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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 400 Treat Mental Disease

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Chapter 400 Treat Mental Disease

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Du Duoduo is practicing. She is sitting on the bed with legs crossed like a Guanyin sitting in the lotus.

She is wearing a tight black leather coat. The lines of her boobs are revealed, which looks very tempting.

In the past, Li Yong wouldn’t disturb Du Duoduo while walking in the room. Now he won’t disturb her either.

Li Yong looks at Du Duoduo’s cold face and arrogant temperament. After a while, Li Yong says gently, “Duoduo.”

Du Duoduo opens her eyes and sees Li Yong. She jumps out of bed at once and doesn’t look cold and arrogant anymore. There is a charming smile on her beautiful face. She says sweetly, “Yong, you are finally back.”

“Let me look at the Heaven killer website.” Li Yong says with a smile.

Du Duoduo takes out a laptop from under the bed, opens it skillfully and enters the password. Then she logs in a small website in a strange way.

“That’s it.” She points at it and says.

Li Yong sits down and finds that this website called Heaven looks very common except for the strange color of the frame. There are missions that offer rewards, just like those in Baidu Zhidao and Zhihu.

He is shocked to see that the several top posts are worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Who will spend so much money to kill a people? Isn’t he or she mad?

Among them, the top one offers a reward of one billion dollars. That’s ten billion yuan! Even Li Yong is touched and asks, “Duoduo, can I kill this people?”

“Yong, you can’t have such a thought. Most of the top 200 killers have special abilities. You are no match for them. Don’t take the risk.” Du Duoduo says seriously.

“Why is there such a high reward for this task?”

“It was posted by the No. 1 killer, Hehua. She is an amazing woman and is very powerful. She is known as the No. 1 master in the world. It’s said that she has two special abilities. No one knows what they are and what she looks like, because those who saw her have died.”

“Why did she post a mission to kill herself?” Li Yong is confused and thinks the woman is a lunatic.

“The master is lonely. She wants to find herself an opponent, so she posted to find someone to kill her. She will give all her money and property to the one who can kill her.”

Du Duoduo says faintly, as if she is not surprised at it at all.

Li Yong can’t understand this kind of person. She is seeking for death!

He goes on browsing until he finds the post that offers a reward to kill him.

Compared with the top posts, Li Yong feels ashamed because his life is worth only five million dollars. He is looked down upon by others. He really wants to beat the person who posted it to increase the hatred. Then he can raise the price.

“Who posted it? Can you check it out?” Li Yong asks.

Du Duoduo shakes her head and says, “All the identities of the killers are classified. We can’t check them and can’t investigate. Whoever wants to investigate the username will violate the rules of Heaven and will be killed by the Heaven killer organization.”

“Is Heaven also a killer organization?” Li Yong is surprised and says.

“Yes, Heaven is the world’s largest killer organization. Whoever dares to provoke them will be killed by them.” Du Duoduo seems to know a lot, making Li Yong open his horizon.

He suddenly thinks of Huohu Gang, “How about Huohu Gang?”

“Huohu Gang is also a killer organization. It’s very popular recently, and there are a lot of masters in it.”

“The killers of the Huohu Gang are trying to kill me. Investigate their information for me. The more detailed, the better.” There is a glimmer of coldness in Li Yong’s eyes. He wants to get rid of the Huohu Gang.

“I’m just an out-of-the-way killer and have very little authority. I’ll have a try!” Du Duoduo finds it difficult, because all the killer organizations are unfathomable. No killer dares to provoke an organization easily.

“Does it need authority?” Li Yong feels that there are too many rules.

“Yes, you can upgrade only by keeping completing missions. The higher your level is, the greater your authority is.”

“How many missions have you completed?”

“I… haven’t finished any one of them.” Du Duoduo feels that she doesn’t deserve the name of a killer.

“Oh, so you’re not a killer at all! Is your first target me?”

“Yes.” Du Duoduo says with an awkward smile. She couldn’t dream about that her relationship with the first target would be as good as it is now. Since meeting Li Yong, she has lost her job as a killer.

“Then you kill me.” Li Yong says faintly.

“Ah?” Du Duoduo is startled and hurriedly takes two steps back, showing that she will never have such a thought. In her view, Li Yong is too powerful. She has never wanted to kill Li Yong since she began to work for him.

“Not really kill me. Listen, you can accept the mission first and claim that you have killed me. Then try to get in touch with the person who posted the mission and see that who wants to kill me. I want to find out the man behind the scene. Can you do it?” Li Yong asks.

“That’s…too risky!” Du Duoduo has never done such a thing. She has no confidence at all.

“Are you afraid?” Li Yong is slightly disappointed.

“No, I’m not afraid. But people won’t believe it if I claim to have killed you. It needs proof.”

“Take it with you and they will believe it.” Li Yong takes out Shi Ying which is the symbol of his identity. In his view, Shi Ying is more valuable than his life.

“Yong, what’s this?” Du Duoduo doesn’t know it.Access v ip novel

Li Yong has to explain. But as a former killer, Du Duoduo actually doesn’t know about Nanshan School and doesn’t know the importance of the token to Li Yong. In her view, this is just a black dagger and is nothing unusual.

It’s impossible for anyone to believe that Li Yong is killed if they can only see this dagger.

However, seeing that Li Yong is so serious, Du Duoduo obeys Li Yong’s order though she is doubtful. She takes Shi Ying in hand and looks at it. She suddenly feels cool on her hand. Then the fatigue of her body is gone. She feels refreshed and now finds how amazing Shi Ying is.

“Yong, as soon as I spread the news of you being killed, someone will come to investigate specially and confirm it. If they find that you are not dead, we’ll be uncovered.” Feeling the amazing feeling brought by Shi Ying, Du Duoduo says gently.

“I will make the corresponding plan.” Li Yong says faintly.

“Then where are you going to hide?” Du Duoduo thinks Li Yong has to hide.

“I’ll follow you and be your companion. You can rest assured that I won’t let anything happen to you.” Li Yong says smilingly.

With Li Yong following her, Du Duoduo feels more confident. This level of mission is not posted by very powerful people. Du Duoduo thinks that she can do it easily as long as Li Yong is here.

She says smilingly, “I will definitely complete the task. I’m going to accept the mission and hands in it in a few days. I can get in touch with the people who posted the mission in about one week.”

“It’s going to take so long?” Li Yong thought he could see that person at once. He can’t wait and wants to find out the person behind the scene and get rid of him or her. He is afraid that a long delay may cause trouble.

“A week is the shortest. Sometimes it needs three months.” Du Duoduo says earnestly.

“Okay, I’m just going to Japan. It’ll be all right when I get back.”

“But since you’re going to be killed by me. Your identity…” Du Duoduo reminds him.

“I’ll hide my identity and show up with another one.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“That’s the best.” Du Duoduo smiles sweetly and feels more confident.

“Here you are.” Li Yong takes out a piece of top-class jade and hands it to Du Duoduo.

“What is this?” Du Duoduo.

“A gift for you.”

“Thank you, Yong.” This is the first time Du Duoduo has received Li Yong’s gift. She is very happy. Moreover, this piece of jade is glittering and translucent and is very beautiful. She can know it’s expensive at the first sight.

At this moment, Li Yong’s mobile phone rings. He takes it out from the pocket and sees that it’s Wei Fangxia.

Li Yong answers and says smilingly, “Darling, why are you calling me?”

“Bastard, who is your darling? Where are you?” Wei Fangxia is still grumpy.

“I’m in the Xiangong Hotel.” Li Yong replies.

“Stand there and don’t move. Wait for me. I warn you, there are some suspicious people in Zhonghai City. It’s very likely that their target is you. You’d better keep a low profile.” Wei Fangxia hangs up the phone and immediately comes over.

Li Yong shakes his head helplessly and puts away his phone. He looks at Du Duoduo and says, “Take me to see Mr. Li.”

“Follow me.” Du Duoduo leads the way.Access v ip novel

Mr. Li is the crazy old man. Li Yong doesn’t know how old he is. He has practiced spiritual power now and wants to treat Mr. Li. He wants to see that if he can cure his mental disease.

He always feels that Mr. Li knows a lot of secrets.

In the most luxurious suite upstairs, Mr. Li is taken care of by three beautiful young nannies day and night.

Mr. Li is holding a book in his hand, enjoying the quiet afternoon.

Li Yong waves his hand and the nannies hurriedly retreat.

Mr. Li notices that someone is approaching, so he looks up and sees Li Yong. He immediately throws down his book and says angrily, “What do you want to do? This is my home. Who let you come in without my permission? Get out of here.”

Du Duoduo thinks the old man is too impolite. She is about to go and teach him a lesson, but is stopped by Li Yong.

Li Yong opens the clairvoyant vision and examines Mr. Li at once. His clairvoyant vision is very powerful now, but he still can’t see what disease Mr. Li has. This makes him realize that his clairvoyant vision still can’t see through mental diseases.

He walks in front of Mr. Li, takes out the silver needle and pinches it in his hand. He wants to have a try.

Mr. Li is a little scared and hurriedly retreats. He also points at Li Yong and says angrily, “What do you want to do, man? I tell you, I have bodyguards. I am protected by a lot of people…”

“Don’t be afraid, Mr. Li. I’m treating you.” Li Yong explains.

In his memory, there is no cure for mental illness. He takes Mr. Li as an experimental subject. He wants to take this opportunity to do researches. He doesn’t know whether it will be effective.

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