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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 405 He Won’t Let Others Control Him

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Chapter 405 He Won’t Let Others Control Him

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This is the shortcoming of the Divine Consciousness Method. When he senses that someone is around him, he can’t sense whether this person has bad intentions. He can only sense danger when someone shows hatred.

He knew that Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue were controlled when he sensed the nervousness of them. At this moment, he is facing the killer. It’s too late to go back to save them.

“I didn’t frighten you.” Saying this, the driver waves his hand. Li Yong immediately hears footsteps behind him.

Li Yong senses that four people are walking to him quickly. He can clearly distinguish that two of them are Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue. Li Yong is familiar with their footsteps and odors.

The other two people are strangers to him. Li Yong can’t sense danger at all by now. He doesn’t understand how the two people hide their hatred. How can they not reveal it at all?

“You can look back if you don’t believe it.” The driver says and laughs.

Li Yong doesn’t look back, because the driver is still pointing the gun at him. If the driver shoots him when he looks back, he can’t be sure that he can dodge.

He looks at the rearview mirror of the car. He uses his clairvoyant vision and sees the situation behind him.

Two thin and tall men in black are coercing Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue with a gun and a dagger respectively. They are walking over smilingly. There is no sense of danger in their bodies at all. They look like just two ordinary people.

“Masters.” Li Yong feels nervous and is worried about Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue. They are his women. He would rather be in danger than let them get hurt.

“How is it? Do you want to see these two beauties die together in front of you?” The driver asks with a smile when the two thin and tall men take Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue to the front of them.

“Yong, save me.” Hu Yuexue looks pale with fear and pleads gently. She regards Li Yong as her hope.

“Li Yong, run quickly. Don’t care about us.” Wei Fangxia shows great righteousness. In this case, she is actually thinking for Li Yong and asks Li Yong to escape. Li Yong is moved once again.

Li Yong swears that no woman has ever been so kind to him like Wei Fangxia.

Of course, no woman has ever been so violent to him like Wei Fangxia.


Such a violent woman who is not afraid of death for a man makes him moved most.

“Run? There is no such a word in my dictionary.” Li Yong sneers.

He clenches his fists and wants to have a fight to save them, but he is not sure of it, so he has to stretch his fists.

But he feels that if he does his best, there should be hope, so he clenches his fists again.

But how can he risk Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue’s lives? He can’t do it without a hundred percent assurance, so he stretches his fists again in the contradiction.

“Why don’t you talk? Since you don’t talk, it means they’re not important to you. Since they’re not important to you, I’ll let them die in front of you. I’ll kill this woman first.” The driver lifts his hand and points at Wei Fangxia. Seeing that Wei Fangxia is not afraid to die for Li Yong, he thinks that this woman is more important to Li Yong.

“No.” Li Yong can’t keep calm anymore. He looks a little flustered.

“Ha-ha-ha, then stand still and let me break your legs first, or I’ll kill the two women.”

Saying this, the driver raises his gun again and aims it at Li Yong’s left leg.

At this moment, Hu Yuexue is silent. She is desperate with tears in her eyes and is very painful. She thought that Li Yong could save her, but didn’t expect that Li Yong could do nothing in such a circumstance.

But Wei Fangxia shouts again, “Li Yong, you bastard. Don’t just stand there. Run! Run!”

The man who coerces Wei Fangxia raises his hand with a smile and hits Wei Fangxia’s white neck with his palm. Wei Fangxia immediately faints and can’t make any sound anymore.

Bang. At this moment, the driver pulls the trigger and shoots at Li Yong’s left leg.

Li Yong knows that the driver won’t just break his legs. If his legs are broken, he has no ability to resist. How can he save them by then?

Under such a circumstance, he won’t let others control him.

Seeing the bullet being shot at him, Li Yong sneers and jumps high suddenly. When he is in the air, he has two silver needles in his hand. He uses the Scattering Blossoms Method with all his strength and throws the two silver needles to the two thin and tall men who are coercing Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue silently.

Then he turns around in the air and is going to land on the young driver who is holding the gun.



The silver needles hit the two thin and tall men precisely. Their bodies shake slightly and they fall on the ground weakly, looking like a pile of meat without bones.

Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue apparently have been out of danger, which makes Li Yong feel relieved. He finds that these people are not as strong as he thought. Li Yong didn’t sense danger of them, so he thought they deliberately hid the sense of danger. They were too powerful in Li Yong’s imagination.

Then Li Yong notices that Wei Fangxia, who has been knocked down by the man, falls down with the man and hasn’t woken up. Only Hu Yuexue is standing and trembling. Her face is pale and she is gasping. She is so weak that she can hardly stand steadily. Apparently, she hasn’t recovered from the fear.

As long as Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue are not threatened, Li Yong is confident enough to defeat these killers.

He is firm in the heart. When he is still in the air, he reaches out his fist to punch the young driver below him.

At this moment, the young driver shows a grim smile, because Li Yong is in the air and is unable to avoid bullets.

“You can die now.”

He laughs madly and shoots at Li Yong again. Hearing the gunshot, Li Yong is calm and peaceful and doesn’t care about it at all. He has infused the spiritual power into his arms, preparing to grab the bullets anytime.

However, after the gunshot, he doesn’t see the bullet, which makes Li Yong’s heart sink. He quickly squints and makes full use of his clairvoyant vision to look for the trace of the bullet.

The danger that can’t be seen is the most terrible. He can dodge the bullet only when he can see it.

Boom. Li Yong is not afraid of getting too close to the driver. He twists his body in the air hard to the left and lands five meters away from the young driver. Then he sees the anxiety and fear on the driver’s face. Besides, he has dropped the pistol.

Li Yong suddenly realizes that it was not that he didn’t see the trace of the bullet. It was because there was no bullet in the gun. Li Yong frightened himself just now. He thought too much about the driver’s shooting skill.

Then he suddenly jumps up again like a meteor and punches the driver.

The driver also hurriedly waves his fist to fight with Li Yong. He grits his teeth and uses all his strength.

Crack, there is a sound of broken bones.

The driver cries and is beaten away by Li Yong. He falls into the woods beside the road.

Li Yong sees with the clairvoyant vision that the driver breaks two trees, jumps up quickly and runs into the distance.

His punch only broke one of the driver’s arms and didn’t hurt other parts of his body. Li Yong now finds that the most powerful person among the three killers is the driver.

Li Yong wants to chase after him, but he is worried about the safety of Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue, so he has to give up. Anyway, the other two killers are lying here. He has various means to get the information he wants.

After giving up chasing, Li Yong walks to Wei Fangxia’s side and takes a look. Then he pokes at the back of Wei Fangxia’s neck with his right index finger. Wei Fangxia groans and opens her eyes.

When she sees that Li Yong is in front of her, she hugs Li Yong tightly and scolds him angrily, “Bastard, why didn’t you run? Why didn’t you run? You bastard, you were not obedient at all. Are you all right?”

Behind Wei Fangxia, Li Yong sees Hu Yuexue who has just calmed down. Li Yong feels a little embarrassed being looked at by Hu Yuexue, so he gently pushes Wei Fangxia away and says smilingly, “Ms. Wei, I’m all right.”

“What if anything happened to you? You bastard, if something happened to you, how could I report to Director Yang?” Wei Fangxia is still very angry. But her tone of blame is full of love.

Li Yong suddenly finds that he is used to hearing “bastard”. He feels good when hearing Wei Fangxia call him “bastard”.

Seeing the regret and worry in Wei Fangxia’s eyes, Li Yong holds her pretty face and kisses her sexy red lips. In such a circumstance, he can only respond to Wei Fangxia’s hot temper with his masculine tenderness.

“Em, why are you kissing me? What about Ms. Hu?” Wei Fangxia has such a thought in her heart, so she hurriedly pushes Li Yong away. She turns her head and sees Hu Yuexue staring at them.

This makes Wei Fangxia very embarrassed and she blushes. She hurriedly kicks Li Yong and glares at him.

But Li Yong supports her up smilingly and turns to ask Hu Yuexue, “Are you all right?”

“Yes.” Hu Yuexue says gently. She still keeps looking around and has a lingering fear. The darkness around them especially makes her feel horrible. She feels that there is still danger approaching her.

It seems that she’ll face the danger of death in the next second. She is thinking about safety. Facing Wei Fangxia and Li Yong who are kissing, she has no time to think about their relationship and won’t laugh at them of course.

“Then you go back to the car and wait for me. I’ll come right away.” Li Yong says.

Hu Yuexue turns around at once and gets in the car. She slams the door shut and locks it. Now she feels safe a little bit. She takes a long breath gently and her nervous mood relaxes. At this moment, her tears suddenly burst out. She can no longer suppress the sadness in the heart and begins to cry.

Wei Fangxia is still standing next to Li Yong. Except for the pain in her neck, she was not frightened or afraid. She can always be calm in the face of danger. The darkness around her can’t frighten her at all.

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