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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 401 Small Gift

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Chapter 401 Small Gift

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“There’s nothing wrong with me. Even if I am ill, I’m a doctor and I can cure myself…”

Li Yong knows that he can’t explain it to this crazy old man, so he doesn’t bother to speak anymore. He suddenly approaches him and pierces the needle into the old man’s head, infusing spiritual power. Then he begins to observe Mr. Li’s condition.

Mr. Li seems to hesitate for a second and then rolls his eyes and suddenly faints.

This is also too abnormal. Li Yong is startled. He doesn’t want to kill Mr. Li!

He hurriedly looks at Mr. Li’s head and sees that the wisp of white spiritual power is surrounded by a layer of black gas. They are consuming each other. The spiritual power is going to be totally consumed.

How can there be black gas in Mr. Li’s head? Li Yong suddenly realizes that things aren’t so simple. It’s very likely that Mr. Li was harmed by someone. Seeing that the spiritual power is going to run out, Li Yong doesn’t have time to think and pierces him again, infusing another wisp of spiritual power into his head. But it’s still not enough. That black gas is too powerful and surrounds the spiritual power again. It seems that it can completely consume the spiritual power soon.

Li Yong doesn’t hesitate. He keeps piercing his head. The spiritual power and the black gas achieve a state of balance until he pieces ten times. It’s like two flows of water converging together, but they are quite distinct from each other at the same time.

At this moment, Mr. Li has woken up. He opens his eyes and looks painful. He lifts his hand and keeps hitting his head, as if he feels very painful in the head and can’t bear it.

Li Yong calculates in the heart that he has consumed ten wisps of spiritual power. It’s really wasteful.

However, seeing that Mr. Li is so painful, he grits his teeth and pierces him again, keeping infusing spiritual power into Mr. Li’s head. Soon, he infuses another ten wisps of spiritual power. The spiritual power finally unites and surrounds the black gas. Mr. Li feels less painful and gradually recovers as usual.

Li Yong supports him and asks caringly, “What do you think, Uncle Li?”

“I don’t know you. Why do you call me Uncle Li?” Mr. Li pushes Li Yong away and is very alert.

Seeing that Mr. Li seems to have become normal, Li Yong is excited. He firmly believes that Mr. Li was harmed by others. He was not stupid in the past. That black gas is the reason why Mr. Li became stupid.

He doesn’t know who is so vicious and did this to an old man. Li Yong is angry, but he has no time to get angry, so he suppresses his excited emotion and asks hurriedly, “Uncle Li, I’m Li Yong! My father is Li Shan. Do you know where he is? Do you have any information about him? Is he all right now?”

Mr. Li looks at Li Yong, as if he didn’t hear what Li Yong said. His eyes become dull again.


“Uncle Li, tell me where my father is. I’m going to find him.” Li Yong continues to ask.

But Mr. Li doesn’t say anything. His eyes become more and more dull and he becomes stupid again, as if he heard nothing.

Li Yong looks into Mr. Li’s head. The black gas is still surrounded by the spiritual power and they are consuming each other. The speed shows that they can’t totally consume each other in a short time. Maybe this black gas is the reason why Mr. Li is still a little stupid!

He doesn’t know what the black gas is. It’s actually powerful. Luckily, it is suppressed by the spiritual power. After some time, Mr. Li should get better when the black gas and spiritual power completely consume each other.

Li Yong knows that it’s useless to be hasty now. He can only ask Mr. Li when he recovers.

He tells the nanny to take good care of Mr. Li and not to let others disturb him. Then he walks out with Du Duoduo. He raises his head and sighs.

“Yong, what’s the matter with you?” Seeing that Li Yong looks sad, Du Duoduo asks softly.

“Nothing.” There’s something that Li Yong doesn’t want to say. Mr. Li is very likely to have a secret of his life. He doesn’t know if it’s because of this secret that Mr. Li was harmed and has become crazy and stupid for so many years.

Li Yong gradually feels that his life is miserable. He hates the people behind the scene more and more too.

He doesn’t know what made him separate with his parents and unable to find them. Only he knows what difficulties he has been through these years. He clenches his fists and decides in the heart that he has to find the real killer and take revenge.

At this moment, Du Duoduo feels that Li Yong is so terrible that she can’t help slowing down and keeping a distance from Li Yong.

Seeing that Li Yong clenches his fists, she hurriedly catches him up and grabs him hand. She asks uneasily, “Yong, what are you thinking?”

Li Yong suddenly realizes that he forgot himself. How could he show his hatred? He should love life and be positive and happy. He needs to bring happiness to the people around him.

He smiles, extends his hand and gently grabs Du Duoduo’s white hand. He looks happy and says, “I am thinking that we’ll be able to practice by having sex soon. Don’t be afraid of pain at that time.”

Du Duoduo immediately blushes and looks nervous. She holds Li Yong’s arm and puts her boobs on Li Yong’s body. She bites her lip and says nothing.

“Do you want to be stronger by having sex with me?” Li Yong asks with a smile.Updates by vi p novel

“I…” Du Duoduo wants to take revenge, too. Of course she wants to be stronger, but she is too embarrassed to directly say yes. She asks softly, “When can we do that?”

“After I come back from Japan, we’ll find the person behind the scene who hired killers to kill me. At that time, my strength will be increased and we will be able to do it.” Li Yong thinks about it and says.

“Okay.” Du Duoduo has had psychological preparation and looks forward to it in the heart.

“Yong.” A cry comes from the distance. It turns out that Kuwasawa Amami and Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi are waiting in the corridor. Seeing Li Yong come out, the two sisters greet him happily together and smile sweetly.

Du Duoduo lets go of Li Yong’s arm and deliberately keeps a distance from him.

She is very familiar with Kuwasawa Amami and doesn’t need to avoid her, but she sees that there is an outsider beside Kuwasawa Amami. She is too embarrassed to be intimate with Li Yong in front of an outsider.

“Is there anything wrong?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“Come into the room.” Kuwasawa Amami pulls Li Yong into the room cheerfully. After Li Yong sat on the sofa, she says, “My sister is going to stay in Huaxia. Can I arrange her to work with me here?”

“Of course.” Li Yong says smilingly. Kuwasawa Amami has the right to decide this kind of thing.

“However, she is still a Japanese woman and is easy to expose her identity. Can you change her identity, too? She also wants to become a Huaxia person.”

“I don’t have the ability. When Officer Wei comes over later, I’ll ask her to help.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Thank you, Yong.” Kuwasawa Amami sits beside Li Yong and holds his arm tightly. She leans closely on Li Yong’s body. Her sweet and cute look makes Li Yong obsessed.

“Thank you…Yong.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi also calls Li Yong “Yong”.

“You’re welcome. Sit down.” Li Yong says with a smile and signals Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi to sit next to him.

Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi sits on the other side of Li Yong and deliberately keeps a distance from Li Yong.

Seeing that Du Duoduo didn’t come in with them, Li Yong begins to chat with the two sisters and tells them how powerful Huaxia is. He also tells them something that they should pay attention to when living in Huaxia. They talk a lot and are very harmonious.

Twenty minutes later, Wei Fangxia opens the door and walks in.

Seeing that Kuwasawa Amami and Li Yong are sitting together so closely, Wei Fangxia looks sullen and sneers.

“Ms. Wei, this is my sister. She has just come from Japan and will live in Huaxia from now on. Please help her make a Huaxia identity card and register a residence permit. She will be called Li Yujie from now on.”

Li Yong orders faintly, “Besides, I’ll go to Japan in a few days. Get me a Japanese identity. I’ll be called Kuwasawa Dayong! I think Kuwasawa is connected with me by fate.

“What do you regard me as?” Wei Fangxia glares at Li Yong.

“As my wife!” Li Yong stares at Wei Fangxia’s big boobs.

“You…bastard.” Wei Fangxia knew she would be angry when she saw Li Yong, but she didn’t expect that she would be so angry.

“Do you want to help me?” Li Yong asks.

“Madam Wei, please have tea.” Kuwasawa Amami hurriedly hands over a cup of tea. She can see that the relationship between Wei Fangxia and Li Yong is not simple. She knows that Wei Fangxia has great power, so she is deliberately flattering her.

“No.” After taking the cup of tea, Wei Fangxia glares at Li Yong and says angrily.

“Well, since you don’t help, I will call Director Yang. I think Director Yang will do me the favour. Do you believe it?” Saying this, Li Yong takes out his mobile phone and is about to make a call.

“All right, I’ll help you.” Wei Fangxia grits her teeth and says resentfully. Because Director Yang told Wei Fangxia to help Li Yong solve difficulties and problems as much as possible, and Li Yong has never asked her to do anything.

It’s her dereliction of duty if she leaves Director Yang to deal with such a trifle. She doesn’t want to be criticized by Director Yang.

“By the way, will you follow me to Japan? If you go with me, you’d better change your identity, too.” Li Yong reminds her. Because they may have to fight to save Jin Wei. He does it for her own good. If the Japanese police find something wrong about Wei Fangxia’s identity, it will be bad.

Wei Fangxia ignores him. She directly calls the police station to give orders.

Hanging up the phone, Wei Fangxia says to Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi faintly, “You can have your ID card the day after tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Madam Wei.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi says gratefully and happily.

“You’re welcome. You’re one of us. Come on, I’ll give each of you a small gift.” Saying this, Li Yong takes out two pieces of top-class jade. He gives one piece to Kuwasawa Amami and the other piece to Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi.

The two sisters have never seen such fine jade before. They think it is too expensive and dare not to take it.

Li Yong insists in giving them. Seeing that Li Yong is very sincere and they can’t refuse, Kuwasawa Amami accepts it first. Then she persuades Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi, who accepts it too in the end.

Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi is a little excited and keeps thanking him. Because she knows the value of this piece of jade. It is the best gift she has ever received since she was a child. She didn’t expect that it would be given by a Huaxia person, Li Yong.

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