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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 396 Meet the Guests

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Chapter 396 Meet the Guests

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Han Fei becomes sober and hurriedly pushes Li Yong away. She blushes and is very nervous. She peeps at Han Lu. Fortunately, Han Lu is not angry, which makes her relieved.

“Darling, grandpa is ill. Treat him quickly!” Han Lu urges him.

“Where’s grandpa?” Li Yong asks.

“In the room.”

When Li Yong comes into the living room, he finds that there are many guests waiting for him. He doesn’t have time to say hello to these people and is led directly into the room by Han Lu. Han Xifeng is sitting on the bed, coughing constantly.

Li Yong sees that he is having an intravenous drip and looks older. He is seventy years old but he looks like a ninety-year-old man.

“Grandpa.” Li Yong says and pulls out the infusion tube directly.

“Xiaoyong, do you think I can be cured? If not, let me have an intravenous drip again.” Han Xifeng says and coughs more severely. After saying this, he coughs out sputum with blood in it.

“Grandpa, you can rest assured. It’s just a small disease. I can treat you.” Saying this, Li Yong opens his clairvoyant vision and examines Han Xifeng’s body. He immediately finds the cause of Han Xifeng’s disease.

He has just caught a cold. He is old and has weak physical constitution, which leads to some lung inflammation.

Fortunately, it is not serious. Li Yong feels that he can cure him easily. He takes out the silver needle and do acupuncture for Han Xifeng through his clothes for a moment. Han Xifeng immediately tops coughing and his old face gradually becomes red.

When Li Yong puts away the silver needle, Han Xifeng becomes vigorous and has the strength to get out of bed.

Han Lu points at the potion and asks, “Does grandpa still need to use it?”

“No, grandpa is all right now.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Okay?” Han Lu is very surprised, but believes Li Yong, “The doctor said grandpa’s lung was infected and it was very serious, so we took him home.”

“It was not serious at all. Today’s doctors always exaggerate to scare the patients.” Li Yong says with a laugh.

“Yes! The doctors always say the patients’ diseases are very serious in order to make money. The patients have to stay in hospital for several days even if they just have small diseases.” Saying this, Han Xifeng jumps out of bed. He kicks his leg and twists his waist, feeling more relaxed. He touches his beard and smiles, “I’m all right. I’m all right.”

“Grandpa, you should rest a little longer. Don’t be tired.” Han Lu advises.

“Why should I rest? I am full of strength now.” Han Xifeng waves his thin arm and says smilingly, “I’m going to the medical materials base. There was a hail a few days ago and the base has suffered big losses. I’m going to reduce our losses.”

“Don’t go, grandpa.” Han Lu advises.

“No, get me a car quickly and send me there.” Saying this, Han Xifeng walks out quickly. He also knows that he is old now, but he still wants to do something and cares about his granddaughter’s career.

“Darling, it’s…” Han Lu wants Li Yong to persuade him.

“It’s all right. Grandpa’s disease has really been cured. Send him there!” Li Yong thinks that if the old man wants to do something, his children should let him do it. The old man will be unhappy and even be sick if he isn’t allowed to do it.

The important thing for such an old man like Han Xifeng is to be happy. He can live a few years longer as long as he has a good mood.

“Then you go to deal with the things outside! There are so many people coming to wait for you every day. It’s really annoying. I’ll send grandpa there. There is something wrong and I can deal with it.

Saying this, Han Lu walks out with Han Xifeng quickly. Li Yong sees that Tian Hailu and Tian Qiushuang are following his wife, so he rests assured.

“Then you should come back and accompany me in the evening.” Li Yong orders.

Han Lu turns her head and shows a smile. Li Yong feels excited and really doesn’t want her to go.

After Li Yong sent Han Lu and Han Xifeng out of the house, he comes into the living room and greets those people smilingly, “Hello, everyone, I want to make it clear that you can’t wait for me in my home in the future. If you want to look for me, you should wait until I come back. You can also wait for me in Xiangong Hotel. That’s my hotel and I’ll go there each time I come back.”

Because Han Lu is annoyed, Li Yong comes to make a statement. He doesn’t want these people to bother his wife.

He sees that there are four women here: Wang Yunyun who is in a blue dress, Zhou Feixue who is gorgeously dressed, the policewoman Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi who has a good body shape, and Hongyu who is wearing a short red wind coat.

In addition to these, there are many people he doesn’t know.

Then Li Yong looks at Zhou Feixue, “I told you that you couldn’t bring the patients to my home. Why did you bring so many people here?” He opens his clairvoyant vision and has seen that there are many patients here.

“They had to follow me here. What could I do?” Zhou Feixue says unhappily. She thinks, “I brought people here to let you make money but you are unsatisfied. How unreasonable!Access v ip novel

“Come, I’ll treat you first, but don’t come to my home next time. My home is not a clinic or hospital. You’d better go to the Yong Kang Clinic. That’s my clinic and you can be cured there.” Saying this, Li Yong begins to treat them.

Now, he can use less spiritual power to treat the patients much faster.

More than a dozen patients are standing in a row. Li Yong uses the silver needle as the medium and infuses a wisp of spiritual power to their bodies. They are not only cured immediately but also excited. After being refined by the spiritual power, they are refreshed and feel comfortable all over the body. They are as happy as the immortals.

After these patients thanked Li Yong and left, Li Yong begins to treat Zhou Feixue’s eyes. He changes her single eyelids into double eyelids. He couldn’t do it before, but it’s much easier for him now.

He just stabs a few times with the silver needle and Zhou Feixue’s eyes become bigger noticeably, even bigger than the last cut.

She takes the mirror out of her bag and looks at it. Zhou Feixue is very happy. Now, there is nothing false on her body. Her double eyelids and big boobs are all 100% real.

It was her dream to have a perfect body shape and today her dream has come true.

She no longer has to be afraid that others say she has fake boobs and eyelids. She has regained strong confidence.

“Yong, thank you. Are you free this evening? I’d like to invite you to dinner.” It’s the first time that Zhou Feixue has invited a man who has a wife boldly. It’s because Li Yong has great power, which makes her admire him very much.

“No.” Li Yong refuses directly.

“So when are you free?” Zhou Feixue doesn’t feel embarrassed, but continues to ask smilingly.

“I’ll let you know when I’m free.” Li Yong says.

“Okay, then I’ll wait for your call. Don’t forget to call me!” Zhou Feixue looks at him seductively and is very charming.

After sending off Zhou Feixue, Li Yong looks at Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi. He didn’t expect that this Japanese policewoman has not gone back and has come to his home. Does she want him to treat her? He opens the clairvoyant vision and sees that her legs are all right, so he asks, “Why do you come to me?”

Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi stands up and seems to have got up a lot of courage. Then she says slowly in unskilled Huaxia language, “Mr. Li, please tell me where Kuwasawa Amami is. I must find her. This is my task. I can’t go back to Japan if I can’t find her.”

“How do I know where she is?” I can’t help you. Just leave!” Li Yong says faintly. He took the risk to rescue Kuwasawa Amami from Japan. He won’t give her to the Japanese police.

“Please help me. I will be very grateful to you.” Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi says pleadingly.

“I really can’t help you.” Li Yong says seriously.

Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi is sad. She rubs her big eyes and walks out step by step.

As she passes Li Yong, she looks into Li Yong’s eyes and says firmly, “I know that you must know it. Why don’t you help me?”

“Lunatic.” Li Yong waves his hand and drives Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi away. He really doesn’t like Japanese police, so he decides to protect Kuwasawa Amami. He can’t give such a good woman to Japanese police.

Kuwasawa Amami was forced by bad guys to kill people in Japan. If he hands her over to Japanese police, she’ll spend the rest of her life in prison. It’ll be a pity if such a beautiful woman spends her life in prison.Updates by vi p novel

Kuwasawa Tamakiyoshi walks out of the villa of the Han Family and takes a taxi to Xiangong Hotel, because she has just heard that Li Yong would go there. She decides to wait in Xiangong Hotel and try again after Li Yong comes.

“Why do you look for me?” Li Yong looks at Hongyu and finds that she doesn’t look good. There seems to be injury on her body, as if she has been through a life-and-death struggle. He opens his clairvoyant vision and sees a long scar.

Seeing that Li Yong finally notices her, Hongyu’s eyes become red. She opens her mouth but hesitates.

Because Wang Yunyun and Nanny Wang Yuan are also in the living room, she dares not to say anything randomly.

Li Yong looks at Wang Yunyun and says faintly, “Wait a minute.”

Then he waves his hand to Hongyu and takes her into the next room. He knows that it can’t keep Wang Yunyun who is a master from eavesdropping. He just wants to make Hongyu rest assured, so he closes the door.

“You’re hurt. What happened?” Li Yong asks softly and looks at Hongyu’s beautiful face.

“Yong, Jin Wei has been captured by the enemy. He asked me to come to beg you. Please save him.” Hongyu sobs and says.

“Oh, don’t be sad.” Seeing that Hongyu keeps shedding tears, Li Yong comforts her.

“My…my brother Heiling is also dead.” Hongyu cries even harder.

“Is Heiling your brother?” Li Yong asks.

“Well, yes.”

“Are you crying for him?”

“Yes, I have only one brother. As soon as I went back, I taught him the mental cultivation method I had learned from you. But before he succeeded in practicing, he was confronted by Jin Wei’s enemy. If he had practiced successfully like me, he would not have died. I could escape. He could definitely escape too.”

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