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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 406 I’ll Wait for You in front of Your House

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Chapter 406 I’ll Wait for You in front of Your House

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She looks at the two killers who have fainted on the ground and asks, “Li Yong, I’ll call the police!”

“Okay.” Saying this, Li Yong squats down and takes out a silver needle from the man’s body.

While Wei Fangxia calls the police, Li Yong opens his clairvoyant vision to check this thin and tall man. He wants to see why this man made him unable to sense the danger.

Li Yong takes a glance and seems to understand at once. Because this man has no meridians or internal strength. He is obviously an ordinary person, but his strength far exceeds ordinary people because of the mutation of his muscles.

Is he a mutant?

Li Yong once read about mutants in the newspaper, but he doesn’t understand what they are.

He wakes up the tall and thin man and asks with a smile, “Where is the Huohu Gang?”

“Ah, ah, ah…” The tall and thin man opens his mouth widely and makes a hoarse sound.

“Don’t pretend to be a mute.” Li Yong says very seriously.

“Ah, ah, ah…” This man’s voice becomes hoarser.

“Is he really a mute?” Li Yong is very surprised, so he opens the clairvoyant vision to check the man again. He wants to make sure whether the man is really a mute or he just pretends to be a mute.

He can’t hide from Li Yong’s clairvoyant vision if he wants to pretend to be a mute.

Li Yong is very surprised at the result. The man actually has no tongue. His tongue was cut off from the root. Yes, it was cut off. There is clear a knife scar on it.

What a poor man. Li Yong no longer wants to torture him.

“Can you write?” Li Yong asks again.


Seeing the man shaking his head, Li Yong doesn’t want to talk anymore. He pokes him and makes him faint.

Then Li Yong stands up and walks to the other tall and thin man. He sees that this man’s tongue has also been cut off and he is a mute too. But Li Yong still takes out the silver needle and wakes him up.

“Answer whatever I ask you, or you’ll die like him.” Li Yong points to the man who fainted in the distance and threatens him.

The man’s face changes with fear. He still doesn’t understand how he fainted. One of his accomplices has disappeared and he doesn’t know whether the other is alive or dead. He becomes nervous.

Seeing that his menace works, Li Yong asks faintly, “Can you write?”

The man is scared and keeps retreating without answering.

Li Yong pokes at him. The man immediately can’t move any longer.

“When I ask you, you’d better answer honestly, so that you won’t suffer. Do you hear me?” Li Yong becomes serious. Although Li Yong sympathizes with the experiences of these killers, he still won’t be mercy.

To show his dignity, Li Yong stamps on the man’s left hand and breaks it at once.

“Ah! Ah!” The man can’t say “ouch”. He can only make a strange sound, like an angry beast.

“Can you write?” Li Yong looks sullen and asks in a cold voice.

Seeing the man nod, Li Yong takes him to the front of the headlight of the car and takes out the pen and paper. He becomes friendly and asks smilingly, “Where is the Huohu Gang?”

“Tokyo, Japan.” The man writes very slowly and his handwriting is ugly.

But Li Yong is very satisfied. He continues to ask, “Where is the exact location? How many members are there?”

The man continues to write. The words he writes are very big and twisted, and he writes very slowly. He writes down a strange address first, and then writes 120 in Arabic numerals.

Li Yong knows that this strange address is the headquarters of the Huohu Gang. “120” is the total number of its members. This killer organization actually has 120 members. It really can’t be looked down upon!

But this strange address is the Huohu Mountain. Where is the Huohu Mountain in Tokyo?

Li Yong thinks for a moment. He has never heard of it.

“Why did you become mutes?” Li Yong pokes at the man’s thigh to block his nerves. The pain of the broken leg immediately disappears. The man’s handwriting becomes neater.

“Members who have been through biological mutation will have their tongues cut.”

The words “biological mutation” pricks Li Yong’s eyes, because it is an evil act which is prohibited by the international community. It is an evil act that is resisted by all the countries.

Many people have become killing machines and committed heinous crimes after being injected mutant potion.

It’s said that people who have mutated biologically will lose consciousness and lose their minds. This man in front of him can still write and answer some questions. Obviously he still has some consciousness.

He doesn’t know whether it is because he hasn’t mutated completely or something else.

It’s too cruel that the mutants’ tongues have all been cut off. Even if Li Yong’s medical skills are unparalleled in the world, he can’t re-connect the tongue or let him have a new tongue.

At this moment, the police come over. Li Yong tears off the paper, folds it and puts it into his pocket.

Wei Fangxia has reported to the leaders on phone about the dangerous thing which happened just now. When the police come, they take the two killers away at once.

They dare not to waste too much time here, because they have to hunt down the runaway killer all over the city.

As soon as the police leave, Li Yong grabs Wei Fangxia’s hand and says with a smile, “Ms. Wei.”

“What? Don’t look at me lustfully. I’ll take your eyes out if you look at me again.” Wei Fangxia blushes and says.

Li Yong wants to say something, but he doesn’t. Seeing that Wei Fangxia looks good and isn’t affected by what just happened, he finally pulls Wei Fangxia and walks to the car parked on the side of the road with her.

After stopping in front of the car, Li Yong checks it and finds that it wasn’t broken seriously and they can continue to drive on the road.

So he asks Wei Fangxia to drive. He sits in the back seats with Hu Yuexue.

Hu Yuexue’s mood is not stable. Li Yong wants to comfort her. He doesn’t want her to bring this emotion home to affect Han Lu and Han Fei’s moods.

The best way to exchange a person’s low mood to a high mood is to divert her attention.

The best way to divert attention is to catch her attention.

Li Yong doesn’t have a better way, so he has to persuade her and pulls her into his arms gently.

“Ms. Hu, that was a narrow escape just now. You brought us good luck. I’ll send you a new car tomorrow. What type of cars do you like?” Li Yong asks smilingly.

“No, I’ll fix it. The car can still run.” Hu Yuexue says softly.

“I’ll send you one. You don’t need to spend any money. Besides, you can choose any type you like. I can send you whatever you like.” Li Yong looks like a rich man.

“Doesn’t the car maintenance need money? Doesn’t the insurance premium each year need money?” Hu Yuexue’s attention has been diverted, but she begins to pay attention to such little money.

“I’ll give you maintenance and insurance fees for ten years once and for all. Is it okay?” Li Yong says smilingly.

“No, there are too many cars. I don’t have place to park them, unless you give me another parking place.” Hu Yuexue gets into Li Yong’s arms and grabs him mischievously.

“Okay.” Li Yong won’t refuse of course. Such a small sum of money isn’t as expensive as a piece of jade for him.

“It’s a deal. You can’t break your words.” Hu Yuexue gets close to Li Yong’s ear and says gently.

Seeing that Li Yong nods seriously, Hu Yuexue nibbles Li Yong’s ear and then kisses his face. She sticks out her small tongue to lick him mischievously.

Li Yong doesn’t know that when he wants to comfort Hu Yuexue, Hu Yuexue wants to comfort him too.

After Hu Yuexue shed tears, she felt that Li Yong must have been frightened like her. She and Li Yong both have a narrow escape. After facing death together, their relationship becomes more intimate.

They make out for a while. Li Yong transfers Hu Yuexue one million yuan and lets her buy a car. The extra money is for maintenance and insurance fees.

Hu Yuexue is very happy and asks smilingly, “Yong, do you want me to be your mistress?”

“Yes.” Li Yong says bluntly.

“Well, how many other mistresses do you already have?” Hu Yuexue tilts her head and continues to ask.

“N mistress.” Li Yong thinks and says.

“You…are bad…” Hu Yuexue pushes Li Yong but is still very happy.

“What’s N mistress?” Wei Fangxia who is driving suddenly asks.

Li Yong and Hu Yuexue look at each other and realize that Wei Fangxia has heard all the sound they made. Li Yong is a little awkward. Hu Yuexue blushes at once and is very shy.

They become silent. Only their bodies still stick together.

It seems that they are afraid of being noticed by Wei Fangxia if they separate.

Returning to the villa of the Han Family, no one mentions what just happened on the road.

Because Wei Fangxia fell on the ground and got dirt on her body, she goes directly to her room to rest.

Hu Yuexue walks into the gym next door, and Li Yong follows.

At this moment, Han Lu and Han Fei are jogging on the running machines in sexy sportswear. Their clothes are wet with sweat. Obviously they have been exercising for a long time.

Before Hu Yuexue gets into the state of work, Han Lu and Han Fei stop. It turns out that they have finished all the sports. They wipe the sweat on their face and are both smiling. They have good moods.

Hu Yuexue quickly apologizes and tells them that there was a car accident on the road, so she was delayed.

Han Lu and Han Fei hurriedly ask her about the situation. The three women chat for a while. Hu Yuexue finds that it’s late and Han Lu and Han Fei need to rest, so she says, “President Han Lu, I’m leaving now. I’ll come early tomorrow morning.”

“It doesn’t matter. You can come once a week. You don’t have to come every day.” Han Lu says smilingly, “We can hold on to it by ourselves. You can come on Sunday.”

Hu Yuexue agrees and leaves. She wants to ask Li Yong to send her back, but she dares not to say it.

But as soon as she drives out of the villa of the Han Family, she stops by the side of the road and sends Li Yong a text message.

“Come here, I’ll wait for you in front of your house.”

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