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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 422 Hide a Woman in the Room

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Chapter 422 Hide a Woman in the Room

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“Go quickly,” Li Yong hurriedly urges her. He doesn’t want Han Fei to discover anything. Han Fei isn’t so easy to be jealous like Han Lu. But it’s not good if she finds a strange woman in Li Yong’s room.

However, he remembers that there is only one exit of the villa and Feng Yumeng will definitely meet Han Fei if she goes out now. He can’t explain by them. So Li Yong hurriedly says, “Come back. Hide yourself first.”

Feng Yumeng is also very anxious. She is a decent woman and doesn’t want to be misunderstood. She was told to leave and now is called back. She is in a muddle and asks hastily, “Where should I hide?”

Li Yong pulls open the closet and orders, “Get in.”

Feng Yumeng hesitates and gets in. Under such circumstance, this is the only way. She has to hide in there even she is reluctant. This is the first time that she has hidden in a closet.

Li Yong throws the women’s things on the bed into the closet and closes the door.

At this moment, Han Fei knocks at the door, “Brother Yong, are you there?”

“Yes.” Li Yong coughs gently and walks quickly to open the door. He sees that Fan Fei is dirty with sand and mud on her body, as if she comes from a desert far away. She endures the hardships of a long journey but is excited.

She rolled on the artificial beach happily just now and then became like this.

“Why are you so dirty? Go to wash yourself.” Li Yong pushes Han Fei outside.

“Brother Yong, where should I sleep?” Han Fei asks.

“There are many rooms here. You can choose whichever you like.” Li Yong points to the rooms next and opposite to his room. They are all available rooms.

“I want to sleep here.” Han Fei points to the room behind Li Yong and squeezes in.

“You can’t. This is my room,” Li Yong says helplessly, “Do you want to sleep with me?”

“Brother Yong, who else should I sleep with if not with you?” Han Fei grins and asks him.

“Ah?” Li Yong is surprised. He didn’t expect that Han Fei wanted to sleep with him.

They are in another country and very far away from Huaxia. There is a vast sea between Japan and Huaxia. Han Lu can’t control him from afar. Thinking that he can sleep with Han Fei, Li Yong feels excited. But thinking that Feng Yumeng is hiding in the closet and her identity, Li Yong feels helpless and sighs.

The happiness comes too quickly like a hurricane. The pain also comes quickly like a thunderstorm.

The hurricane meets the thunderstorm. Li Yong feels very bitter.

“Why are you hesitant? Lu asked me to have an eye on you. How can I have an eye on you if we don’t sleep together?” Han Fei takes “have an eye on” as “look at”. She wants to look at him with her eyes.

“No, no. I can’t fall asleep being watched by you,” Li Yong is really hesitant and says.

“Brother Yong, how can you do this? I will only look at you and won’t talk. Why can’t you fall asleep? You don’t let me sleep here. Is there any woman hidden in this room?” Saying this, Han Fei blinks and looks around.

“How is it possible?” Li Yong is nervous. Han Fei actually guesses it. She is really good!

There is a woman hidden in the room, but he has no relationship with this woman, whose mother cheated Han Dongtao of 1.5 billion yuan. It will be hard to deal with it if Han Fei knows that she is their enemy.

Looking at the luxury decorations in the room, Han Lu is very satisfied, “Brother Yong, this must be the best room? The bed is so big. We can sleep on the two sides of it. No one can surpass the central line.”

“Okay!” Li Yong agrees helplessly. If Feng Yumeng isn’t in the closet, he will be very happy since Han Fei wants to live here. Now he is worried that Han Fei might find Feng Yumeng and he isn’t happy at all.

Besides, Feng Yumeng can’t hide in the closet for a long time and will definitely make noises. By then, she will be found if Han Lu notices the abnormality. How can he explain?

“Brother Yong, what’s the matter with you?” Han Fei looks at Li Yong and suddenly asks.

“What?” Li Yong is startled and hurriedly answers.

“You have a strange look,” Han Fei grins and says, “Are you thinking about something?”

Li Yong makes an ugly smile, “No, go to take a shower quickly and change the clothes.”

”What clothes should I change? Is there any beautiful pajama in this closet?” Han Fei wants to open the closet.

“No, there are all my clothes. You can’t wear.” Li Yong hurriedly stops her.

Han Fei doesn’t suspect. She thinks about it and says, “Brother Yong, go to take my luggage. My clothes are in the luggage. I want to choose the most beautiful pajama and show it to you.”

Li Yong doesn’t have such a mood. He is a little worried and says, “I’ll let Ms. Wei send it here.”

“Brother Yong, the luggage is very heavy. You are a man…”

“Okay, I’ll go to take it.” Li Yong rushes out of the room and runs downstairs in just a few seconds. Then Han Fei sees her luggage in just a few seconds.

At this moment, Han Fei is trying to open the closet. She is curious about Li Yong’s clothes and wants to see them.

But the luggage slides over and blocks the closet, so she doesn’t open it.

“Brother Yong, you’re so quick,” Han Fei says in surprise. She feels that it only took him a few seconds.

“Go to take a shower!” Li Yong urges her impatiently. Seeing that he stops Han Fei successfully, he thinks that fortunately he ran quickly, or it would be troublesome.

Han Fei would have been frightened if she had opened the closet and seen a woman hidden there.

Then she would have been very angry and furious.

Li Yong is getting more frightened. He thinks that it’s a time bomb to hide Feng Yumeng in the closet.

The consequence will be beyond imagination if it bombs.

Li Yong thinks quickly and decides to drive Feng Yumeng away when Han Fei takes a shower.

When Li Yong is upset, Han Fei opens the luggage and looks for her clothes slowly.

She thinks Li Yong will come to look curiously, ask questions and make her happy.

But he doesn’t. She peeps at him and finds that he is very abnormal.

But she doesn’t think too much about it. Because she knows that men will be sad, angry and upset for a few days each month, just like women having the period. She thinks Li Yong’s abnormal behaviors are normal.

“Fei, go to take the shower. It’s late now. We have to go to sleep early,” Li Yong urges her again.

“Okay!” Han Fei stretches her tone and answers. She blushes, bites her lip and shows a faint smile. Then she takes off her clothes one by one in front of Li Yong.

In this process, she keeps looking at Li Yong and wants to see if Li Yong will be attracted by her.

Li Yong really looks at her, which makes her feel proud in the heart.

When she takes off all her clothes, she picks up a black pajama and walks to the bathroom smilingly.

When she opens the door of the bathroom, she turns her head and asks smilingly, “Brother Yong, am I beautiful?”

Li Yong blinks his eyes and praises, “Yes.”

He compares Han Fei with Feng Yumeng in the heart and really thinks that Han Fei is more beautiful.

Feng Yumeng is also very beautiful, but her beauty is like the cloud in the sky. Han Fei’s beauty is like the clear sky. Comparing them, Li Yong likes the vast sky more.

“Which part of me is the most beautiful,” Han Fei pauses and asks again smilingly.

“Every part of your body is beautiful.” Li Yong has a lot of saliva in his mouth and swallows.

Han Fei now walks into the bathroom proudly. She gently closes the door and then comes the sound of the water.

Li Yong takes a deep breath and rubs his hot face. Then he opens the door of the closet hurriedly and says to Feng Yumeng gently, “Get out and leave now. Be careful. There are others downstairs. Don’t be seen.”

Feng Yumeng glares at Li Yong and mocks, “You actually have an affair with your sister-in-law.”

“It’s none of your business. Get out,” Li Yong says angrily.

“The rabbit doesn’t eat the grass beside its hole. You actually have an affair with your sister-in-law. You aren’t even as good as a rabbit.” Feng Yumeng mocks him again. She will be driven out anyway, so she attacks Li Yong with words and feels the thrill of revenge.

“Why should I sleep with others since there are women beside me,” Saying this, Li Yong pulls Feng Yumeng out and says, “Get out.”

“Hum, I will leave. Why are you so fierce?” Feng Yumeng pushes away Li Yong’s hand and walks out. She has made up her mind that she would shout as soon as she walks out of the room. She wants Han Fei to know that Li Yong harasses her.

Feng Yumeng feels more excited when she thinks about that Han Fei will believe it and tells Han Lu, and then Han Lu will be jealous and quarrel with Li Yong.

However, before Feng Yumeng walks over to the door, the door is pushed open.

Li Yong is startled. He looks up and sees Wei Fangxia. It is because he was too nervous, angry and careless. He didn’t hear Wei Fangxia’s footsteps.

Wei Fangxia strides in. She sees Feng Yumeng and asks in surprise, “You…why are you here?”

“I, I…well…” Feng Yumeng, who wanted to shout to take revenge on Li Yong, suddenly stutters in front of Wei Fangxia. She doesn’t know what to answer.

She knows Wei Fangxia is a Huaxia policewoman. She is afraid of the police, especially the Huaxia police.

She knows that if Wei Fangxia knows her real identity, she will definitely arrest her.

Wei Fangxia is impatient to hear her answer and directly gets angry at Li Yong.

“Li Yong, is this woman another wife of you? You actually have a wife here? Bastard, how many wives do you have? Are your wives around the world?”

Wei Fangxia doesn’t know Feng Yumeng. Seeing that Feng Yumeng is very beautiful and has a good body shape, she immediately begins to scold Li Yong. She can’t suppress her anger at all, so her voice is fiery and very loud.

She was working hard to protect the safety of Li Yong. She looked around the villa though she was tired and exhausted. She didn’t expect that Li Yong hid a woman in the room.

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