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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 398 Zombie

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Chapter 398 Zombie

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“You’ve broken the barrier and changed the internal strength into the spiritual power.” Wang Yunyun is very shocked.

“You know about spiritual power?” Li Yong is very surprised. He thought that he was the only one in the world who knows the spiritual power and didn’t expect that Wang Yunyun saw it at the first glance. Apparently, Wang Yunyun is smarter than him!

Wang Yunyun blurts out his true strength, which makes him feel that he is ignorant and becomes self-contemptuous.

“Is there anything in the world that I don’t know?” Wang Yunyun raises her head slightly and squints. She looks arrogant and seems to stand high above the masses.

“You don’t know the contents of the ancient book of medicinal materials.” Li Yong mocks her.

“Well, how do you want to compete with me?” Wang Yunyun asks coldly. She seems to have lost patience.

“I’ll suffer losses if we compete on the bed. I have psychological shadow with violent women. Let’s compete this way!” Saying this, Li Yong sits on the sofa and reaches out one hand. He wants to have an arm wrestling with Wang Yunyun.

He feels that Wang Yunyun is more violent than Wei Fangxia, so he dares not to provoke her.

He has seen clearly with his clairvoyant vision that Wang Yunyun also practices spiritual power and she is not weaker than him.

He knows that Wang Yunyun is good at fighting. Last time, she caught his neck with only one move. Li Yong still has psychological shadow now. He doesn’t want to destroy his house and be seriously injured after fighting with Wang Yunyun. So he comes up with this conservative fighting method.

“What if you don’t keep your words again?” Wang Yunyun asks coldly and arrogantly.

“Let’s write it down.” Li Yong says and writes an agreement on the paper.

Wang Yunyun looks at it and adds another one. Then they both sigh.

Then Wang Yunyun sits down opposite to Li Yong, stretches out her right arm and holds Li Yong’s hand tightly.

“Ms. Wang, you give the command.” Li Yong says to Nanny Wang Yuan who is making tea.

Wang Yuan puts down the teacup and quickly walks over. She develops her mood and then shouts, “Begin.”

Li Yong and Wang Yunyun urge their spiritual power together and both use their full strength.

With a bang, the table under their arms is broken like a firecracker.

With another two bangs, the sofa they are sitting on is also broken. They are like two firecrackers.

When they use their full strength, the mighty spiritual power rushes out of their bodies and destroys all the things that they contact in an instant.

Wang Yuan is startled and runs far away quickly.

The momentum of this match is undulating like waves, alarming Lyu Chun and Hongyu who are practicing. They are startled and rush over with the fastest speed. Then they see that Li Yong and Wang Yunyun are holding hands in the air. They both hold their breath and want to break the other one’s arm.

Wang Yunyun’s arm is white, like a piece of clean lotus root. But the burst of her strength makes Lyu Chun and Hongyu stand afar and dare not to get close.

Li Yong’s arm is red and the fine hairs erect like silver needles. He also bursts out great power and shivers slightly, as if he has been suppressed by Wang Yunyun.Access v ip novel

“What are they doing?” Hongyu and Lyu Chun ask Wang Yuan who is frightened.

“It’s a bet.” Wang Yuan pats the crumbs on her body and still has a lingering fear. The table and sofa are heavy and sturdy. She can’t cut it even with an axe. She doesn’t know why the table and sofa were broken suddenly.

“Bet?” Hongyu and Lyu Chun look at each other and shout together, “Yong, come on.”

Hearing Hongyu and Lyu Chun shout, Wang Yuan pats her chest and also shouts, “Mr. Li, come on!”

Wang Yunyun squints at them and sneers, “What a bunch of clowns!”

Then she looks at Li Yong who can barely insist. She disdains him and says, “You lose.”

“You lose.” Li Yong grits his teeth and insists.

“If I burst out my strength again, you’ll definitely lose.”

“I don’t think so.” Li Yong takes a deep breath and prepares to do the last persistence and resistance.

“Okay, I’ll let you be sincerely convinced. Don’t blame me if I break your arm.” Saying this, Wang Yunyun suddenly adds her strength. The power in her body is like wild waves and constantly pats Li Yong with increasing strength.

Li Yong has had a plan. Since he can’t beat her with his strength, he’ll use another method. He has been looking at Wang Yunyun’s boobs for a long time. Her boobs are not as big as those of Wei Fangxia and not as soft as those of Hao Huihua. But her boobs are delicate and compact.

Just as Wang Yunyun bursts out her power and wants to break Li Yong’s arm, Li Yong reaches out his left hand suddenly and hits the chest acupoint of Wang Yunyun accurately.

Wang Yunyun feels numb on her body and suddenly freezes. She can’t use her strength anymore.

She is horrified to find that Li Yong hit her acupoint while she was doing her best.

“You are despicable.” Wang Yunyun is very angry and her face becomes white.

“You are despicable.” Li Yong cheekily replies, “You relied on your powerful martial arts and forced me to write the ancient book of medicinal materials for you. This is my foundation. How can I write it for you casually? Besides, I don’t know whether you are a good person or not. You didn’t tell anything when I asked you. If you take the ancient book of medicinal materials to harm people, you’ll implicate me.”

“I’m saving people.” Wang Yunyun retorts him.

“Who are you saving? Are you saving good people or a bad people?” Li Yong asks.

“Why should I tell you?” Wang Yunyun grits her teeth.

“Then why should I write it for you?” Saying this, Li Yong hits the chest acupoint of Wang Yunyun again. He sees that Wang Yunyun is urging the strength of her whole body and trying to unlock the acupoint. He won’t let her do it in front of him.

Being hit by Li Yong at the acupoint three times, she is unable to move for three hours per time. She is almost desperate and calms down immediately. She asks, “What do you want to do?”

“Answer my question.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Bah.” Wang Yunyun spits and won’t cooperate with Li Yong at all.

“Don’t force me to do it!” Li Yong smiles and raises his right hand. He stretches his five fingers and keeps moving them. Then he reaches for Wang Yunyun’s boobs.

“How dare you?” Wang Yunyun is very angry. Everyone will run away when hearing her name. She will definitely kill Li Yong if Li Yong dares to harass her.

“How dare you threaten me? See if I dare to do it.” Li Yong stretches forward his hand and wants to grab her boobs.

“Okay, I’ll tell you.” Wang Yunyun finally gives in.

He almost grabs them, but Li Yong has to take back his arm and feels pity. Then he looks at Wang Yunyun silently and waits for her to adjust her mood and tell him her secret.

But Wang Yunyun doesn’t tell him immediately. She looks at Lyu Chun, Hongyu and Wang Yuan who are looking at them.

Li Yong waves his hand and the three women walk out of the living room together.

“Li Yong is so bad. He wants to bully that beautiful woman.” Lyu Chun sighs and says.

“This woman is not simple. If Yong can have her, he will be able to do a lot of things.” Hongyu says slowly.

“Li Yong has already had a wife. How can that kind of woman be his mistress?” Lyu Chun comments.

“It’s uncertain. It’s possible as long as Yong is strong enough.” Hongyu retorts.

“Didn’t you see it? Li Yong would have been defeated if he hadn’t used that mean tactic.” Lyu Chun says.

“That is wisdom.” Hongyu insists.

“Oh? What did Li Yong do to you? Why do you defend him?” Lyu Chun says unhappily.Updates by vi p novel

“Yong let me stay here. He is my benefactor. Of course I should defend him.” Hongyu says arrogantly, “Aren’t you a woman who was taken in by Yong?”

“I was invited by him for one million yuan a year.” Lyu Chun says complacently.

Her status is not very noble, but is higher than that of Hongyu.

In the living room, Wang Yunyun hesitates for a while and says, “I want to save a zombie.”

“Zombie? Is there any zombie in the world?” Li Yong thinks it is a joke.

“I didn’t believe it at first, but the zombie showed great fighting power and saved my life. Then I believe there are zombies in the world, and I have to save him.” Wang Yunyun says earnestly.

LI Yong looks into Wang Yunyun’s bright eyes and thinks she is not lying.

He thinks about it and says smilingly, “Zombies are like dead men. The medical skills nowadays won’t work.”

“I know. But I heard that life-extending grass and Yanji fruit can vitalize the zombie. Lingzhi bamboo and Duan-in plum can let the zombie resurrect.” Wang Yunyun says.

“These four things are ancient plants and don’t exist in the world now.” Li Yong says.

“How do you know if you don’t go to look for them? Write the ancient book of medicinal materials for me. I’ll get to know the shapes and habits of the four plants. I must find them even though I have to seek through the world.” Wang Yunyun says seriously.

“You should tell me early! I can just write the four plants for you. Why did you have to ask me to write so many chapters?” Saying this, Li Yong takes a new desk and a new chair. Then he finds the pen and paper and begins to write.

He finishes writing before long and hands it to Wang Yunyun. He says, “I give this to you and our deal is done. Don’t come to bother me in the future, okay?”

“Okay.” Wang Yunyun is controlled by Li Yong and has to agree.

“Here you are.”

“How can I take it if you don’t unlock my acupoint?” Wang Yunyun can’t move and is very angry.

“Will you beat me if I let you go?” Li Yong asks cautiously.

“No.” Wang Yunyun lies for the first time. She even wants to kill Li Yong.

“Are you lying to me?” Li Yong seems to understand the hatred in her eyes.

“No.” Wang Yunyun suppresses her anger and says faintly.

“Okay! I’ll let you go.” Saying this, Li Yong hits Wang Yunyun’s chest acupoint.

When Wang Yunyun feels that she can move freely, she immediately rushes to Li Yong. She hates him so much and vows to kill him.

“You are a bad woman. Why don’t you keep your words?” Li Yong is startled and hurriedly dodges.

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