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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 402 You Must Be Anxious

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Chapter 402 You Must Be Anxious

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Then Kuwasawa Amami takes Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi to get familiar with the working environment. Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi now says, “Amami, do you know how much this jade is worth?”

“How much?” Kuwasawa Amami looks at it. She can’t know it.

“At least 10 million yuan.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi says firmly.

“Ah? So expensive?” Kuwasawa Amami is startled. She thought it was worth several thousand yuan and wouldn’t be more than ten thousand yuan. Hearing what Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi said, she looks at the jade in her hand again and feels that it’s very beautiful, exquisite, and valuable.

“My piece is not worth ten million yuan, but it’s worth at least eight million yuan.” Looking at the beautiful jade in her hand, Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi ponders for a while and asks, “Amami, why is Yong so generous? What’s the relationship between you and him? He couldn’t have given you such a valuable gift if you had been just ordinary friends.”

Kuwasawa Amami blushes and pulls Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi to a place where no one is there. She lowers her voice and says blushingly, “Tamakiyoshi, don’t blame me. I am…Yong’s woman. Last time, I gave my body to him.”

“Oh, Amami, you’re so lucky to meet such a generous man. I also benefit from you.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi chuckles and says, “I’ll buy a house in Zhonghai City after I sell this jade. Let’s settle here! Let’s see if I can also be so lucky to meet a generous man like Yong.”

“Yong is the only man in the world who is so good.” Kuwasawa Amami says.

“Do you like him so much?” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi is surprised and says.

“He saved my life, and I’ll follow him all my life.” Kuwasawa Amami chuckles and says, “I’ll repay him.”

“That’s not what you used to be, Amami!” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi chuckles and says.

“In the past, no man has ever been so nice to me like Yong.” Kuwasawa Amami says earnestly.

“Since Yong is so good, I will be his woman together with you!”

“Tamakiyoshi, you’re annoying.”

“Don’t you want to share him with me? When I was a child, I shared the best things with you.”


“Even if I am willing to share with you, will Yong want to have you?”

“I’m so beautiful. Why doesn’t he want me?” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi says confidently.

“Which woman around him is not beautiful?”

Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi thinks about it and is not so confident anymore. She thinks of Han Lu and Han Fei, as well as Du Duoduo and Wei Fangxia she saw just now. They are all very beautiful and some of them are more beautiful than her.

“Amami, you have to help me.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi puts her hope on Kuwasawa Amami.

“How can I help you?”

“…” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi gets close to Kuwasawa Amami and murmurs in her ear.

Hearing this, Kuwasawa Amami blushes. She stamps her feet and says blushingly, “How can you do this?”

“Why not?”

On the street, Wei Fangxia keeps silent for a long time. She can’t forget the scene that Li Yong gave top-class jade to Kuwasawa Amami and Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi. She remembers what Li Yong said. He would give the top-class jade to his women.

When she thinks that Li Yong might have many other women besides her, she feels sad. She suddenly glares at Li Yong and asks coldly, “Are they also your women?”

“Yes!” Li Yong replies faintly.

“How many women do you have?” Wei Fangxia grits her teeth.

Li Yong counts his fingers from one to ten without stopping. Wei Fangxia is so angry that she kicks him on his butt and shouts angrily, “Where are you going?”

“Didn’t you say there are suspicious people trying to kill me? I’m going to find them and see how they are going to deal with me. If I meet them, I’ll kill them before they can do anything.”

“You’re going to get yourself killed!” Wei Fangxia sneers.

“Are you afraid? If you’re afraid, go back and don’t follow me.” Li Yong says quietly.

“This is my job.” Wei Fangxia touches the gun in her bag and looks around. She isn’t angry anyone when thinking that the potential dangers might threaten their safety at any moment.

Li Yong takes Wei Fangxia along the street and walks all the way to Huadu Beauty Club safe and sound.

“Don’t be so nervous, Ms. Wei.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“I am not nervous.” Wei Fangxia grabs the handle of the gun all the way. She is really a little nervous.

“I’ll take you to relax. There are masseurs who can give you a full-body massage.”

“Bah, I don’t want it.” Wei Fangxia blushes and says.

“If you don’t like masseurs, I can get you a masseuse.”

“Hum, I don’t want to have massage.” Wei Fangxia remembers that she couldn’t help it when Li Yong massaged her. She has a feeling of hostility to massage. She feels numb on the scalp when hearing the word “massage”.

“Then go to have beauty care!”

“I am so beautiful. Why should I have beauty care?” Wei Fangxia has never been interested in beauty care.

“It can make you more beautiful.”

“I don’t need it.” Wei Fangxia says angrily, but in fact she longs to be more beautiful in the heart. There’s no woman who doesn’t want to be prettier.

Coming upstairs, Li Yong pulls Wei Fangxia to him and says to Tian Baiqing smilingly, “This is my… Ms. Wei. She is too nervous. Give her a full-body massage and make her relaxed.”

“Yes, please come in.” This is the first time that Li Yong has brought someone here. Tian Baiqing dares not to neglect her and treats her personally.

“How much does it cost?” Wei Fangxia asks.

“It’s free for those brought by Yong.” Tian Baiqing answers smilingly.

Wei Fangxia doesn’t know that this place belongs to Li Yong. She says, “I have money and I’ll pay it.”

“You really don’t need to pay. It’s our honor to do full-body care for you. Please come in.”

After Wei Fangxia entered, Li Yong immediately comes upstairs and pushes Zhang Yurong’s door open.

Zhang Yurong is haggard with black eyes. It seems that she hasn’t had enough sleep. At this moment, she is busy feeding Li Xiaohua. She is wearing a dress but is too busy to fasten the belt. Li Yong thinks that it must be hard to take care of a baby. Seeing that Zhang Yurong is doing it so carefully, Li Yong is a little moved.Updates by vi p novel

He can’t help looking at Zhang Yurong. In Li Yong’s eyes, although Zhang Yurong is busy, she still has good spirit. She has exquisite hairstyle and white face. Her eyelashes are cut decently. She has the charm of a mature woman all over the body.

Especially her white legs under the skirt… Li Yong just looks at them and feels hot in his heart.

“Ms. Zhang, let me help you.” Li Yong hurriedly walks over and pours hot water into the milk bottle.

Zhang Yurong hits Li Yong with her shoulder, stirs the milk powder in the milk bottle and complains, “You haven’t come to see us for so long. Have you forgotten us?”

“I went to Thailand and just came back.” Li Yong explains.

“No wonder.” Zhang Yurong feels the temperature of the milk powder and hands it to Li Xiaohua, who is sitting in the baby carriage.

Li Yong finds that Li Xiaohua has gained a lot of weight. Zhang Yurong is really good at taking care of a baby. Li Xiaohua is clean and fat. She doesn’t cry at all.

Seeing that Zhang Yurong bends down to wipe Li Xiaohua’s mouth, Li Yong pats her on the butt and lifts the skirt to look inside. Then he suddenly has an impulse in his heart.

Zhang Yurong is startled and hurriedly gets his hand away. She glares at him and says, “Xiaohua is watching us. Don’t do it.”

“She is not even one year old. What does she understand?” Li Yong chuckles.

“No, hang in there for a moment. You can do whatever you want after she falls asleep.” Zhang Yurong blushes and pushes Li Yong’s hand away. She pinches his nose and goes to feed Li Xiaohua.

Seeing that Li Xiaohua can’t fall asleep soon, Li Yong takes out a piece of top-class jade and hands it to Zhang Yurong. He says smilingly, “Ms. Zhang, here is your gift.

“Wow, this jade is so beautiful.” Zhang Yurong holds it in her hand and looks at it again and again. She likes it very much.

Seeing that Zhang Yurong is smilingly charmingly, Li Yong hugs her and kisses her on the forehead. He asks smilingly, “Ms. Zhang, did you miss me?”

“What do you think?” Zhang Yurong smiles sweetly.

“Did you miss me by here or there?” Li Yong pats Zhang Yurong’s head and then pats her butt.

“Both of them.” Zhang Yurong sticks out her tongue and licks Li Yong’s mouth.

Li Yong feels hot in his heart and immediately kisses her. He is about to press Zhang Yurong on the sofa.

Zhang Yurong has wanted to get into Li Yong’s arms early, but Li Xiaohua suddenly cries. She still pushes Li Yong away and says unwillingly, “Let me coax the baby to sleep first.”

Li Yong suddenly finds that baby is the gap between a man and a woman. Once they have a baby, they have to consider for the baby about everything. If they want to make out, they have to find the right time.

When the time comes, they may have lost passion.

Seeing Zhang Yurong bending on the baby carriage to coax Li Xiaohua, Li Yong can’t help lifting her skirt again. Seeing that her underpants are already wet, he feels hotter and hotter and wants to make out with her at once.

He reaches out his hand to touch her, but Zhang Yurong dodges again.

“Let me coax the baby to sleep first.” Zhang Yurong says softly, “Don’t speak loudly. She is going to fall asleep now.”

“Ms. Zhang, hire a babysitter.” Li Yong says softly. He thinks that it will be a lot easier for Zhang Yurong if she can have a babysitter help her. They can also have time to make out by then.

“No, I can take care of her by myself. Sometimes Baiqing also helps me.” Zhang Yurong says in a lower voice.

Seeing that Li Xiaohua keeps opening and closing her eyes, Li Yong has to wait. He is not anxious. He can suppress the impulse as long as he urges the spiritual power.

He talks about the trifles with Zhang Yurong from three meals a day to the early education of children, and from the price of the milk powder to the gap between imported and domestic milk powder.

They also talk about the corrupt officials who have been arrested and the citizens who jumped from the building.

They chat for half an hour. Li Xiaohua finally falls asleep.

After Zhang Yurong put Li Xiaohua in the baby carriage and laid her flat, she comes to Li Yong smilingly and kisses his lips. Then she lies in Li Yong’s arms and smiles happily, “Little bastard, you must be very anxious.”

“No.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“You have a hard mouth.” Zhang Yurong smiles shyly.

“My penis is harder.”

“It’s because you are anxious.” Zhang Yurong reaches to grab it.

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