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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 412 Lost Control of Himself

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Chapter 412 Lost Control of Himself

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“What? Fire her. Fire her now!” Han Lu roars. She feels that Li Yong is too lawless. He actually flirts with a woman in the company so boldly. Does he look down upon her?”

Hearing this, Li Yong laughs. He is so angry that he even laughs. He admires Wang Limin’s wisdom. He not only frames Liu Xiaoyue, but also frames him. To his disappointment, Han Lu believes him.

“Okay.” Wang Limin smirks. Han Lu gets angry. This is what he wants to see.

“Wait. Don’t act rashly. I’ll deal with it myself.” Hanging up the phone, Han Lu looks furious and cold. She strides out of the office and walks directly to the R&D department.

Li Yong feels it’s better that Han Lu comes. He can let her announce one thing personally.

“Ms. Liu, come here.” Seeing that Liu Xiaoyue is still working, Li Yong calls her again.

Liu Xiaoyue hurriedly puts down the work in her hands and quickly runs over. She says apologetically, “I’m sorry, Li Yong. I forgot that you called me just now. What’s the matter? Why are you in a hurry?”

“I want to let you manage the R&D department. What do you think?” Li Yong asks faintly.

“What?” Liu Xiaoyue thinks she misunderstands it.

“I’d like you to be the manager of the R&D department. I’d like you to manage the R&D department.” Li Yong repeats with a smile.

“No, I can’t.” Liu Xiaoyue is excited, but hurriedly refuses.

Liu Xiaoyue’s answer makes Li Yong surprised. He asks, “Why can’t you do it? I think you can.”

“No, I really can’t. I’ve only been working here for half a year. I’m still a new employee. Some of the employees have been working here for many years. I can’t order them. The employees here won’t listen to me.” Liu Xiaoyue says awkwardly.

“Isn’t it easy? You can fire those who don’t listen to you. You’re the manager of the R&D department now. You have the right to fire any employees. From now on, you’re in charge of the recruitment and management of the employees here.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“I… Are you serious?” Liu Xiaoyue asks excitedly.

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“Of course,” Li Yong says seriously. “A gentleman doesn’t lie. Please believe that I am a gentleman.”

Liu Xiaoyue suddenly smiles and her temperament changes. She is full of confidence and says firmly, “Okay, if you let me take charge of the R&D department, I will finish all the R&D work well. Besides, I can also reduce R&D cost of the company by 30%. I have such confidence.”

“Then let’s make a deal happily.” Li Yong pats the table, gets up and says.

“Thank you for your trust, Li Yong.” Liu Xiaoyue says gratefully.

“What’s that man’s name? What’s his job?” Li Yong points to the man outside who has just walked out of Wang Limin’s office. The man is peeping at this direction. Apparently he is guarding against Li Yong.

“His name is Wang Youzhi. He is the leader of the second group of the R&D department. He assists me with my work.” Liu Xiaoyue says gently.

“How does he perform at work?” Li Yong asks again.

Liu Xiaoyue hesitates for a moment and then says gently, “Li Yong, I’ll tell you the truth. But don’t treat me as a person who speaks ill of people behind their backs! I really don’t have the habit of speaking ill of others.”

“I want to hear the truth. Say it.” Li Yong says seriously.

Liu Xiaoyue gets up the courage and says, “His working ability is very poor and he often makes mistakes. Besides, some mistakes were deliberately made by him. His purpose is to delay my development time and make it difficult for me. If he hadn’t caused troubles to me deliberately, I could have made the new drug one week in advance.”

“Why doesn’t the company fire this kind of person?” Li Yong is confused and says.

“He has a good relationship with Manager Wang. No one dares to say he is wrong. I offered my advice to him once in a meeting. He didn’t correct it. Instead, he didn’t cooperate with my work more and more.” Liu Xiaoyue looks bitter.

“Don’t worry! You can fire him this afternoon.” Li Yong says faintly.

Liu Xiaoyue bites her lip and doesn’t answer. She looks forward to what Li Yong said very much. She has been dreaming of owning the whole R&D department, but on second thought, she thinks it’s just her wishful thinking.

The R&D department is the center of a company. She is so young and has been working for less than a year. Is Li Yong really going to let her take over the R&D department?

Li Yong hurriedly walks over and says, “Wang Youzhi, come here.”

“Manager Li.”

Wang Youzhi smiles brightly and follows Li Yong into Liu Xiaoyue’s office.

Liu Xiaoyue has got out. She is deliberately avoiding arousing suspicion. She also doesn’t want to face Wang Youzhi. After working with Wang Youzhi for so long, she finds it hard for them to get along with and face each other.

“Manager Li, please have a cup of tea.” Wang Youzhi is very clever and hurriedly pours a cup of tea for Li Yong. The smile on his face is natural and friendly, as if he and Li Yong have been friends for many years.

“Why did you break that machine?” Li Yong pats the table and asks loudly.

Wang Youzhi is startled and drops the teacup. The teacup breaks with a bang. Being stared at by Li Yong, he hurriedly lowers his head and opens his mouth. But he dares not to say anything.

“Don’t think that I don’t know. Wang Limin has told me all about it. You two set up a pharmaceutical factory together, stole prescriptions and medicinal materials from the company. Then you produced and sold them, didn’t you?”

At last, Li Yong slaps Wang Youzhi on his face. He is really angry and loses control of himself. He slaps him really hard and breaks his mouth. His mouth and nose are bleeding.

Liu Xiaoyue is startled with the bang. She peeks at them and really vents her anger.

Han Lu sees it at the same time. She came over hurriedly and wanted to see how Li Yong and Liu Xiaoyue made out.

She has decided to fire Liu Xiaoyue and quarrel with Li Yong. Li Yong dares to do such a thing in the company. She will never accept it. She won’t save face for Li Yong.

But she didn’t expect that she would see such a scene when she arrived.

She stops behind Liu Xiaoyue quietly and continues to observe.

Liu Xiaoyue feels that someone is behind her. She turns her head and sees Han Lu. She is startled and her face changes. She almost shouts out. Fortunately, she quickly covers her mouth and dares not to make a sound.

Han Lu signals her not to speak. She bites her lip tightly and dares not to gasp.

“Why did you hit me?” Wang Youzhi finally says. He covers his red and swollen face, tolerates the pain and asks loudly, “You can’t hit me even if I opened the pharmaceutical factory and stole the medicinal materials of the company. You break the law if you hit me. I will sue you.”

He feels that his brain is buzzing and can’t hear clearly, as if he has been deafened.

“You not only opened the pharmaceutical factory, but also broke the machine. In order to drive Liu Xiaoyue out, you and Wang Limin framed her regardless of the destruction of the company’s property. Shouldn’t I hit you?” Li Yong asks angrily.

“No, even if I broke the machine, you can’t hit me.” Wang Youzhi grits his teeth and says. He has never been hit by others since he was a baby. He is in his thirties now and was suddenly slapped by Li Yong so hard. He can’t accept it and is very painful.

“It is really you who broke it. I’ll just hit you today. What can you do to me?” Saying this, Li Yong lifts his foot and kicks Wang Youzhi on his chest. Wang Youzhi flies away at once.

With a bang, Wang Youzhi falls and rolls away, even knocking down the table.

“Ouch…” He cries and loses consciousness under his stomach. In this painful fearfulness, he grits his teeth and shouts loudly, “Kill me if you dare.”

“Isn’t it too merciful for me to kill you? You deliberately destroyed the company’s property. You have to pay for it at full price. If you don’t have enough money, you have to sell your car and house. If you still don’t have enough money by then, you have to go to jail. I’ll call the police now and let them interrogate you.” Saying this, Li Yong takes out his mobile phone, finds Wei Fangxia’s number, and pretends to dial.

Wang Youzhi cares about his reputation very much. Once being caught by the police, he will feel worse than dying. At last he is afraid. He raises his head hard and says hurriedly, “Don’t call the police. It has nothing to do with me. It was Manager Wang who asked me to do it. It was Manager Wang…”

“Damn it. How dare you deny it? I’ll kick you, bastard.” Saying this, Li Yong lifts his foot to kick him. He was not a violent man before, but today he can’t help hitting him.

In fact, Wang Youzhi is just an ordinary person. He can kill him easily.

He also doesn’t want to kill Wang Youzhi. He looks fierce, but he controls his strength well.

He thinks that he might not have been so angry if Wang Youzhi hadn’t set up Liu Xiaoyue.

“Stop.” Seeing that Li Yong kicks him hard, Han Lu fears that he will kill Wang Youzhi, so she walks into the office hurriedly and stops him, “Li Yong, you can’t hit him casually.”

“Darling, did you hear that?” Li Yong has known early that Han Lu was outside. He doesn’t have to explain.

“Yes.” Han Lu says without any expression. She is also very angry.

“Then listen to me and fire all the staff of the R&D department. Let Liu Xiaoyue reorganize the R&D department.” Li Yong says loudly. Hearing this, Liu Xiaoyue feels that she is dreaming.

Until now, she can’t believe it is real.

She can actually reorganize the R&D department. Li Yong really trusts her. She is afraid that she can’t do it well.

“Is this too…” Han Lu hesitates and says.

“Just listen to me. Don’t talk anymore. In the future, I’ll manage the R&D department by myself. Liu Xiaoyue will report work to me directly. You and Han Fei don’t have this right,” Li Yong says seriously, “Now go to hold the staff meeting of the R&D department and announce this thing immediately. If they want to go back to work, they have to get the consent of Liu Xiaoyue.”

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