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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 399 Sisters Recognize Each Other

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Chapter 399 Sisters Recognize Each Other

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“You broke your words at first. Why should I keep my words?” Saying this, Wang Yunyun doesn’t stop and keeps beating Li Yong.

Li Yong would have been killed if it had been in the past. But now Li Yong is barely able to insist.

“You can’t get any information about the medicinal materials if you kill me.” Li Yong shouts, “I only wrote three medicinal materials for you just now. I haven’t written Duan-in plum.”

Wang Yunyun stops at once. She picks up the paper and looks at it. There are only three medicinal materials on it. She didn’t expect that Li Yong would be so insidious and lied to her.

“Write it now.” She is so angry that she nearly crushes the paper.

“Do you still want to beat me?” Li Yong asks warily.

“No.” Wang Yunyun tries hard to suppress her anger.

“Do you…keep your words?”


“But I don’t believe you.”

“What do you want?” Wang Yunyun walks to Li Yong and presses on, as if she wants to beat him again.

“Come to me after you get these three things. I’ll write you the last one.”

“I don’t believe you.” Wang Yunyun says angrily, “I can’t defeat you today if you don’t write it, but I can destroy this villa, destroy everything here, and kill your families.”

“All right! I’ll write it to you.” Li Yong doesn’t want the beautiful villa to become ruins. He also doesn’t want to get other people involved. Wang Yunyun is so powerful. If she tries to kill him, he can’t resist.

“It’s very sensible of you.” Wang Yunyun sneers.

Li Yong writes all the information about Duan-in plum and hands it to Wang Yunyun.

“I’ll come to you anytime if I need other medicinal materials.” Saying this, Wang Yunyun disappears quickly. She thinks Li Yong is still useful, so she doesn’t badger with him.

Looking at the messy living room, Li Yong still has a lingering fear, because Wang Yunyun is too powerful.

He really didn’t expect that he was still no match for Wang Yunyun after his strength had increased so much.

When he was fighting with Wang Yunyun just now, he felt that her strength seemed to be endless. He would get hurt if they continued to fight. Then he would be controlled and didn’t know what the bad woman would do. Li Yong still has a lingering fear, which makes him determine to practice harder.

He must be stronger.

Then Li Yong thinks: Who is Wang Yunyun? Why does she want to resurrect a zombie? What does she want to do?

Li Yong becomes more and more curious about Wang Yunyun and wants to know everything about her.

She is the first mysterious woman that Li Yong wants to know. He finds it very interesting.

After ordering Wang Yuan to clean up the living room and replace the furniture with new one, Li Yong drives to Xiangong Hotel.

He comes to Du Duoduo and wants to see who is offering a reward to kill him on the killer website named Heaven.

Li Yong won’t be polite to those who want him to die.

When he walks into the hotel lobby, he looks into the eyes of Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi. He tries to make a detour, but Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi runs to him quickly and stops him.

“Mr. Li, please tell me…” She says imploringly.Updates by vi p novel

“Have you finished or not?” Li Yong shouts angrily. He is very surprised that the Japanese policewoman tries to badger with him. He drove her away at home and she is waiting for him here, which makes Li Yong not able to tolerate her. She is wearing shorts and tops that reveal her boobs. She has fair skin, long legs and thin waist. She is a sexy beauty no matter where she is.

Li Yong would be happy to help her if she wanted Li Yong to do other things for her. They may become friends. But she is on behalf of the Japanese police and is coming to arrest Kuwasawa Amami. Li Yong doesn’t want her to do it!

He won’t let the Japanese police take Kuwasawa Amami away.

“Mr. Li, if you don’t tell me, I’ll stay here every day. I won’t leave if I can’t find Kuwasawa Amami.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi grits her teeth and says.

“Do you still want to threaten me? I don’t know even if you wait here forever!” Saying this, Li Yong is about to leave.

“Mr. Li, please tell me.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi suddenly kneels down in front of Li Yong, and hugs Li Yong’s right leg. She raises the delicate face, opens her bright big eyes and almost begs him.

Li Yong is frightened. He didn’t expect that the Japanese policewoman even gave up her dignity in order to solve the case. If the police of Huaxia have such a spirit, the cases will be all solved and the society will be stable.

“Let go.” Li Yong tries to take a step forward, but he can’t move at all. He is so angry that he even wants to kick her. She is too annoying. Do Japanese police have the bottom line? How can she do this?”

“No, I won’t let go of you if you don’t tell me.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi says firmly.

Li Yong is almost touched by her spirit. But when he thinks that Kuwasawa Amami will be brought to Japan by this beautiful policewoman and will be put into the dark prison, he makes up his mind and says again angrily, “Let go of me.”

However, Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi doesn’t let go. She holds Li Yong more tightly. She hugs Li Yong’s right leg with her white arms. Her legs are also slightly apart and clamp Li Yong’s feet tightly.

It seems that she won’t let go of Li Yong.

Li Yong didn’t expect that there is such a woman in the world and he had met her.

If he walks forward, he will walk with her, which really doesn’t look good.

What should he do? What should he do?

If he kicks her, he will definitely kick her away and will kick her private part.

That’s why Li Yong is a little hesitant.

It’s the most beautiful place on a woman’s body. A man should care about that place and can’t kick it.

At this moment, some people gradually surround them. They are all pointing at Li Yong and condemn him.

“This bad man is bullying a woman.”

“Rubbish, shameless, filthy.”

“This woman is so pitiful. Has she been abandoned?”

“The man is handsome, but he is so bad.”

Someone can’t bear it and shouts, “Bastard, you’re bullying a woman here. Are you still a man?”

Li Yong is very annoyed! When he wants to make her faint and leaves quickly, Li Tianmei who is wearing cheongsam walks over quickly. She is the manager of the hotel and will be noticed as long as something happens. She will come to the scene immediately. Hearing that a man is bullying a woman in the lobby, Li Tianmei comes over at once.

Seeing that it’s Li Yong, she is a little surprised, because she knows that Li Yong is not that kind of person!

Then she gets more surprised when she sees that the beautiful woman is holding Li Yong’s leg tightly.

She suddenly hesitates and her expression becomes happy and sad. She blinks her eyes and sheds tears.

“Tamakiyoshi.” She hesitates for a moment and rushes to hug Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi.

Seeing Kuwasawa Amami, Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi is also very happy. She has let go of Li Yong’s leg and pushes his leg away. Then she greets Kuwasawa Amami. The two women sit on the ground and hug each other tightly. They are so excited that they keep shedding tears.

“Tamakiyoshi, why are you here?” Kuwasawa Amami says excitedly.

“Amami, I finally find you.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi is also very excited.



“Wow.” People around them all exclaim and are all touched by the truth affection between the two sisters.

It turns out that this beautiful woman is looking for her sister! The onlookers suddenly understand.

Li Yong also exclaims. If he had known that Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi was Kuwasawa Amami’s sister, he would have brought her here. He now finds that they look similar. At least they both have “Kuwasawa” in their names.

Seeing more and more people gathering around, Li Yong gently pats Li Tianmei’s head and smiles faintly, “Tianmei, go upstairs to talk.”

Kuwasawa Amami supports Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi up and follows Li Yong upstairs.

Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi looks at Li Yong and asks, “What’s your relationship with him?”Updates by vi p novel

“He’s my saviour. If it hadn’t been for Yong, I might have died in that abandoned factory.” Kuwasawa Amami says softly and looks at Li Yong gratefully.

Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi is resentful of Li Yong at first. Hearing that Li Yong is Kuwasawa Amami’s saviour, she looks at Li Yong gratefully and isn’t angry at all.

They chat gently along the way. When they reach the room upstairs, Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi has almost known about the poor experience of Kuwasawa Amami.

“Thank you.” She says gratefully as Li Yong sits on the sofa.

Li Yong waves his hand and asks, “You are a policewoman and your sister is a murderer. Are you going to arrest your sister?”

“I…” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi hesitates. She really came to Huaxia to arrest Kuwasawa Amami. But she is her own sister and her only family member. How can she send her to prison?

“Sister, are you a policewoman now?” Kuwasawa Amami says joyfully, “You dreamed of being a policewoman when you were a child. Now your dream has come true. Congratulations!”

“I… I’m here to arrest you.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi lowers her head blushingly and murmurs.

Kuwasawa Amami immediately stops smiling. She thinks for a moment and grabs Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi’s hand. Then she says seriously, “Tamakiyoshi, if you can win a merit by arresting me, just do it. I’m willing to be arrested by you.”

“No, I’ve changed my mind. The two police who came with me have died in a car crash. I won’t arrest you.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi hugs Kuwasawa Amami and says sadly, “I can’t go back either. I can’t report to my leader since the two colleagues are dead. Amami, I think that the most important thing is to live. You’re my only family. We must live together. That’s the most important thing.”

“Tamakiyoshi.” Kuwasawa Amami is very excited and also tightly hugs Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi.

“Li Yong’s biggest worry is that Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi will arrest Kuwasawa Amami and take her back to Japan. Since she won’t arrest her now and is going to live together with her, Li Yong is rest assured.

Seeing that the two sisters cry and laugh and they seem to have a lot of things to say, Li Yong feels that he is unnecessary here, so he gets out of the room and walks to Du Duoduo’s room.

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