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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 403 My Finger Technique Has Been Improved a Lot

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Chapter 403 My Finger Technique Has Been Improved a Lot

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“Ms. Zhang, aren’t you anxious?”

“No.” Zhang Yurong shows that she doesn’t care, just like Li Yong.

“You’re wet down here.” Li Yong says and reaches to touch her, “Isn’t it because you’re anxious?”

“Little bastard, then what are you waiting for?” Zhang Yurong separates her white legs and puts her hand into Li Yong’s clothes.

“What do you want me to do?” Li Yong teases her.

Zhang Yurong grabs Li Yong’s hand and guides him, “Like this. Little bastard, you know what to do.”

They make out for a while and gradually lose their minds.

“I miss you so much. Bully me quickly.” Zhang Yurong gives the final order.

Li Yong picks up Zhang Yurong and walks to the big bed.

After an hour, Zhang Yurong is exhausted and falls asleep. Li Yong still has infinite power and he could have continued to do it if Zhang Yurong hadn’t been unable to bear it. Seeing that Zhang Yurong is really tired, he also can’t bear to continue to do it.

He puts on his clothes and jumps out of bed. He sees that Li Xiaohua has woken up, so he teases her, “Call me dad. Call me dad.”

“Bad…” Li Xiaohua can’t pronounce it correctly. She can only drool and has no concept.

Li Yong thinks that Li Xiaohua’s memory must have disappeared. After she grows up, she can no longer be the wife of his master. This child will grow up and practice in a new way. No one knows what she will become.

When Li Xiaohua falls asleep again, Zhang Yurong wakes up.

“Xiaoyong, why are you so powerful now?” She lifts her head hard and then lies down weakly.


“I’ll be more powerful in the future.” Li Yong smiles complacently and says.

I was almost killed by you. You can’t use so much strength in the future.” Zhang Yurong complains.

“You let me do it hard.” Li Yong says smilingly, “I should listen to you.”

“I…” Zhang Yurong covers her face shyly.

“You cheered me up when you wanted it and blame me after that.” Li Yong says smilingly.

Zhang Yurong thinks about it and suddenly smiles, “Next time, I’ll ask Qian Lingling to come with me. I’ll see how you deal with it.”

“By the way, has my building been completed?” When mentioning Qian Lingling, the prodigal young woman, Li Yong thinks of his own building. He wants to open a hospital and let Liu Lingyin be the director to manage it.

“It’s almost done. It’s being decorated now.”

“Let Qian Lingling hurry up. I need it badly.”

“Okay, I’ve been urging her. She is divorcing her husband. I can’t push her too hard.”

“Why does she want to divorce?”

“Her husband is impotent.”

At this moment, someone is knocking on the door and Wei Fangxia’s voice comes inside.

Li Yong gets up and says goodbye to Zhang Yurong. Then he walks out.

After having full-body care, Wei Fangxia looks plump, mature, decent and noble. Her skin looks charming. Li Yong’s eyes become bright. He can’t move his eyes from her.

“What are you looking at?” Wei Fangxia feels uncomfortable being watched by Li Yong, so she says arrogantly.

“Ms. Wei, you’re like an 18-year-old girl. You’re so charming.” Li Yong says admiringly.

“Don’t flatter me.” Wei Fangxia glares at Li Yong disapprovingly.

“I’m telling the truth.” Li Yong says earnestly.

“You have a good taste.” Wei Fangxia smiles and looks very charming. She looked in the mirror just now and found that the effect of the beauty care here is very good. She immediately registers for an annual card and is going to come here to have beauty care every week.

But Tian Baiqing doesn’t receive her money and gives her a card for free. It is an annual card without any limit. Wei Fangxia can come here anytime. There is no limit of time and numbers.

This is the highest annual card. It costs 120,000 yuan each.

“Well, I’ve got an annual card, but they don’t take my money. What should I do?”

“Isn’t it good to save money for you?” Li Yong says.

“I think they’re doing a good job. I really want to take care of their business. How can I come again if they don’t take my money? Hum, besides, I have money now.” Wei Fangxia says angrily.

Li Yong finds Tian Baiqing and asks her to take Wei Fangxia’s money. Wei Fangxia has no psychological burden now and becomes happy after spending the money.

Li Yong takes out a piece of top-class jade and throws it to Tian Baiqing, “Here is a small gift for you.”

Tian Baiqing takes it in the hand and throws it in the drawer without even looking at it. Then she begins to receive the customers who want to register card.

Li Yong stops disturbing Tian Baiqing’s work, so he leaves Huadu Beauty Club with Wei Fangxia.

“Is she also your woman?” Seeing Li Yong send the jade to that woman, Wei Fangxia can’t help asking again.

“She is a backup woman. She will certainly be my woman in the future.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“You’re so fickle in love. Be careful to be hit by thunder.” Wei Fangxia says angrily. She doesn’t know why she feels uncomfortable when she sees Li Yong send jade to other women. Sometimes she thinks how good it will be if Li Yong only belongs to her. But there is no “if” in the world. There are only “consequence” and “result”.

“This is yours.” Li Yong takes another piece out of his pocket and hands it to Wei Fangxia.

“No.” Wei Fangxia pushes Li Yong’s hand away. She has vowed not to accept Li Yong’s gift again.

“Since you don’t want it, I’ll give it to another woman later.”

Wei Fangxia grabs it away. Instead of seeing Li Yong give the jade to other women, she would rather break her oath and take it. At this moment, the oath is not very important. The important thing is that Li Yong can’t have other women.

After following Li Yong for so long, Wei Fangxia gradually has a certain understanding of jade. She looks at this piece of jade carefully and thinks it will be worth at least five million yuan.

Such a large amount of money is enough for her to live a quiet life.

As they are chatting, Li Yong comes to the fitness club. The security doesn’t stop him. After the last misunderstanding, the security has remembered Li Yong deeply. Seeing Li Yong walking over, he goes to greet him from a distance.Updates by vi p novel

“Boss, please come it.”

Li Yong sees that a lot of people are exercising and the business in the gym is very good. He takes a glance and sees that Hu Yuexue is not in the gym. He points to the running machine and says smilingly. “Do you want to do exercise, Ms. Wei?”

“Are you coming to do exercise?” Wei Fangxia asks.

“I’m coming to look for a friend. You can wait for me here.” Li Yong says faintly.

“What friend?” Wei Fangxia continues to ask.

“Ms. Wei, you can’t interfere in my private life!” Li Yong reminds her.

“Well, don’t let me wait too long.” Wei Fangxia leaves Li Yong there and goes to do exercise.

Li Yong opens the clairvoyant vision and finds Hu Yuexue. He walks directly into Hu Yuexue’s office.

“Boss, why are you coming?” Hu Yuexue is bored and is playing her phone. Seeing Li Yong come, she hurriedly gets up to meet him. She is alerted to and surprised at Li Yong’s coming.

She notices that Li Yong comes alone and closes the door behind him.

“I want to give you a gift.” Li Yong takes out a piece of beautiful jade and throws it to her.

Hu Yuexue has a good vision. She takes it in the hand and immediately exclaims, “Boss. It’s such precious jade. Do you really want to give it to me? Are you joking with me?”

“Do you think I’ll take it back later?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“No, it’s too expensive.” Hu Yuexue is overjoyed. In her opinion, this piece of jade is worth more than half of the fitness club. Li Yong gives it to her, which is equal to giving her half of the fitness club.

But then she asks warily, “Boss, are you interested in me?”

“I’ve known your body from the head to the feet. I’ve touched every part of your body. How can I be interested in you?” Li Yong smirks.

Hu Yuexue blushes immediately. She seems to understand why Li Yong comes, which makes her calm down. This jade can let her enter the middle class of the city. Li Yong is so generous that she is moved.

She carefully puts away the top-class jade. In her view, all her things together are not as precious as this jade. She is very happy and very excited to have such a gift.

After putting it away, she looks up and says smilingly, “I’ll accept it. Thank you, boss.”

“Come here.” Li Yong waves his hand and says.

“What do you want?” Hu Yuexue hesitates for a moment and is a little vigilant.

“Sit here.” Li Yong pats his right leg.

“This… Boss, this is not good!” Hu Yuexue shows a shy expression. Although she says no, she still slowly walks to Li Yong. Li Yong pulls her and then she just sits down on LI Yong’s leg.

She thinks Li Yong’s thigh is soft and warm. It’s more comfortable than a leather chair.

She thought that Li Yong would touch her body and bully her. She has prepared to grit her teeth to refuse. She will cooperate with him if she can’t hold on to it. Anyway, Li Yong’s finger technique is very good. She enjoyed it before. Since that time, she has always fantasized about it and really wants to try it again.

However, Li Yong has no further moves. He just leans on the sofa and looks at her. There is no desire in his eyes. He looks very calm.

This makes Hu Yuexue very surprised. She doesn’t know why Li Yong suddenly becomes indifferent.

However, it arouses the desire in her heart. Li Yong’s handsome face and strong body are both attractive to her.

She puts her hand on Li Yong’s chest and chuckles. “Boss, why are you staring at me?”

In Li Yong’s eyes, Hu Yuexue is wearing a tight white sportswear. She has graceful figure with a faint fragrance, as if she has taken a petal bath after exercise.

“Do you remember I gave you a massage here last time?” Li Yong asks with a faint smile.

It’s Hu Yuexue’s deepest memory. It always emerges in her head. She just can’t forget about it. She blushes and says, “Yes.”

“That was my first massage and I was not very skilled. Now my finger technique has improved a lot. Do you want to try it again?” Li Yong lifts his hand and pretends to do the massage. But he doesn’t do it.

Hu Yuexue becomes excited. She blushes and bites her lip, and dares not to open her mouth. She is afraid that she will say something shameful if she makes a sound. She is struggling in her heart. There are two voices against each other in her heart.

“Enjoy it! Enjoy it for the last time!” One voice says.

“No, you’ll be addicted to it.” The other voice says.

“Can you refuse? Do you dare to refuse?”

“You just can’t do that.”

“What if he forces me?”

“Then I’ll accept it.”

A lot of ideas emerge in Hu Yuexue’s mind in a moment. She grits her teeth tightly and dares not to say anything.

“Why don’t you say anything?” Li Yong asks smilingly again.

Hu Yuexue suddenly jumps into Li Yong’s arms, grits her teeth and says, “Boss, you are so bad.”

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