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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 404 I Want to Protect You

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Chapter 404 I Want to Protect You

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“What do you mean?” Li Yong feels inexplicable. He thinks that Hu Yuexue can just nod or shake her head. She can also just agree or refuse. What does she mean by saying that he is so bad? Does she agree or disagree?

“Why did you ask me? Do you want to do it?” Hu Yuexue asks shyly.

“I came to you and sent you a gift. Do you think I want it or not?” Li Yong asks her.

“I know there is no gift for free in this world. Since I have received your gift, you can do whatever you want!” Hu Yuexue grits her teeth and closes her eyes, as if she has accepted her destiny.

Li Yong feels uncomfortable about her words and says, “Do you agree because of the gift?”

“That’s right!” Hu Yuexue smiles gently.

“In your eyes, I am not as good as this piece of jade?” Li Yong frowns and says.

“Of course! Since you gave me this piece of jade, I can dispose it at will. But you have a family and a wife. You may also have other women. You don’t just belong to me. I can’t control you. But since you are so generous, I can satisfy your evil requirements.” Hu Yuexue thinks and says.

Li Yong thinks that her words make sense. Jade is money. For women, if they compare men with money, some of them will think that money is more important and some of them will think that men are more important.

But money is a dead thing and can be disposed by women at will. Women who think money is more important must live a very free life.

Men are very complex. They have all sorts of negative moods as well as positive moods. They can get angry and furious. They can make women happy sometimes, but they just make women sad, painful and helpless for most of the time.

Ordinary women can’t control men at all. Therefore, women who think that men are more important than money are more likely to lose themselves and to be hurt by men.

When a woman has money, it’s easy for her to meet a man and she will be happier.

When a woman has a man, she can’t necessarily have money, so she will be less happy.

Although Li Yong wants to occupy Hu Yuexue’s heart and lets her fall in love with him. He also approves of her words. He thinks that Hu Yuexue will be happier to think about money than to think about him.


A woman who values money will also be easily controlled by Li Yong since he has a lot of money.

“I don’t have evil requirements.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Don’t you want to bully me?” Hu Yuexue looks at Li Yong’s hand and hopes that he can put it down.

“It is not bullying. I come here specially to give you sex…happiness.”

Li Yong stresses the word “sex”. Saying this, he lifts his big hand to touch Hu Yuexue’s body. He doesn’t urge the Ecstasy Finger Technique and Hu Yuexue has already lied in his arms and keeps groaning. She closes her eyes and begins to enjoy it.

He finds that there are several sensitive points on Hu Yuexue’s body. As long as he keeps touching these sensitive points, Hu Yuexue will keep groaning and reach climax quickly. Then she will ask Li Yong to continue.

He doesn’t use the Ecstasy Finger Technique but receives better effect than using it. Li Yong finds that Hu Yuexue has strong sexual desire. She can’t stop it as long as she experiences this amazing feeling.

Sure enough, when Li Yong stops again, Hu Yuexue rides on Li Yong’s body and begins to twist her butt.

They make out for more than an hour. Hu Yuexue stops when it is dark. She looks at the time and says, “Boss, I’m going to your home to work.”

Li Yong smiles and asks, “Has my wife been working out lately?”

“Yes, I go to your home every night. President Han Lu really has the perseverance. She has been keeping working out.” Saying this, Hu Yuexue gives two kisses to Li Yong who is really powerful. Then she gets up to get dressed unwillingly.

Perhaps because of long-term exercise, Hu Yuexue’s physical strength is much stronger than that of Zhang Yurong. She made out with Li Yong for more than an hour, changed various postures and tried different positions. She sweated a lot and consumed much energy, but she is still energetic. She picks up her clothes that are scattered on the ground and puts them on quickly.

“Where’s my sister-in-law?” Li Yong asks again.

“She works out with President Han Lu every day and never stops.” Saying this, Hu Yuexue throws Li Yong’s clothes to him and urges, “Hurry up, put on your clothes.”

“You help me put them on.” Li Yong lifts his leg.

“Okay, I’ll help you. Don’t move. Put your head forward. Don’t run…ha-ha…” Hu Yuexue picks up his underpants and puts them on Li Yong’s head. Li Yong is frightened and quickly gets up and stays far away from her.

They mess around for a while and then Li Yong walks out of the office with Hu Yuexue. He calls Wei Fangxia who is having a rest and then they go to the villa of the Han Family in Hu Yuexue’s car. Wei Fangxia observes Hu Yuexue along the way. She guesses from the happy face of Hu Yuexue that she is another woman of Li Yong.

She seems to have been moistened by Li Yong and is as happy as a bird.

When Wei Fangxia feels indignant in the heart, the car ahead of them has a sharp brake suddenly. Hu Yuexue doesn’t control it well and hits that car.

Wei Fangxia bumps her head against the back of the seat with a bang. She feels dizzy and slips under the seat. Her waist is stuck and can’t move, looking very embarrassed.

She turns to look at Li Yong and finds that he is sitting steadily and isn’t affected at all.

“Bastard, why don’t you give me a hand?” Wei Fangxia scolds him angrily.

“There’s a killer.” Li Yong says softly and quickly gets off the car.

Wei Fangxia is startled. She presses the seat with her arms and finally gets up. She hurriedly takes the gun out of her bag and checks the bullets. Then she quickly jumps out of the car after Li Yong.

“Why do you get off the car?”

“I…I want to protect you.” Wei Fangxia is obviously afraid, because the sky is very dark. She can barely see the situations around. Few cars pass this place. The wind blows gloomily.

“Go back to the car to see if Ms. Hu is okay.” Saying this, Li Yong pushes Wei Fangxia into the car and slams the door with a bang. Then he walks to the dangerous place in front of him.

Wei Fangxia doesn’t have the ability to protect him, but her spirit makes him feel moved. How can he let her get off the car to take risks? So he pushes Wei Fangxia into the car forcibly.

Wei Fangxia wants to follow him, but Li Yong disappears all of a sudden. She hesitates, looks at Hu Yuexue and asks, “Are you okay?”

“I’m okay.” Hu Yuexue turns her head and says, “The crash wasn’t serious. The airbag didn’t pop up.”

“Then be careful. I’ll go to look for Li Yong.” Saying this, Wei Fangxia is about to get off the car.

But as soon as she pushes the door open, she is suddenly pointed at the head by a gun.

“Don’t move.” A man’s low voice sounds in Wei Fangxia’s ear.

Wei Fangxia’s gun is immediately taken away by the man. She instinctively puts her hands up and sweats a lot.

Hu Yuexue also finds something is wrong. She just opens her mouth and has no time to shout before a cold dagger it put on her neck. She is so frightened that she sweats like Wei Fangxia and dares not to move.

At this moment, hidden in the dark night, Li Yong is slowly walking forward. The black car that was hit by Hu Yuexue is parked two hundred meters away. The driver drove a distance deliberately and then stopped.

Just now, Li Yong felt a sense of danger in this car.

He opens the clairvoyant vision and sees that there is only a driver in the car. The driver is very young and is in his twenties.

At this moment, the driver grabs the gun tightly and looks at the rearview mirror.

Li Yong’s figure is reflected in the rearview mirror. The driver is counting the distance. 100 meters, 50 meters, 30 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters… When they are just ten meters apart, the driver slowly pushes the door open and slowly walks out of the car. He raises the gun and points it at Li Yong. He laughs and says, “Ha-ha-ha, Li Yong, you are doomed today.”

“Do you know me?” Li Yong squints and asks faintly.

The driver hesitates and didn’t expect that Li Yong would ask such a question in this critical moment. He laughs again and says, “Of course. The members of the Huohu Gang all know you. We are going to kill you.”

“Oh, so you are one member of the Huohu Gang.” Li Yong frowns. He really hates the behavior of the Huohu Gang because they keep making troubles to him. He clenches his fists and looks cold.

“Follow me obediently, or you’ll die today.” The driver says resentfully.

“Do you think you can do it? Li Yong takes a step forward. Then he takes another step forward to press him.

“How dare you doubt me? I’ll break your legs first.” The drive says wickedly and pulls the trigger.

With a bang, the bullet flies in the air with a white light and is shot at Li Yong like a meteor. Li Yong only shakes his body slightly and the bullet flies by his trousers into the night sky behind him.

“Did I miss it?” The driver looks a little surprised and pulls the trigger again.

Li Yong lifts his leg and takes a step forward. The bullet flies by his trousers again.

“Damn it. You’re really lucky.” The driver missed two shots and scolds angrily. Then he suddenly raises the muzzle and shoots directly at Li Yong’s chest.

Li Yong lifts his hand, reaches forward and grabs the bullet in his hand. He also raises his hand ostentatiously. The driver sees that the bullet shot by him is pinched by Li Yong between his fingers like a cigarette butt.

At this moment, the driver realizes that Li Yong’s strength is actually far above their evaluation.

“Damn it, there’s something wrong with the information.”

He scolds but doesn’t run away. He sneers and says, “Your women are in our hands. You’d better behave yourself. They will be killed as long as I give an order.”

“Really? Do you think you can intimidate me?” Li Yong has known the situation of Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue, but he pretends not to know it and still walks forward.

His Divine Consciousness Method is able to cover a distance of 500 meters around him. He can sense everything within 500 meters. He felt clearly just now that someone was approaching Wei Fangxia and Hu Yuexue. He didn’t feel the sense of danger, so he thought it was just a passerby.

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