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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 413 You Are One Second Late

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Chapter 413 You Are One Second Late

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It is the first time that Li Yong has spoken to Han Lu in an imperative tone. Han Lu is startled. Although she feels uncomfortable in the heart, she dares not to refute. After Li Yong finished his words, she answers, “Okay.”

“Besides, none of the relatives can do management work in the company. They should either be fired or demoted. You can decide it yourself. You should know that you must have a good team if you want to make a big business.”

“Okay.” Han Lu agrees once again. In the face of Li Yong’s order, she is unable to refute.

“You’ve been talking all day about selling our medicines all over the country and to the world. You can’t even find out and solve the serious problems inside the company. How can you have the confidence?” Li Yong can’t help being sarcastic.

Han Lu clenches her fists and sneers.

At this moment, her mobile phone rings. Seeing that it’s Lyu Chun calling, she answers it at once.

“Ms. Han, Wang Limin really has a pharmaceutical factory. I’ve come to the pharmaceutical factory. It’s producing the same kind of medicine as those of our company. There are also a lot of medicinal materials here. It’s just the batch of medicinal materials that was stolen last time…”

Hearing this, Han Lu’s face changes.

Finally, she orders, “Call the police and let them seal up that factory. I’m going to sue them.”

Then she turns around and walks away angrily. She directly walks into Wang Limin’s office. Facing Wang Limin who is smoking and playing with his phone, she says coldly, “You are fired.”

Wang Limin feels nervous for a while, but then he laughs and says, “President Han Lu, what did you say? I have worked with your father for more than ten years. I have made a lot of efforts even if I have no credit. How can you fire me?”

“Because you stole drug formula and medicinal materials from the company. Wang Limin, get out of here now and wait to go to court!” Han Lu says coldly and heartlessly.

“You…you…” Wang Limin is so angry that he can’t speak. At last, he pats the table and leaves angrily.

He didn’t expect that the thing would come to light.

Then, Han Lu immediately holds a staff meeting of the R&D Department. She fires more than 30 employees in about 10 minutes.

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Liu Xiaoyue is the only one left in the R&D department.

Liu Xiaoyue is appointed by Li Yong to reorganize the R&D department and re-recruit a new team.

From the leader of the first group to the general manager of R&D department, Liu Xiaoyue has achieved the biggest leap in her life.

Li Yong keeps wandering in the company. It seems that he is looking at beauties lustfully, but in fact, he is watching the working attitude of the employees to evaluate their working abilities and levels.

According to his judgment, a lot of employees are dawdling here. They have no spirit of striving and struggling.

In his view, they are wasting their lives.

As a person, one doesn’t have to love every career he does, but he has to love what he is doing now and does his best to do everything. One can have gains only when he makes efforts.

Those who muddle through life can just count the wages to live. They have no ideals or spirit of struggling. It is impossible for them to realize the value of lives. It is also difficult for them to have gains.

He finds that in addition to the clairvoyant vision, his eyes can see through someone’s heart.

He knows that the clairvoyant vision can see through people’s hearts when he practices to the eighth level of the Revival Method.

Now he has practiced only to the sixth level and has had a preliminary ability to understand the human thoughts.

Reading the human thoughts and seeing through the human thoughts are two different levels. He knows that he is still far from it if he wants to see through a person’s inner world. But he’ll work hard and one day he’ll be able to see through everyone’s inner world.

By that time, there is no secret in the world to him.

“Do you know that the R&D department was dismissed and all the employees were fired?” Li Yong hears someone whispering when he sees through the whole building.

“Even Manager Wang was fired.”

“How is it possible? Manager Wang is President Han Lu’s uncle. He is a veteran of the company and has made an indelible contribution to the establishment and development of the company.”

“It’s so inhumane of President Han Lu to fire such a relative.”

“He was really fired. If you don’t believe it, you can go to see. There is no employee in the R&D department.”

“Who said that there was no employee? There is a beautiful woman. I heard that this beauty was the leader of the first group of the R&D department. She is not simple! I heard that she was Li Yong’s classmate. They also had a relationship in the past.”

“Damn it. Doesn’t President Han Lu get jealous?”

“How can she be jealous since she doesn’t know it?”

“Do you dare to tell President Han Lu?”

“Do you dare?”

“Is her name Liu Xiaoyue?”

“I’ve seen her. She has an angelic face and is very beautiful.”

“I am willing to die if I can have a chance to sleep with her.”

Hearing all this nonsense, Li Yong is very angry. He thinks about it. He can’t find out all these people and fire them. People have the freedom of speech. He can’t manage this kind of things.

In the end, Li Yong has to shake his head and smiles bitterly. When he was a loser, he also experienced this kind of embarrassment. When he saw a beautiful woman, he felt that he was willing to die if he could sleep with her.

Now in his opinion, it’s the most ridiculous thought. A person’s life can’t be so cheap.

It’s near noon. Li Yong walks into Han Fei’s office and asks with a smile, “How’s the contact?”

Han Fei says angrily, “We made a deal before, but now he adds many conditions. It’s really annoying.”

“Who?” Li Yong asks faintly.

“Who else can it be expect for Lyu Binlin? We agreed that we were going to sign the contract in the Xiangong hotel. I made a reservation of a private room yesterday. But now he insists in going to the White Lake Villa. He said that the scenery was good there. Besides, He not only puts forward additional conditions, but also increases the purchase price by 10%. We’ve made a deal and now he suddenly changed his mind.”

Finally, Han Fei asks indignantly and helplessly, “Brother Yong, what should we do?”

“Call him and I’ll talk to him.” Li Yong says faintly.

“Here.” After dialing the phone, Han Fei hands it to Li Yong.

“Ms. Han, I’ve made a reservation at the White Lake Villa. Come here quickly. By the way, there’s an old friend of yours. You’ll be very surprised to see him…”

Before Li Yong speaks, he hears Lyu Binlin’s mean voice.

“Damn it. Lyu Binlin, I warn you. Come to the Xiangong Hotel immediately. We’ll sign the contract at the previous price. If you can’t arrive within half an hour, you will be sent to jail.”

Saying this, Li Yong hangs up the phone directly. He is very surprised, too. He has sent Lyu Binlin into jail twice. He was sentenced for at least three years each time. But he could always get out in just three days.

He has doubts about the country’s police and legal system, which concerns the fairness and justness of the society. Why are there so many mistakes? How can the common people believe in this country in the long run? Presumably the reason why the ancient farmers risked their lives to revolt was also the result of losing trust in the country.

Li Yong also knows that there is someone above Lyu Binlin. He thinks that he will send that man into the police station together with Lyu Binlin. He wants the law of the country to punish these lawless bastards.

Of course, if the law of a country is the machine of those in power, it can’t be done by Li Yong alone. In the long run, the country will become chaotic, and the leaders who are in high positions will be the sinners.

Hearing Li Yong’s overbearing words, Han Fei is stunned. She blinks her bright eyes and asks softly, “Brother Yong, is it okay that you scold people like this?”

Li Yong stands up and says smilingly, “What’s wrong? Let’s go to the Xiangong Hotel and eat while we wait.”

“Will he really come?” Han Fei asks again.

“Does he dare not to come?” Li Yong asks. He is not worried about it at all.

Under the close protection of Wei Fangxia, they quickly arrive at the Xiangong Hotel safely.

After being invited by Kuwasawa Amami into the private room which has already been prepared, Li Yong orders and many delicious dishes are placed on the table. Li Yong picks up the chopsticks to eat. He also urges Han Fei to eat together.

Han Fei looks at the time and says, “Brother Yong, it’s been twenty-five minutes. Why don’t we wait for another five minutes?”

“Why should we wait for them? They’re coming to sign the contract, not to eat. We can eat as we want.” Saying this, Li Yong puts the delicious food into Han Fei’s bowl and then picks up food for Wei Fangxia.

Han Fei doesn’t feel anything when she sees Li Yong picking up the food for her. However, seeing that Li Yong also picks up the food for Wei Fangxia, Han Fei blinks her big eyes and takes a glance at Wei Fangxia.

In Han Fei’s eyes, Wei Fangxia looks as usual, as if she has already got used to Li Yong picking up food for her.

This makes Han Fei pay attention to the changes of Wei Fangxia’s look and behavior.

She thinks to herself: Did anything happen between Brother Yong and Madam Wei?

Wei Fangxia is also aware of Han Fei’s gaze. Seeing that Li Yong wants to pick up food for her again, she says unhappily, “I have hands and arms. I don’t need your help.”

Li Yong chuckles and gives the food to Han Fei.

Han Fei also hurriedly says, “I can do it myself. Brother Yong, don’t pick up food for me.”

“Why? Are you afraid that the food that I pick up for you is poisonous? Are you afraid of being poisoned?” Li Yong feels strange. He is so hospitable and serves them with a good mood. He is actually refused by both of them.

“There is no poison. There is saliva, which is disgusting.” Wei Fangxia is being weird and squints at Li Yong. She feels that she has a good temper today. She would have thrown the food picked up by Li Yong if Han Fei hadn’t been here.

Han Fei smiles and takes a bite. She quickly changes the topic and asks, “Brother Yong, will they come?”

“Don’t bother about it. They should bother about this kind of question.” Li Yong says with a smile.

Han Fei takes a few bites. It’s been nearly 30 minutes and she hears a burst of footsteps outside. Then Lyu Binlin, who is sweating all over his forehead, bursts in, gasps and says, “Yong, I am coming.”

Li Yong looks at the time and says angrily, “You are one second late.”

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