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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 397 Compete

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Chapter 397 Compete

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Seeing that Hongyu cries sadly, Li Yong doesn’t know how to comfort a crying woman.

At this moment, he suddenly remembers a sentence which said that what a woman needs most when she is sad is a shoulder that she can rely on. So he stretches out his arms and wants to hug Hongyu. He doesn’t know if this method is useful. Besides, he doesn’t know Hongyu well, so he is a little hesitant.

When he is hesitating, Hongyu leans in his arms. When her boobs stick on his hard body, Hongyu blushes and doesn’t dodge, but sticks on his body more tightly.

Li Yong smiles. It turns out that this method is feasible. He also puts his arms on her back and pats her gently.

They hug each other for a while and Hongyu gradually becomes calm. She wipes the tears in the corners of her eyes, raises her head and asks, “Yong, can you help us save Jin Wei?”

“Is he still alive?” Li Yong thinks for a moment and asks.

“Yes, the enemy won’t kill him directly. They take him as a hostage to take over his people and kill those who don’t pay allegiance to him. The enemy won’t kill Jin Wei before they can completely take over Jin Wei’s power.

“Jin Wei is my brother. I won’t leave him here. Since he won’t be dead for the time being, I’ll take care of the affairs of my family first and then I’ll go to Japan to save him. You’re injured, too. You should take care of your injury first. Come on, I’ll treat you.”

Hongyu saw Li Yong’s magical medical skills just now. Hearing that Li Yong wants to treat her, she gently unbuttons her red wind coat and lifts up the white shirt, revealing her white belly and the scar. The scar is 20 centimeters long and has nearly cut her ribs, which looks very shocking.

In the past, if Li Yong wanted to cure such a big wound once for all, he would be exhausted.

But now he can do it much easily. He lifts his hand and touches the scar, “Is it hurt?”

“It isn’t hurt now.” Hongyu’s muscles tremble when being touched by Li Yong, as if she is afraid, because it’s still hurt when being touched by Li Yong. It also seems that she is longing for it, because it’s really comfortable when being touched by him.

“If you had been cut a little deeper, your intestines would have been cut off.” Saying this, Li Yong takes the silver needle and gently pinches it with his fingers. He urges the spiritual power secretly and stabs the silver needle into Hongyu’s body. He stabs several times and the scar gradually fades. Hongyu’s pain is also gradually relieved as Li Yong does it.

Ten minutes later, Li Yong has had sweat on his forehead. Then he stops.

Hongyu feels a little itchy. She reaches to touch it and the scar falls off, leaving only a while mark.

“Yong, your medical skill is really wonderful. The doctor said I needed to recover for at least three months. But you cured me in an instant.” Hongyu is very excited. She looks at her smooth belly and smiles happily.

“It’s nothing. After two days, I’ll cure the mark of the scar, too.” Li Yong smiles faintly.

“Can you cure the white mark?” Hongyu feels incredible.

“Of course.” Li Yong is confident.

“Can you cure it?” Hongyu suddenly takes off her shirt and reveals her jade-like back. There is an astonishing scar from the left to the right of her back, nearly making Li Yong’s eyes hurt.

Because this scar, which seems to be from many years ago, is so severe that it almost cut her spine. Hongyu was so badly injured in the past and she is still alive now. This means that she has very strong willpower and desire for survival.

Li Yong admires this woman in his heart.

Li Yong lifts his hand and touches the scar slowly from one end to the other.

Although he has to consume much spiritual power to cure the scar, Li Yong still nods and says, “Yes.”

“And here.” Hongyu suddenly takes off her shorts and silk stockings, revealing her white butts. She also slightly bends down, showing her back completely to Li Yong, which makes Li Yong feel excited.

In fact, Li Yong had seen the scar on her butts before Hongyu took off her shorts. Although it’s not as long as that one on her back, it’s deeper. It is almost vertical to the butt crack.

Li Yong lifts his hand but doesn’t touch it, because this place is too sensitive. Li Yong is worried that Hongyu might misunderstand. He opens the clairvoyant vision and sees the internal of the scar. Then he says firmly, “Yes.”

Hongyu slowly puts on her clothes. She is too excited and isn’t shy anymore. She says happily, “Yong, I can give you all my money if you can cure these scars.”Updates by vi p novel

Hongyu saw that those patients all paid Li Yong fees after Li Yong cured them just now, so she thinks she also needs to pay.

“How much money do you have?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“300 million yen.” Hongyu says gently.

In Li Yong’s view, 300 million yen is not much money after being converted into Huaxia yuan. He didn’t expect Hongyu to be so poor, so he says smilingly, “I don’t want your money.”

“Then what do you want?” Hongyu hesitates and asks gently.

“Nothing.” Li Yong says earnestly.

“How can you not receive money? I saw you charge those patients after you treated them. I have to pay you, too.” Hongyu is afraid that Li Yong will refuse to treat her if he can’t get the money, so she insists.

“Okay, you can give me a kiss.” Li Yong smiles faintly.

“Yong…” Hongyu blushes and pinches her fingers. She is a little embarrassed, “My kiss is worthless.”

“It’s valuable in my opinion. One kiss is enough.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“I can give it to you now.” Saying this, Hongyu wants to hug Li Yong and kiss him. Japanese women are really crazy! She also asks smilingly, “Do you want me to take off my clothes first?”

“I haven’t treated you. You can give me after I cure you.” Li Yong stops her and smiles faintly, “I treat the patients first and charge them later. You can’t break my rule. Go to rest in Lyu Chun’s room. After I deal with my family’s affairs, I’ll take you to Japan to rescue Jin Wei.”

“Okay, thank you, Yong.” Hongyu lets go of Li Yong and walks out shyly. Li Yong’s refusal makes her realize that she was too hasty. She remembers that the men of Huaxia all like reserved women. Next time she will be more reserved.

Then Li Yong walks to Wang Yunyun.

“It’s my turn finally.” Wang Yunyun says with relief as she gets up from the sofa. She has been waiting here for several days. When she heard that Li Yong had gone to Thailand, she even wanted to go abroad to look for him.

She throws Li Yong a bag, “Here are 108 pieces of black jade. Count them. This time you must keep your promise and write me ten chapters.”

Li Yong opens the bag and sees that there is really all black jade that contains spiritual power.Access v ip novel

He puts away the bag and asks smilingly, “Why do you have to let me write the ancient book of medicinal materials for you?”

“I can’t tell you.” Wang Yunyun says arrogantly. It has long been her secret.

“Well, I’ll write it for you this time, and don’t come to me again in the future. I won’t write anymore.”

“Why?” Wang Yunyun asks nervously.

“I can’t tell you.” Saying this, Li Yong fetches the pen and paper and begins to write.

“What if I tell you the reason?” Wang Yunyun asks softly. She becomes gentler and has a low profile.

“I don’t want to write even if you tell me. I am very busy and don’t have time to write it. I feel scared when thinking that I have to write it all my life.” Li Yong says indifferently. He is really tired of writing it. He needs to write ten chapters this time and has to write at least two days.

“You…” Wang Yunyun is very angry. She thinks that she is fooled by Li Yong, because Li Yong once promised her that he would write one chapter for her every week and now he is unwilling to do it. This is difficult for her to accept.

However, when she sees that Li Yong is writing seriously, she dares not to get angry. She is afraid that Li Yong will refuse to write the ten chapters today if she affects his mood. She will be more unlucky then.

“Then tell me why…” After a while, Li Yong asks without raising his head.

“Because I’m looking for a medicine to save people.” Wang Yunyun gets close to Li Yong, bends her body and says softly, as if she is afraid of being eavesdropped.

Li Yong stops, looks up and says, “I’m a doctor. You can take the patient to me if you want to rescue him or her. I can cure ordinary diseases. Why do you have to look for the ancient book of medicinal materials?”

“Because the person whom I want to rescue doesn’t have an illness.” Wang Yunyun says seriously.

“Not illness? Then what is it? What else can people have except for illness?” Li Yong wonders.

“They can have babies.” Wang Yunyun says blankly.

“This is not brain twister.” Li Yong says seriously, “Tell me who you are going to rescue.”

“It’s my secret. I can’t tell you.” Wang Yunyun says coldly.

“All right. I won’t write since you don’t tell me.” Li Yong puts down the pen and stops writing.

“How can you do this? I’ve given you the black jade you want. How can you not write it?” Wang Yunyun says angrily. She circles around Li Yong and clenches her fists.

“What? Do you want to beat me?” Li Yong feels that Wang Yunyun wants to kill him more and more. It seems that she is really angry. But this dangerous killing atmosphere can’t frighten him. He has become a spiritual body now and really wants to compete with Wang Yunyun to see who is more powerful. He can take the revenge if he can defeat her.

What’s more, he has doubts about Wang Yunyun’s purpose. The woman is desperate to get the ancient book of medicinal materials. What on earth is she doing? If she is doing good things to human beings, Li Yong will be pleasure to help her. But what if she develops poison to harm the society? Thinking of this, Li Yong thinks that he can’t write it anymore.

This ancient book of medicinal materials that has one thousand chapters is the gems of wisdom of the ancient divine doctors. It’s very important and should be taken seriously.

“Don’t force me to do it.” Wang Yunyun thinks that she has been very tolerant all the time. If she had known that Li Yong would break his words, she would have used violence to control Li Yong.

“Well, let’s have a competition. I’ll write it to you if you win. You should get out of here if you lose.” Li Yong stands up and stares at Wang Yunyun. His momentum is not weaker than that of Wang Yunyun.

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