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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 421 I Don’t Have Any Money

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Chapter 421 I Don’t Have Any Money

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But seeing the body shape and skin, Li Yong thinks it’s a young and beautiful charming woman.

She is very alike with Feng Yumeng in Li Yong’s memory.

Then he sees her hair style and jewelry earrings. Li Yong can be sure that this woman is Feng Yumeng.

“She is actually living in my house without letting me know. How bold she is!”

Li Yong walks over angrily. He pushes open the door of the master bedroom and strides in.

But seeing Feng Yumeng’s good body shape, beautiful face and sexy position, Li Yong becomes gentler. He controls himself and doesn’t shout.

“Should I get angry?” Facing such a beauty, Li Yong hesitates.

The room has been cleaned up by Feng Yumeng and the decorations haven’t changed since he left. Nothing seems to lose. Besides, he won’t know it even if something is missing.

Although it’s his house, he has never lived here and doesn’t know what things are in this house.

Standing in front of the bed, Li Yong stares at Feng Yumeng who is sleeping and feels that this is really a sexy and beautiful body. He really wants to touch those places that are extremely charming.

He doesn’t know whether Feng Yumeng will have a sweet sex dream with his touch.

But he stops and thinks: I can enjoy it if there aren’t four beautiful women out there.

He really wants to massage Feng Yumeng and hear her groan. But he is really worried that Han Fei will suddenly come in when he does it. He won’t be able to explain by then.

“Hey, wake up. Why are you living in my house?” At last, Li Yong controls his evil thought, grabs Feng Yumeng’s white arm and shakes her with strength. He shows a serious look and asks in a low voice.

Feng Yumeng is startled. She is in a daze and doesn’t hear Li Yong’s words clearly. She thinks that a thief has broken in and wants to rape her when he tries to steal things. She is so frightened that she bends her body and shivers.

When Li Yong grabs her arm, she stutters, “No, no! You can take whatever you want. You can take anything here as long as you don’t touch me…”

She sees Li Yong, but she can only see a figure. It’s very dark in the room and the faint moon light has been blocked by the curtain. She can’t see through the darkness like Li Yong and doesn’t recognize him.

Her intuition is that the figure is a man who is staring at her with his lustful eyes.

This makes her more frightened. She bends her body hard and hides her vital places.

Li Yong realizes that Feng Yumeng has misunderstood. He picks up the earpick on the bedside table, pinches it with fingers and flicks it. The earpick flies out like a bullet and hits the switch with a bang. The light is turned on.

Li Yong’s face becomes clear. Under the bright light, he looks serious and very handsome. The stubble is scattered around his mouth and looks very masculine.

But at this moment, Feng Yumeng closes her eyes because of the bright light. After adapting to it for a while, she slowly opens her eyes and finally recognizes Li Yong.

She is so frightened and opens her eyes and mouth widely, as if she is choked by the yolk.

At this moment, she feels that a thief is better.

“You…why are you here?” She looks serious and frightened, as if she is seeing a demon.

She suddenly sees fire in Li Yong’s lustful eyes, so she hurriedly picks the quilt and covers her body.

She stutters and asks, “What are you doing here?”

Her tone sounds like that Li Yong is an intruder who isn’t invited. Li Yong says angrily, “This is my house. Can’t I come? Why are you living in my house and sleeping on my bed? My wife hasn’t slept on the bed yet? How can you sleep on it? You are so bold!”

“Well, I’m sorry. I…” Feng Yumeng blushes and is very awkward.

She picks up her clothes and wants to put them on, but she dares not to lift the quilt. She is timid and shy. Under Li Yong’s gaze, she lowers her head and doesn’t know what to do.

“Are you awkward? You are sleeping on my bed and are naked. What do you want to do?”

“I…” Feng Yumeng becomes shyer. Her face is as red as paint.

“You took off all your clothes and didn’t cover the quilt. Do you know what you are doing? I really suspect that you knew that I would come tonight and deliberately took off your clothes without covering the quilt. You also deliberately made a sexy posture. You did all these deliberately. You planned all these. Are you tempting me?”

It seems that Li Yong still has a lingering fear. He was impulsive just now and nearly jumped on her.

If he comes alone without taking those four women…Li Yong dares not to think.

Just now, facing Feng Yumeng’s naked body and charming posture, he stopped being angry and thought she was very beautiful.

“I’m sorry…” Feng Yumeng apologizes shamefully like a docile Japanese woman who has done something wrong.

“Put on your clothes quickly. I’ll be angry if you continue to do this,” Li Yong looks fierce and says shamelessly, “Am I that kind of man? Although you are beautiful, don’t try to tempt me.”

Feng Yumeng lifts a corner of the quilt and hesitates. Under Li Yong’s gaze, she dares not to lift the quilt and reveal her naked body.

Li Yong said that he was not that kind of man. But his lustful eyes make Feng Yumeng frightened.

“Well…can you go out for a second? I need to put on my clothes…”

“Now you are shy? I have seen it. I saw you for a while just now and you weren’t shy! Quickly, don’t waste my time,” Saying this, Li Yong pulls away the quilt on Feng Yumeng’s body. Then he sees her naked body once again. He has to admit that it’s really charming.

Feng Yumeng really wants to hide under the ground, but she can’t. Seeing Li Yong pull away the quilt, she stops being shy, hurriedly picks up her clothes and puts them on. She doesn’t even notice that she wears the dress inside out.

Li Yong looks at her seriously and is very happy in the heart. But he looks vacant, as if he isn’t touched.

After Feng Yumeng got dressed, he reminds, “Why are you in a hurry? Look at you, you wear the dress inside out.”

Feng Yumeng looks at it and finds that she really wears the dress inside out and the brand is revealed. She hurriedly takes it off and puts it on once again. When she just gets dressed, Li Yong says again, “Didn’t you find that you also wear your underpants inside out?”

Feng Yumeng is nearly desperate. She carefully lifts the dress and sees that she really wears the underpants inside out.

But she is too awkward to take it off in front of Li Yong. She is too ashamed and blushes. She has to pretend not to know it and ignores Li Yong. She just hurriedly picks up her bag and cosmetics and walks out of the door quickly.

“Take away your shoes.” Li Yong kicks the high heels in front of her.

“Take away your stockings.” Li Yong picks up the black stockings on the bed and throws to her with strength.

“Take away your hairpin.” Li Yong points at the bedside table, “And take away your phone.”

This is his bedroom. He doesn’t want any women’s thing in his room. It will be not good if Han Fei discovers.

Feng Yumeng has to put away again. But before she finishes, Li Yong opens the closet and says angrily, “Take away all your clothes, the bras, underpants, and stockings. Take them all away.”

Feng Yumeng hesitates. There are many clothes in the closet and she can’t take them all. These clothes were bought by her when she was rich in the past and are all famous brands and trendy. She likes these clothes very much.

Facing Li Yong’s unreasonable require, she sobs and says, “Can I put them away tomorrow?”

“What? Do you want to stay here tonight?” Li Yong mocks and asks.

“There are so many rooms. Why can’t I live for one night? Do you want to drive me out to the street?” Feng Yumeng says angrily. She thinks Li Yong goes too far since he wants to drive her away.

She is already a poor now and doesn’t have money to live in a hotel. What should she do if she is really driven out?

Seeing that Feng Yumeng cries, Li Yong is softhearted and sighs, “It’s not that I don’t want you to live here. I didn’t come here alone. There are my families and friends out there. How can I explain if they know that there is a strange woman living in my house? My families will be angry if they misunderstand it. You’d better leave quickly! You can just book a room in a hotel. Don’t harm me here.”

“I…I don’t have any money,” Feng Yumeng says helplessly.

She wouldn’t live here if she had money. She knows clearly that this house doesn’t belong to her anymore. It’s illegal to live in without the permission of the owner.

She was worried at first and was afraid that Li Yong would come suddenly and catch her. After living for a few days safely, she gradually rested assured and thought Li Yong wouldn’t come.

So she took this house as a free hotel and became more and more relax, as if she was living in her own house.

She didn’t expect that Li Yong actually came at night. He not only caught her, but also saw her naked. She feels wronged.

She also wants to turn around and runs away. But where can she go since she has no money?

“No money? Don’t you have a job? Didn’t you get your salary?” Li Yong once introduced her to work in the wholesale center of adult products that belongs to Wu Yuting. The salary is not low. He thinks she can raise herself.

“I…I quit the job early,” Feng Yumeng lowers her head and says slowly.

“Why?” Li Yong asks in confusion.

“I was not used to it.” Feng Yumeng was once a lady in a big family and had several hundreds of billions of yuan. She used to spend a lot of money and be idle. She can’t work regularly and is not interested in any job.

Thinking of the low salary, she had no strength at all. Thinking that she had to work all day, she was even more upset. Therefore, she found several jobs but quit soon.

Sometimes, she would rather starve here than go out to work hard.

Li Yong suddenly understands. He takes some dollars from his pocket and hands it to Feng Yumeng like treating a beggar. When he wants to ask her to leave quickly, Han Fei suddenly shouts outside, “Brother Yong, have you fallen asleep? Which room are you living in?”

Then Han Fei’s footsteps sound quickly and she is getting close. Apparently she has come over.

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