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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 409 See the Goddess

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Chapter 409 See the Goddess

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When the day is getting bright, Li Yong feels that Han Lu turns over beside him. He immediately regains his consciousness. He is surprised to find that Han Lu is lying on his body and twisting her butts, looking insatiable.

“Darling, what are you doing?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“What do you think I’m doing, bastard? What do you think I’m doing?”

“Darling, be gentle.” It looks that Li Yong enjoys it very much.

“Why should I be gentle? Why?” Han Lu becomes fiercer and fiercer.

Li Yong knew this would happen, so he says again, “Darling, be gentle!”

As a result, Han Lu becomes even crazier. She wants to treat Li Yong with the way that Li Yong treated her. She is taking revenge.

“It’s so tired!” Han Lu gasps after a while.

“Darling, this is exercise. You can lose weight. Doing this for half an hour has the same effect as running five kilometers.”

“How long have we been doing this?” Han Lu wipes the sweat on her forehead and asks.

Li Yong looks at the time and replies, “It’s been half an hour.”

“Well, I’ve run five kilometers. I can’t do it. I can’t run anymore.” Han Lu stops and sweats a lot.

“It’s my turn.” Saying this, Li Yong turns over and lies on Han Lu’s body. Then he begins to move rapidly.

Early in the morning, when the first ray of sunlight lights the villa, Li Yong stretches out and walks out.

He sees that Lyu Chun and Hongyu are practicing in the back yard of the villa. He is interested and walks to instruct them.


It isn’t long before he sees Han Fei running in the backyard, but he doesn’t see Han Lu come down.

He knows that Han Lu is too tired to run.

At breakfast, he sees Han Lu walking slowly into the restaurant. He smiles and says, “Darling, why are you so slow? Come and eat quickly. You’ll be late soon.”

Han Lu glares at him and says nothing. She sits in the chair gently and frowns because of pain. She even feels that chopsticks are heavy, as if she can’t take them. Looking at the breakfast in front of her, she has no strength to eat though she is hungry.

Li Yong gently pinches her small hand and infuses a wisp of spiritual power into her body.

She suddenly feels refreshed and vigorous. She feels comfortable all over her body. Her eyebrows stretch immediately and the chopsticks are not so heavy to her. She clamps the food and begins to eat.

She feels strange. Why does she suddenly feel so good? Is it because Li Yong pinched her?

She squints and sees Li Yong’s lustful eyes. She feels that she thinks too much. This man can only torture her, claim from her and vent by her body. What else can he do?

“Fei is going to negotiate the acquisition of the sales channel company today. You’d better go and have a look, lest something unexpected happens.” After eating the breakfast, Han Lu wipes her white hand and orders faintly.

“Yes, Darling.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Don’t bother Brother Yong. I can handle it myself.” Han Fei says confidently.

“Fei, don’t be careless. Anyway, he has nothing to do.” Han Lu persuades.

“Who said I had nothing to do?” Li Yong retorts her.

“Tell me what you’re going to do today.” Han Lu asks.

“I need to prepare for going to Japan! There is also a stone gambling market there. I’m going to make hundreds of millions of yuan.”

Thinking that Li Yong can make a lot of money and she can develop the company bigger and better with the money, Han Lu immediately becomes gentle and says smilingly, “Darling, you should rest for a few days at home. Don’t be too tired.”

“Don’t worry, Darling. You know I’m not tired.” Li Yong says smilingly.

Han Lu glares at Li Yong and thinks, “I know nothing.” She couldn’t get out of bed after making out with Li Yong. She was going to get even with him. She would have got angry if there hadn’t been so many people in the restaurant.

Now she can’t get angry, because that wisp of spiritual power makes her become vigorous and energetic all over the body.

“Brother Yong, may I accompany you to Japan?” Han Fei pleads him.

“Yes. You can just take this opportunity to bring our medicines into the Japanese market. Isn’t your sister trying to make our products go out of Huaxia and go into the world? Japan is the first stop overseas.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“How can it be so easy? Han Lu sighs. She knows that Huaxia’s medicines are not recognized by the international community, especially those developed countries. They look down upon Huaxia’s medicines.

“I can have a try. I think I can do better than my mother. My mother’s last company in Japan has been losing money. I’ve learned a lesson and we won’t suffer loss this time.” Han Fei smiles excitedly and is eager to have a try.

“Well, then you have a good preparation!” Han Lu is also very happy. If they can really re-enter the Japanese market, the medicines will be accepted by the Japanese market more easily with the current quality and effect.

In Han Lu’s eyes, Japan is only a small market. In addition to Japan, there is European market, American market, African market, and Oceanian market. The world is very large. She has to work hard.

Her ultimate dream is to promote high-quality Huaxia medicines to every corner of the world.

“What are you going to prepare, Brother Yong?” Han Fei turns her head and asks.

“We don’t have to prepare anything. Let’s buy the channel company first. After we solve the problem here, we can set off.” Li Yong says with a smile. In fact, he’s waiting for his fake identity.

During his trip to Japan this time, he has to save Jin Wei and go to the headquarters of the Huohu Gang. He needs a fake identity to do so many dangerous things. If he leaves any traces, it will not be good for his glorious future.

He had three fake identities before, but he can only use them in Huaxia. Now he is going abroad, he has to use a fake identity that can be used worldwide. Those international spies all have real fake identities.

None of the staff of any countries can find anything wrong.

“Okay, Brother Yong, let’s go to the company! I need to contact those clients.” Han Fei says smilingly.

Seeing that Tian Hailu and Tian Qiushuang have driven the car here, Li Yong orders them, “You can have a day off today to go out to play. You can go to take care of Tian Baiqing’s business. There is money in the card. You can spend no matter how much you want.”

“Thank you, Yong.” Tian Qiushuang has checked her wage card. There is one million yuan in it. It is a huge sum of money for her.

“Baiqing has told us to go to have beauty care early.” Tian Hailu says smilingly.

“This is your gift, one for each of you.” Li Yong gives them two top-class jade stones. He regards Tian Baiqing, Tian Hailu and Tian Qiushuang as his future wives. He gives one piece to each of them.

He likes the youth of the three girls. Li Yong always feels very happy when he is with them.

After Tian Hailu and Tian Qiushuang left, Li Yong drives the car himself and sends Han Lu and Han Fei to the company.

Wei Fangxia who is sexy and charming is together with them.

Now Li Yong doesn’t have to order and Wei Fangxia will take the initiative to put on Li Yong’s favorite clothes. Seeing Li Yong looking at her lustfully, she is not so annoyed like before. She is even a little happy now.

Women make up for those who like them. Wei Fangxia is in such a state.

Arriving at the company, Han Lu and Han Fei get into busy work immediately. Han Lu has to deal with endless documents and company affairs. Han Fei is contacting the channel company to discuss the time and place of the meeting.

Li Yong can’t do anything for them, so he just walks around in the company.

He finds that the company has expended a lot compared with the previous scale. There are more departments and more employees.

He sees many young and beautiful girls. They all have their own characteristics and style.

Li Yong walks through the departments one after another. There are too many things for him to see.

“What are you doing, Yong?”

He is patted suddenly on the shoulder by someone. Then he hears Luo Qingmin’s voice.

Li Yong turns his head and meets Luo Qingmin’s excited gaze. Yes, Luo Qingmin is excited to see Li Yong.

“Nothing.” Li Yong has a faint look and is very calm.

“Aren’t you looking at the beautiful women? Don’t you think I didn’t see it? You were happy just now, right? Why are you so serious when seeing me?” Luo Qingmin puts the documents into the folder. Obviously she ran over quickly.

“Were you peeping at me?” Li Yong is very surprised and takes a glance at Luo Qingmin. Luo Qingmin is wearing a piece of skirt with flowers on it, black silk stockings and a pair of high heels that are 8 centimeters high. She looks elegant and charming.

However, Li Yong knows too much about her and is no longer impressed by her appearance.

“Peeping? It’s not good to hear. I just happened to pass by and saw you stare at the beauties of our company. Ha-ha…Yong, I didn’t expect that you were so lustful.” Seeing that no one is around, Luo Qingmin becomes bold and her voice is loud. Her laughter is also loud.

“I’m not as lustful as you.” Li Yong touches his nose. It’s a little embarrassed to be seen when he is admiring beautiful women.

“Hum, I’m not lustful.” Luo Qingmin glares at Li Yong and shakes her hair, looking very coquettish.

Li Yong suddenly sees a beautiful figure. He hurriedly says good-bye to Luo Qingmin and quickly follows up.

Seeing Li Yong chasing the beautiful woman and leaving hurriedly, Luo Qingmin sneers, hesitates for a moment and follows up, “I would like to see which woman you’re flirting with.”

In the company, in addition to Han Lu and Han Fei, it must be Liu Xiaoyue who can let Li Yong chase her at the first glance. They are college classmates. Li Yong secretly fell in love with Liu Xiaoyue for more than a year.

Only a few people know about it. Now Liu Xiaoyue knows it too.

It’s just that Li Yong is no longer the loser before. Even Liu Xiaoyue is too far behind to catch up with him.

Li Yong doesn’t have the same feeling to Liu Xiaoyue like before. The reason why he follows her is that he saw Liu Xiaoyue walk to the stairs sadly. It seemed that she was very unhappy and crying.

The goddess is unhappy, so Li Yong wants to comfort her.

He doesn’t care about whether the goddess needs him to comfort for. He has run into the stairs.

However, he suddenly hears Liu Xiaoyue crying, which lets him hesitate for a moment. He doesn’t know whether he should follow up or leave. He hesitates and stands still at the entrance of the stairs.

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