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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 408 Brother Yong, Where Do You Want to Kiss?

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Chapter 408 Brother Yong, Where Do You Want to Kiss?

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“I have given her three pieces. She and you both have three pieces of this kind of top-class jade. You two are the same important to me.”

“Brother Yong.” Han Fei suddenly leans over and kisses Li Yong on his face happily. She is really happy. Kissing is her way to express her happiness. After she kissed him, there is a red circle left on Li Yong’s face.

What makes her so happy is not the three pieces of top-class jade, but what Li Yong said. He said she was as important as Han Lu to him, which makes her very excited.

Looking at her slender sexy legs, Li Yong can’t help lifting his hand to pinch them gently.

“Brother Yong, what are you doing?” Because Li Yong’s hand is strong, Han Fei is a little painful.

“Your legs are more beautiful than jade.” Li Yong says admiringly.

“Do you like it?” Han Fei asks triumphantly.

“Yes.” Li Yong says seriously, concealing his lustful nature well.

“Then you can play with them.” Saying this, Han Fei leans back on the bed, lifts her white long legs slightly and puts them in front of Li Yong. She says happily, “Brother Yong, what do you want to do? Do you want to bite it?”

Li Yong feels hot in the heart. He is going to erect. He says seriously, “Bite it?”

Han Fei thinks she goes too far, so she hurriedly asks, “Then what do you want?”

“I’m going to bite both of your legs.” Saying this, Li Yong holds Han Fei’s legs and pretends to bite.

“Ah, no.” Han Fei hurriedly turns over and runs away. She is so happy that she keeps laughing.

“What’s the matter?” Li Yong frowns and asks.

“My skin is a bit itchy. I applied a little ointment. You’ll eat the ointment if you bite. It’s too dirty. You can’t bite.” Han Fei explains. Seeing that Li Yong is disappointed, she says, “Or you can bite them tomorrow. I’ll wash them for you to bite. I will apply the ointment after you bite.”


“No, I want to do it now.” Li Yong isn’t so patient. He won’t have such a mood tomorrow.

“Can you…bite somewhere else?” Han Fei blushes and says. Her heart is beating quickly. At the thought of Li Yong biting her, she becomes nervous, shy, embarrassed, and a little scared.

Li Yong’s eyes become bright. He blinks at once and looks at Han Fei up and down. In the end, he looks at Han Fei’s boobs. He smirks and asks, “Where?”

“Here.” Han Fei points at her feet and laughs.

“No, change to somewhere else.” Li Yong says unhappily. He is not interested in feet. In his impression, feet are stink. What if his mouth is infected by dermatophytosis?”

His eyes are still fixed on Han Fei’s boobs. He thinks Han Fei should understand what he meant.

Han Fei laughs for a while and then says, “You can’t bite anywhere else. You have to change the way.”

“Can I touch with my hand?” Li Yong waves his hand and says with a smile.

“No, change to another way.” Han Fei shakes her head and says.

“What way do you think I should change to?” Li Yong can’t guess Han Fei’s thought and has to ask.

“How about kissing?” Han Fei discusses with him seriously.

“Yes, kissing.” Han Fei nods seriously.

“Okay! Where do you want me to kiss?” Li Yong is really looking forward to it. He can’t help getting close to Han Fei. He nearly leans on Han Fei and is still staring at Han Fei’s sexy and charming boobs.

Han Fei doesn’t dodge. She stretches out an arm and says with a smile, “Here.”

“Do you want me to kiss your arm?” Looking at this white and ruddy arm, Li Yong also has the appetite.

“Do you want to kiss my butts?” Han Fei asks him. Then she bursts into laughter again and even trembles.

Li Yong frowns. He feels disgusted at the thought of kissing the butts. However, he saw such scenes in Japanese movies before. He didn’t feel disgusted when watching those movies.

He finds that he can watch others do this kind of thing, but he definitely can’t do it.

“What are you talking about? How can I kiss your butts? Don’t you think it’s disgusting?” Li Yong pretends to be angry.

Han Fei licks her sexy red lips and asks with a smile, “Brother Yong, where do you want to kiss?”

“Look at my eyes. I want to kiss where my eyes fall on.”

Saying this, Li Yong looks at Han Fei’s body lustfully again. When he looks at Han Fei’s thigh, Han Fei immediately covers her private part, clamps her legs and says seriously, “You can’t kiss here.”

“Why not?” Li Yong asks.

I applied ointment here.” Han Fei chuckles.

“You little liar.”

Li Yong has to look up. Han Fei covers her boobs again and says, “Not here.”

“Did you apply ointment here, too?” Li Yong asks.

“No, but you can’t kiss here. You really can’t.”

Li Yong is helpless and has to continue to look up. His eyes stop at Han Fei’s neck again. Han Fei shrinks her neck and shakes her head, “No, not here.”

“Why?” She keeps refusing. Li Yong is a little angry.

“The skin of my neck is tender. You’ll leave marks there.” Han Fei rolls her big eyes and says gently.

“I can help you get rid of the marks.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Brother Yong, can you change to another place?” Han Fei discusses with him. She is not afraid of the marks. She is afraid that she won’t be able to control herself if Li Yong kisses her neck since her neck is sensitive.

Li Yong has to look up helplessly and finally stops at Han Fei’s red lips.

Han Fei covers her mouth and says hurriedly, “No, not here.”

“Since I can kiss none of these places, where do you want me to kiss?” Li Yong sighs and says, “There is only your hair left.”

“How about my fingers?” Han Fei hands her right hand to Li Yong and says softly.

Li Yong says nothing. He opens her mouth and has Han Fei’s slender finger in his mouth. Then he gently bites it. Han Fei cries because of pain. She frowns and shows a miserable but happy look. Then she leans over him.

“Brother Yong, it’s painful. Be gentle.” She whispers in Li Yong’s ear.

“Can I change to another place?” Li Yong licks Han Fei’s finger and tastes nothing, so he asks smilingly.

“Yes.” Han Fei agrees gently and slowly takes back her hand. She sees that her finger is covered by Li Yong’s saliva, so she can’t help smiling and says, “Brother Yong, you drooled a lot.”

“Do you want to taste it?” Li Yong asks with a smile.


“I’ll feed you some.” Li Yong kisses Han Fei’s mouth at once and sends his saliva into her mouth.

After kissing for a while, Han Fei struggles to push Li Yong away. She gasps and says, “Brother Yong, don’t do this.”

“What’s the matter?” Li Yong has to stop. He can nearly takes off Han Fei’s clothes. He feels very hot in the heart. If he hadn’t controlled himself, he would have used the Ecstasy Finger Technique to control Han Fei.

“Brother Yong, we can’t do it now. Mom will be very angry if she knows.”

Li Yong is also afraid when his mother-in-law Sun Xiaomei gets angry.

So Li Yong has to stop helplessly and supports Han Fei up gently. Seeing that the button at her neck is open, he buttons it up for her gently.

Li Yong is careful and attentive when doing these little things, which makes Han Fei feel warm.

“Brother Yong, now my sister and father are not against our being together. There is only my mother left. As long as you can get my mother’s approval, I will give you my body.” Han Fei kisses Li Yong deeply and says gently.

“Don’t worry! I’ll persuade my mother-in-law.” Li Yong pinches Han Fei’s little face.

“Brother Yong, go back quickly! Don’t let my sister find that you come here.” Han Fei chuckles.

“Your sister asked me to come.” Li Yong says complacently.

“Really? Then don’t go. Sleep with me.” Han Fei says smilingly.

“No, your sister asked me to come to give you the gift. She didn’t let me sleep here.” Li Yong hesitates and says.

“You’re still afraid of my sister!” Han Fei says contemptuously.

Li Yong is not afraid of Han Lu, but he will be uncomfortable if he sleeps with Han Fei and he can’t do anything. If he can’t control himself to make out with Han Fei and makes her get pregnant before Sun Xiaomei agrees, the consequences are unthinkable if Sun Xiaomei gets angry…

Thinking of this, Li Yong is excited and comes up with an idea.

Sun Xiaomei doesn’t agree. He can make Han Fei get pregnant first. Then how can Sun Xiaomei object?

Although this strategy is vicious, Li Yong can’t care about so much in order to marry Han Fei.

After making up his mind, Li Yong climbs on the bed and says smilingly, “Fei, I’ll sleep with you tonight.”

“Aren’t you afraid of my sister?” Han Fei asks.

“No.” Li Yong chuckles.

“No, I’m afraid of her even if you don’t. What should I do if my sister says I seduce you?”

“Your sister has allowed us to be together. She won’t say that!” Li Yong feels strange. He didn’t agree when Han Fei asked him to stay just now. Now he wants to stay, but Han Fei refuses.

“You can’t. My sister didn’t let you sleep with me. You can come when she let you sleep here! Otherwise, my sister will be very angry if she knows it. I can’t make my sister angry.”

Li Yong sighs and has to jump out of bed. After saying good-bye to Han Fei, he returns to his bedroom.

He lies down beside Han Lu and wants to make out with Han Lu again. But seeing that Han Lu is sleeping soundly, he doesn’t want to wake her up, so he has to suppress his desire. He urges his spiritual power and begins to practice.

Spiritual power is really a good thing. Once he urges it, he will feel peaceful in the heart and won’t think about anything. The desire in his body disappears. He becomes very calm and self-possessed.

He has no negative emotions or positive emotions, as if he has become a dead thing without any emotions.

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