interpreter! That woman in red wind coat is Hongyu. She is a Japanese woman and knows about the medicine market of Japan very well. She will be very helpful.”

Li Yong talks nonsense and says that Li Tianmei and Hongyu are both useful to him.

Han Lu half believes it and then orders, “You can’t mess around in Japan. It’s too open there and most of the women there are dirty. Come back as soon as you finish dealing with those things. I’ll wait for you at home.”

“Okay.” Li Yong agrees smilingly and thinks Han Lu is very thoughtful!

“You can’t sleep with other women.” Han Lu can’t rest assured and orders again.

“Am I that kind of person?” Li Yong touches his face. He doesn’t think he is that kind of person who sleeps with other women randomly.

“You’d better not.” Han Lu says seriously.

“Don’t worry! Darling! You made me so tired just now. I won’t be able to do it in the next ten days.” Li Yong grins and says.

Seeing that no one is noticing them, Han Lu grabs his private part and it has erected. She says angrily, “How can you say that? You are erecting now.”

“It’s because you are too charming.” Li Yong rubs Han Lu’s hair and says smilingly.

“Hey.” Han Lu glares at Li Yong but is happy in the heart. Li Yong is praising her circuitously. His praise secretly goes into Han Lu’s inner heart.

Although she is happy, Han Lu still can’t rest assured.

Then she pulls Han Fei aside and says gently, “Fei, you should have an eye on your brother-in-law when you are in Japan. Don’t let him mess around there. Japan is a very open country. You can’t let him get close to women who drink.”

Han Lu grits her teeth when she says this.

“He is a living person. How can I stop him from doing anything?” Han Fei thinks that Han Lu is caring about too many things. She can do it at home. But she actually wants to keep an eye on him when he is outside. Men aren’t so easy to be controlled.

“Can’t you follow him? Follow him closely.” Han Lu reminds her.

“Lu, it’s not necessary!” Han Fei thinks Han Lu goes a little too far. She is going to Japan to explore the medicine market. She also needs to investigate the market. She doesn’t have time to follow Li Yong!

She can’t do it even she has time! This is not proper in feelings, reasons and laws

Everyone is free. The more tightly one controls the other, the farther their hearts will become.

“You must keep an eye on him.” Han Lu knows about it, but she is still very stubborn.

“But what if I can’t control him?” Han Fei is a little awkward.

“How can you not be able to control him? Does he dare to look for other women in front of you?” Han Lu asks.

“Who knows? If he has to do it, I can’t stop him.” Han Fei looks seriously. Seeing that Han Lu is worried about Li Yong so much, Han Fei says this deliberately. She wants to strike Han Lu.

Han Lu immediately frowns and she is really struck. She rolls her bright big eyes and thinks about it. Then she lowers her voice and says, “You can’t let him look for other women. If you can’t stop him, you can sleep with him. You are also a woman. Don’t let those indecent foreign women take the advantage of him.”

Han Fei becomes excited. She blushes and says happily, “Lu, I know what you mean. You can rest assured! If I have to sacrifice, I will do it.”

“Fei, thank you.” Han Lu thinks that Han Fei is unfairly treated and she feels sorry for her.

The plane is going to take off at 6 o’clock this evening, so they have supper earlier.

After having supper, they arrive at the international airport of Zhonghai City.

At the boarding gate, Han Lu waves her hand to bid farewell to Li Yong reluctantly.

“Come back early.” She shouts. She means that Li Yong should take the money back early.

Li Yong throws her a kiss and walks into the boarding passage with Han Fei, Wei Fangxia, Li Tianmei and Hongyu.

Six hours later, they get off the plane in Tokyo, Japan.

Li Yong calls a taxi and tells the driver an address. Half an hour later, the taxi stops in front of a luxury villa.

“Brother Yong, what is this place?” Seeing that Li Yong opens the door of the villa skillfully, Han Fei asks in surprise.

“I bought this villa not long ago.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Wow, Brother Yong, why didn’t you say it before? Is there any woman?”

Seeing this, Han Fei looks up at the villa and finds that it’s dark inside and no one is living here.

Then she begins to watch the scenery in the yard of the villa and keeps exclaiming, “Wow, this place is more luxury than our home. There is a swimming pool, running lanes and artificial beach. Wow, it’s so beautiful.”

Han Fei is very happy. She drops the luggage and runs to the artificial beach to enjoy.

It’s not very bright now, but the lights in the big yard of the villa have been turned on. The view is very good.

“Just enjoy yourselves. There are rooms upstairs and downstairs. You can choose any room and there will be rooms left.” Li Yong says to the three women and walks into the villa.

Looking at the decoration in the living room, he finds that someone was here before and had tea.

He took this villa from Feng Yumeng as the debt. He has registered and this villa has become his property. How could others come in except for him? There is a fingerprint lock and Li Yong reset it before he left. Others can’t come in. Did Feng Yumeng come back?

Li Yong thinks about it and Feng Yumeng is the most probable suspect.

With such doubt, he comes to the second floor and makes sure that someone lived here.

Seeing the water mark on the ground, that person may haven’t left yet.

He is very angry that someone lived in his house without his approval.

The house is the same as his wife and can’t be shared. Everything here belongs to him. If other uses it, he will feel that his right is violated. He immediately opens his clairvoyant vision and looks through the rooms.

He sees that Hongyu and Li Tianmei have chosen the rooms downstairs to live. Beds and bedding have all been prepared and they are making the beds. They are going to change clothes, take a shower and go to bed.

Wei Fangxia is standing in the yard and watching the surroundings of the villa. This is her habit. When she arrives at a new place, she has to get familiar with the surroundings. As Li Yong’s bodyguard, she is very competent and responsible.

Han Fei is still lying on the artificial beach. She opens her eye widely and is looking at the stars in the dark sky.

She is saying something, as if she is talking to the stars far away.

Li Yong then looks back at the villa and begins to look at the rooms on the second floor.

In the master bedroom, he sees a familiar dress and a pair of women’s high heels. There is a women’s leather bag on the table. Then he sees a woman lying on the bed, sleeping.

This woman has long brown wavy hair and fair skin. Her body shape is graceful and charming.

She kicks away the quilt with her slender beautiful legs. Her body is revealed and naked. This woman bends her body and her face is facing inside. Li Yong can’t see her face.

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