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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 411 Regulate the Research and Development Department

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Chapter 411 Regulate the Research and Development Department

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Liu Xiaoyue’s tears flow down again. She works very hard and didn’t expect that Wang Limin debased her like that and suggested President Han Lu fire her.

She was under so much pressure but she didn’t leave. Now she is going to be fired. This is really hurtful.

She defends herself, “I have made two new drugs in the past half year. My success rate is the highest among others. How could he say I was not serious and responsible at work? Sometimes I didn’t listen to him. How could I listen to him since he was wrong? According to him, it’s much more complicated to make new drugs and the cost will be doubled too.”

Deng Hongli sighs and says, “My lady, he is the leader and President Han Lu’s uncle. Just listen to him no matter how much it will cost. He won’t harm President Han Lu.”

“Not just harm. He has harmed her a lot.” There are some words that Liu Xiaoyue has to say. She looks at Li Yong and says seriously, “Li Yong, I’ll tell you the truth! Wang Limin wants to take me away. He said he would give me double salaries and asked me to work in his pharmaceutical factory. Hongli persuaded me not to leave and I was also grateful for you to introduce me into this company, so I rejected him. From then on, he has been directing against me and trying to drive me out of here.”

“How could this happen?” Li Yong frowns and his eyes become cold. He didn’t expect that his classmate who was introduced into the company by him would be treated unfairly like this.

“Yes, I can prove it. Xiaoyue would have left if I hadn’t persuaded her not to leave.” Deng Hongli also says angrily. She knows well about what happened to Liu Xiaoyue and is also very angry. She wanted to ask about Li Yong’s opinion, but she didn’t meet Li Yong in the past few days. That’s why the thing has been like this.

“Well, I see. Hongli, don’t tell my wife about it now.” Li Yong thinks and orders.

“Okay.” Deng Hongli answers and asks uneasily, “But I can’t hide it. President Han Lu will know it sooner or later if she receives the call from Manager Wang. What should I do if she blames me then?”

“Don’t be afraid. I’ll handle it.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Okay.” Deng Hongli answers and says, “Yong, I can assure you that this machine was definitely not broken by Xiaoyue. She is serious and responsible at work. Everyone can see it. You must help Xiaoyue find out the truth.”

“Don’t worry! I’ll look into it.” Li Yong agrees. Because he has made up his mind to look into the matter. After hearing Liu Xiaoyue’s words, he also feels that it was not Liu Xiaoyue who broke the machine.

After Deng Hongli left, Liu Xiaoyue begins to work.

Li Yong doesn’t leave. He sits in Liu Xiaoyue’s office and opens the clairvoyant vision to check the situation in the R&D department. He thinks that there must be follow-up development since there is a reason for this thing. He can always find out what’s going on.

“Did you hear that? Leader Liu will make the new drug successfully soon.”


“It won’t work. She’s broken the main machine.”

“It’s an imported machine. It’s just been imported from Japan for half a year. Wait and see! President Han Lu is going to be furious.”

“How could she break the machine? It’s computer-controlled. It doesn’t break easily.”

“Who knows? It has been broken anyway. I just went to see it. It’s broken badly. This machine has been ruined. It’s going to cost at least three million yuan to change one part. Besides, there are two parts broken. That will be six million yuan. It must have been the result of the wrong operation. Otherwise, it couldn’t have been broken completely.”

“Leader Liu will be doomed this time.”

“We can get ahead only when she is doomed. We haven’t had a raise since she came here.”

“Yes! Almost all the bonuses have been taken by her.”

“God bless us! Such a person should get out of here.”

There is a lot of discussion in the R&D department. Li Yong ignores most of the voices. He mainly observes the manager’s office and keeps an eye on Wang Limin’s every move and word.

He also didn’t expect that Wang Limin was Han Lu’s uncle. He doesn’t know him and hasn’t heard of him. But he knows clearly that the management will be disorganized easily if relatives manage a company.

Some relatives have great power and can almost sway the boss’s judgment.

It’s just like the thing that happened on Liu Xiaoyue. If Li Yong hadn’t happened to meet it, Han Lu might have fired Liu Xiaoyue out of anger. With Liu Xiaoyue’s hard work and talent, she will be outstanding wherever she is.

If Liu Xiaoyue is fired, it will be a huge loss for the company.

In Li Yong’s observation, Wang Limin has been drinking tea and playing mobile phone in the office. He occasionally receives a phone call and talks about something that Li Yong doesn’t understand.

An hour later, a short and thin male employee walks into Manager Wang’s office and asks uneasily, “Manager Wang, have you notified President Han Lu? Why hasn’t she come over to deal with it?”

“Why are you in a hurry? My niece is so busy. I have to wait until she finishes her work.”

“Do you think President Han Lu will fire Liu Xiaoyue?”

Hearing this, Li Yong sits straight up. His eyes become cold and he clenches his fist.

He didn’t expect that it really had something to do with Wang Limin.

“The possibility is eighty percent,” Wang Limin taps the desk and says faintly.

The man didn’t expect that it was not 100%. The man asks uneasily, “What if she doesn’t get fired?”

“Why are you in a hurry? If she doesn’t get fired this time, we’ll have plenty of time to deal with her. She is just a woman and a group leader. I am a manager. Can’t I deal with her?” Wang Limin lights up a cigarette and begins to smoke.

“Manager Wang, I’ll wait for your good news.” The man says with a flattering smile.

“Don’t worry! You’ll be the leader of the first group sooner or later. Only after you become the leader of the first group and master the right to research and develop drugs can our cooperative pharmaceutical factory produce similar drugs. Then we can enter the market. Perhaps our drugs will be sold better than Lufei Company. Ha-ha…then you can just wait for a big fortune!”

“We will succeed.” The man laughs with Wang Limin, “Someday, we will make more than the Han’s Pharmaceutical Group.”

Hearing this, Li Yong suddenly stands up and becomes furious.

But he doesn’t act rashly. He calls Han Lu and asks, “Darling, is the manager of R&D department your uncle?”

“Yes! What’s the matter?”

“Did he open a drug factory privately which also produces drugs?”

“I’m not sure about this. I don’t think so!” Han Lu speculates.

“He stole our prescription and produced the same drugs. Send someone to investigate it!”

“How could it be possible? He’s my uncle!”

“It’s more likely for a relative to do it. Send someone to investigate it quickly!”

“Okay.” Hanging up the phone, Han Lu calls Lyu Chun, who sets off at once after receiving Han Lu’s order.

But Li Yong continues to sit in Liu Xiaoyue’s office, observing Wang Limin’ office with the clairvoyant vision.

“Li Yong, what are you doing here?” Liu Xiaoyue feels strange, so she comes over and asks softly. Just now, Li Yong said that he would investigate, but in her eyes, Li Yong just sits here and does nothing.

“Just mind your own business. Leave me alone.” Li Yong replies faintly and continues to observe.

Liu Xiaoyue sighs and walks away. Li Yong’s look and tone make her uncomfortable. It seems that she can’t prove herself innocent. If Li Yong is also that kind of person, she will really leave.

At this moment, Wang Limin begins to chat with that man again. That man says, “I saw that President Han Lu’s husband has been staying with Liu Xiaoyue. It seems that he has a special relationship with Liu Xiaoyue! He has been staying there for a long time. Has anything happened between them?”

“Hasn’t he left?” Wang Limin is also a little surprised, because Li Yong has never come here before.

“No, he is just sitting there without moving. I notice him for a while and I don’t know what he is doing.”

“Don’t worry. I’ll call President Han Lu.” Saying this, Wang Limin signals the man to get out. Then he picks up the house phone and dials.

Li Yong looks at Han Lu’s office with his clairvoyant vision. Two hundred meters away, Han Lu picks up the phone on the desk.

“President Han Lu, I’ve just reported it to you. Liu Xiaoyue, the leader of the first team of R&D department, has broken the machine that can make drugs. This computer-controlled machine has just been bought back from Japan for half a year, and it has been broken.”

“When did you report to me?” Han Lu wonders.

“I called you at nine o’clock. Your secretary answered the phone.”

“Oh, she hasn’t told me. You should tell me again.” Han Lu blames Deng Hongli in her heart. It’s such a big thing and she didn’t tell her in time. However, thinking of the relationship between Deng Hongli and Liu Xiaoyue, she understands.

Deng Hongli actually hid things from her for personal relation in the company. Han Lu has a bad impression on her.

“Here is the thing. Due to the improper operation of Liu Xiaoyue, the machine was running too fast and two arms were broken, which can’t be repaired. This imported machine is worth 13 million yuan. One arm part is worth three million yuan. Liu Xiaoyue can’t pay for it. Besides, she has always been arbitrary and won’t listen to the advice of the leader. She is not serious and responsible at work and often makes mistakes.”

Listening to these words, Li Yong becomes angrier.

Now he has seen clearly that in the entire R&D department, only Liu Xiaoyue is working seriously. Others all play with their phones while working. Some people even stay together to chat.

As Han Lu’s uncle, Wang Limin actually wants to drive away the most serious and responsible employee. He should be condemned!

Li Yong decides in the heart that he will regulate the R&D department and he is going to do it immediately.

“Ms. Liu, come here.” Li Yong calls Liu Xiaoyue who is breaking down the medicinal materials.

“Wait a minute.” Liu Xiaoyue continues to work.

At this moment, Li Yong sees that Han Lu gets angry. She says angrily to the phone, “How could Liu Xiaoyue be this kind of person? Hasn’t she been performing well? Besides, she is Li Yong’s classmate…”

“President Han Lu, I forget to tell you that Li Yong is staying with Liu Xiaoyue. Besides, I saw with my own eyes that they were in the office and made out. It seems that their relationship is not unusual…”

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