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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 407 Send Gifts

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Chapter 407 Send Gifts

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At this moment, Han Lu is taking a bath. Li Yong sends one message back and asks, “What is it?”

“Come here.”

“Hurry up.” Hu Yuexue sends two text messages in a row. She seems to be urging him.

Li Yong thinks that Han Lu can’t wash so fast, so he runs all the way over, stands outside the car door and asks, “Ms. Hu, why do you call me over?”

Seeing that Li Yong really comes, Hu Yuexue gently pushes the door open and says with a smile, “Get in.”

Li Yong feels that Hu Yuexue’s smile is seductive and intriguing, as if she has designed a trap. As soon as he gets in the car, he is hugged by Hu Yuexue and his mouth is blocked by Hu Yuexue’s sexy red lips.

It is really a trap. Li Yong is very surprised. He didn’t expect that Hu Yuexue was so horny. Her mouth is sticky, as if she secreted a lot of saliva when waiting for him. How she desires for a man to be like this!

When thinking that Han Lu smiled charmingly at him when she walked into the bathroom, Li Yong feels that he can’t spend too much time here. It’s not that he can’t satisfy Hu Yuexue, but he doesn’t have so much time.

However, Hu Yuexue is kissing him crazily. Li Yong is too awkward to push her away. In his eyes, Hu Yuexue has a charming body shape and is fond of doing sports. She is also a beauty. Since she desires for a man so much, he has to satisfy her for the time being.

So Li Yong shows a look of grievance and lets her kiss him.

Finally, Hu Yuexue lets go of Li Yong’s mouth. She licks her red lips and gasps, “Yong, I’m afraid. Will you send me back?”

This reason is usually said by a man. The tone should be like this, “Baby, don’t be afraid. I will send you back.” He should use the indicative mood and is very firm.

If a woman says it, although it is a question, it’s enough to kill a man.

However, at this moment, Li Yong feels awkward, because he doesn’t have time to send Hu Yuexue back now.

He also knows that there might be danger on the road. That driver who has run away might come to him again.


However, when thinking that Han Lu is taking a bath and will go to bed soon, he doesn’t want to cause other problems.

“I’ll ask the bodyguard to send you back, okay?” Li Yong discusses and sends a text message to Lyu Chun.

“Can’t you send me?” Hu Yuexue blinks her big eyes which are clear and bright.

“I need to report work to my wife later. I really don’t have time.” Li Yong says helplessly.

“Your wife is so beautiful. Don’t you just want to play with me?” Hu Yuexue thinks a lot just now. What makes her feel most uncomfortable is this problem. She gets up her courage to ask him. There is sadness in her eyes.

Li Yong smiles softly and says solemnly, “I take every relationship seriously. In the future, I will buy an island overseas and take you there to live with my wife.”

Hu Yuexue smiles and suddenly asks, “What am I to you?”

“You’re my wife! Those women who are going to live there are all my wives. There’s no first wife or second wife. You’re all the same.” Li Yong laughs happily, “You will all live with me. We respect each other. We don’t violate or interfere with each other. We are equal and have mutual benefit and peaceful coexistence.”

Hu Yuexue thinks about it and suddenly smiles charmingly.

At this moment, Lyu Chun comes over and knocks at the door.

Li Yong gets off the car and orders, “Send Coach Hu back. Be careful on the road.”

“Yes.” Lyu Chun says and sits in the driver’s seat. She steps on the gas and drives on the road.

Li Yong hurriedly runs upstairs. Before going back to the bedroom, he washes his mouth to wash away Hu Yuexue’s kiss marks and smell, so as not to be found by Han Lu.

Han Lu is easy to be jealous. If she finds there is another woman’s smell on his body, the consequences will be unthinkable.

Back to the bedroom, Li Yong hears Han Lu shouting, “Li Yong, how much money do you have now?”

“700 million yuan.” Li Yong says only half of his money. As a man, he should have some pocket money. When he was in Thailand, not only did he get to the six level of the mental cultivation method, but he also earned 1,500 million yuan. It was really a good harvest.

Han Lu laughs and says, “Husband, you are really good.”

“Of course. I’ll go to Japan to make you another 700 million yuan after a few days.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Darling, transfer the money into the company account. Our company’s products are going to the whole country, and then will go to the world. I want to take this opportunity to expand. It needs strong capital support.”

“Okay.” Li Yong agrees immediately. He makes money just for his wife.

“Darling, come to help me wash my back.” Han Lu says smilingly. Although her voice is very small because she is shy, Li Yong still hears it.

He is happy and hurriedly takes off his clothes. After taking off all his clothes, he rushes into the bathroom.

Tonight, Li Yong will definitely satisfy all his wife’s requests.

“Wow, why do you come in like this? I asked you to wash my back, but I didn’t ask you to take a bath with me.”

“Okay! Let’s wash together! But the space is small here. You help me wash my back first!”

“Be gentle. Be gentler. Why are your hands so strong?”

“Don’t rub there. Um, bastard…”

Ordinary people will spend about ten minutes washing their backs. Today, Li Yong spends one hour, making Han Lu very shy. She becomes red and soft all over her body. She lies in the bathroom and is too weak to get up.

Finally, Li Yong has to pick her up and carry her back to the bedroom.

She puts her arms around Li Yong’s neck in spite of the fact that they are both wet.

They roll on the bed a few times. The water on their bodies disappears, but soon they sweat.

After washing for one hour, they make out for another hour. Two hours pass like this.

Han Lu closes her eyes wearily. Before she falls asleep, she asks, “Darling, have you transferred all the money into the company account? I’m going to use it tomorrow.”

“Yes, I’ve done it.” Li Yong chuckles and says in Han Lu’s ear.

“Okay, I’m going to sleep. I’m so sleepy.” Han Lu yawns lazily.

“Darling, wait a minute. I have a gift for you.”

“What gift?” Han Lu’s eyes are still closed.

“Here you are.” Li Yong takes out three pieces of top-class jade and hands them to Han Lu.

Han Lu tries hard to open her eyes and is immediately attracted by the glittering and translucent jade. But she is too tired to take them in hand and have a good look. In the end, she closes her eyes again, takes a deep breath and says, “They are so beautiful. Thank you, darling. Put them in the drawer. I’ll have a good look at them tomorrow.”

“Okay.” Li Yong puts the three pieces of top-class jade in the drawer where Han Lu’s other jewelries are in and then asks, “Darling, I also bring a gift to Fei. Can I go to send her now?”

“Okay! Come back later. Don’t bully my sister.” Han Lu says weakly and falls asleep. She begins to breathe evenly before Li Yong walks out of the room.

“Darling, you are so good.” Li Yong smiles and helps Han Lu cover the quilt. Then he walks out quietly.

He knocks at Han Fei’s door and opens his clairvoyant vision. He sees Han Fei playing with her mobile phone and laughs while playing.

“Come in.” Han Fei hears the knock at the door and says gently. She didn’t lock the door. No one knows that she leaves it specially for Li Yong. Actually, it’s the same for Li Yong whether she locks it or not.

Someone knocks at the door so late. She guesses that it is Li Yong and it turns out to be Li Yong.

“Brother Yong, it’s so late. Why are you coming here?” Han Fei puts the phone aside and hurriedly pulls the hemline of her short pajama to cover her butts.

For some men, women are sexier when they expose more, but it’s not good to expose too much.

“I bring you a gift.” Li Yong says mysteriously while looking at Han Fei’s body.

This reminds Han Fei of the adult gift Li Yong gave her when he returned from Japan last time. She blushes and says gently, “Brother Yong, if it’s still that kind of gift, I don’t want it.”

She says she doesn’t want to, but she doesn’t say she won’t take it. Therefore, she is looking forward to Li Yong’s gift.

“What are you thinking? I only have one penis on my body and could only make that thing once. The gift this time is not any part of my body. This is it.” Saying this, Li Yong opens his palm. There is a glittering and translucent top-class jade in his hand, which is dazzling and bright. It’s not ordinary jade.

“Wow, it’s so beautiful.” Han Fei holds it in her hand and appreciates it carefully.

“Do you like it?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“Yes.” Han Fei nods. She looks at it and says, “This piece of jade must be top-class! This piece is more expensive than her other jewelries all together. It takes the essence of heaven and earth. It is very beautiful.”

“I have another two pieces of top-class jade. I’ll send them to you too.” Saying this, Li Yong takes out two pieces of top-class jade that are the same size with the first one and hands them to Han Fei.

Han Fei is happier. She holds them in the hand and looks at them. The more she looks, the more she likes them. She is unwilling to put them down.

“I can give you more jade next time if you like them.”

“Brother Yong, you are so kind to me.” Han Fei picks up the three pieces of beautiful jade and kisses them each. Then she says seriously, “Last year, at the Cadris Auction, I saw this kind of top-class jade. That one is smaller than these three pieces. It is not as good as them and is worth more than ten million yuan. Brother Yong, the three pieces of jade you send me are worth at least ten million yuan each. Where did you get so many top-class jade stones? Did you get them by gambling on stones?”

Li Yong nods and says with a smile, “Yes.”

“Brother Yong, you are really good. Do you want to give all the three pieces to me? Don’t you leave one for my sister? Every time you bring gifts back, you’d better send to my sister first. After my sister chooses what she likes, you can send to me then. I don’t care. Sometimes, you are my good brother-in-law even if you don’t give me a gift.” Han Fei’s words make Li Yong moved.

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