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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 395 Wives Communication Group

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Chapter 395 Wives Communication Group

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“Yong, I didn’t bully you.” Hao Huihua hurriedly explains and shows her innocence.

“Yong, neither did I.” Zheng Xinmei also says hastily.

“I know that both of you were instigated by Madam Wei. She is the main criminal. As a police officer, she deliberately broke the law and raped me after being drunk. I won’t let her off.” Li Yong repeats Wei Fangxia’s words in reverse, “You have to be my witnesses. I’m going to sue her.”

“I didn’t.” Wei Fangxia is afraid. She was focused on blaming Li Yong and completely unaware of her own fault. Now hearing Li Yong’s words, she becomes afraid.

“You didn’t? Last night, you chased me from the dining room to my bedroom, and then from the bedroom to the bed. I warned you that you couldn’t take off my clothes, but you still tore off all my clothes. Think about it. Didn’t you take the lead? Weren’t you the first to take off my clothes? You even tore off my underpants. You’re such a pervert.”

Li Yong gets more and more excited as he says. In the end, he feels aggrieved. Wei Fangxia is too powerful. Other men can’t withstand such a powerful woman! Luckily, his strength is far better than that of ordinary people. Otherwise, he would have been too tired to get up, let alone to clean up the room and to buy breakfast.

“…” Wei Fangxia blushes and can’t say a word. Although she was drunk last night, she still has some memories. Those memories seem to be verified by Li Yong’s words.

She is very ashamed and even wants to kill herself.

Seeing that Wei Fangxia becomes speechless and pitiful after he said this, Li Yong feels happy in the heart. He thinks triumphantly, “You actually want you sue me? Hum, you should be happy if I don’t sue you.”

However, in order to suppress Wei Fangxia’s arrogance, he still looks sullen. He suddenly says to Zheng Xinmei and Hao Huihua, “You must be my witnesses. I’m going to sue Madam Wei.”

“I…” Zheng Xinmei is afraid no matter who wants to sue the other, because as long as one of them sues the other, the absurd thing which happened last night will be made public. This will seriously affect her future life. She will be too ashamed to live.

“Yong, please forgive Fangxia! She just…made a drunken mistake…” Hao Huihua persuades.

“Yes, Yong, it’s all wine’s fault.” Zheng Xinmei also says hastily.

Li Yong takes a glance at Wei Fangxia who lowers her head and ponders, “I want to forgive her, but she has done a wrong thing and doesn’t even apologize. I must sue her for her attitude. I want to see that as the deputy director, how she will explain to the people. I want to see if she can continue to be a policewoman.”

Li Yong’s last words immediately hit Wei Fangxia’s soft spot. She suddenly looks up at Li Yong with her red eyes. She almost cries and says, “You can’t just blame me! You slept with the three of us and have taken the advantage of us. And now you actually want to sue me. Bastard, are you a man or not?”

Seeing that she can’t dominate the conversation, Wei Fangxia becomes emotional and bursts into tears.

Her ambition to retaliate Li Yong just now suddenly becomes sad tears.

Li Yong thinks: You wanted to sue me and send me into prison at first. I have no other way and have to retaliate. You just have to respond according to the situation. Why are you crying? Oh, women are really easily frightened.

“Yong, please forgive Fangxia!” Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei begin to beg him again. Seeing that Wei Fangxia is crying after being pressed by Li Yong, they really sympathize with her.

“Well, for the sake of both of you, I won’t sue her.” Li Yong says smilingly.

Wei Fangxia glares at Li Yong resentfully and sneers in the heart: Hum, you want to sue me? Bastard, you pretend to be kind after taking the advantage.” The she makes up her mind in the heart, “I won’t drink wine next time. It’s the alcohol that should be blamed.

When Wei Fangxia is thinking about it, Li Yong suddenly says, “But she should apologize to me!”

“Why should I apologize to you?” Wei Fangxia asks seriously.

“Yong, Fangxia has become your woman. Don’t let her apologize! You are a man. Can’t you be more magnanimous to your woman?” Hao Huihua shakes Li Yong’s arm and chuckles.

“Yes, Yong, don’t make Fangxia too embarrassed.” Zheng Xinmei also persuades him.

“My woman? Then you ask her if she wants to be my woman. If she wants to, I’ll forget about this thing. If she doesn’t want to, I’ll call the lawyer. I can’t just forgive her like that.” Li Yong says arrogantly.

“I don’t…”

Before Wei Fangxia finishes “I don’t want to”, she is stopped by Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei.

“Fangxia, it was you who took us into Yong’s room yesterday, and it was you who took off his clothes forcibly. This is your fault, so don’t be so stubborn.” Hao Huihua persuades her first.Access v ip novel

Then, Zheng Xinmei also persuades, “Fangxia, you won’t suffer a loss if you become Yong’s woman. Yong is rich and strong. He can satisfy you no matter in mental aspect or physical aspect.”

Wei Fangxia hesitates for a long time and finally sighs, “Okay! I’d like to be his woman for the time being.”

“For the time being?” Li Yong asks doubtfully.

“I want to be your woman only if you’re good to me. If you aren’t good to me, I won’t be your woman.” Wei Fangxia shouts again. Her voice is as loud as a siren.

“Yes, Yong, if you don’t treat us well, we won’t talk to you.” Hao Huihua also says.

“Yong, can you be good to us all at the same time?” Zheng Xinmei begins to doubt.

“You have to believe me. Was I good last night?” Li Yong says proudly.

“Hey, being good to us doesn’t refer to that thing. You have to help us when we meet with difficulties. And you have to make us happy when we are in a bad mood.” Hao Huihua says softly.

“Okay, I’ll build a wives communication group. You all come in. You can mention it directly in the group if you have anything that needs me to solve for you. I promise I’ll solve it for you as soon as possible.”

After adding the three women to the WeChat group, there are only four of them for the time being because this is a new group set by Li Yong. Li Yong secretly decides to add all of his women in the future.

He wants them to become a family. They can help each other when they meet with small difficulties.

The reality is very different from the ideal. In the future, Li Yong will be exhausted if they quarrel.Access v ip novel

“I’m hungry.” Wei Fangxia stretches herself and says.

“I’ve bought the breakfast. Am I considerate?” Li Yong says smilingly.

Then they come to the living room to have breakfast.

“See? I did all the cleaning here.” Li Yong says proudly.

“Hum.” Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua don’t care about it, because it has nothing to do with them. But Zheng Xinmei looks at Li Yong gratefully, because this is her work and she’ll be relaxed since Li Yong has done it.

After breakfast, Li Yong leaves Shikang City with Wei Fangxia, because Han Lu called and told him that Han Xifeng was sick. She urged Li Yong to go back quickly to treat their grandpa.

“Darling, it’s tiring to drive. Let me drive!” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Don’t call me darling.” Wei Fangxia says seriously. Then she sits in the back seat.

Li Yong drives on the road. Wei Fangxia sits in the back seat, closes her eyes and practices. Since internal strength appeared in her body, she likes the feeling of practice more and more. She has tried and her strength has increased a lot.

She doesn’t answer even when Li Yong chats with her. Seeing that she is practicing so hard, Li Yong stops flirting with her.

However, in addition to practicing, Wei Fangxia is thinking about the thing which happened last night all the way. As she thinks, she gets more and more confused and really can’t understand how Li Yong slept with the three of them. Besides, she finds that Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei are satisfied. They seem to have had affections for Li Yong and protect Li Yong all the time.

Wei Fangxia examines her conscience. She also has an affection for Li Yong. She wouldn’t have been so angry and uncomfortable if Li Yong had just slept with her. But this bastard slept with Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei except for her. And the two women are satisfied with him. How can she not be angry?

What happened last night has become a fact. She knows that it’s useless to be angry, so she begins to adjust her mood.

Life is short, so it’s better to be happy.

Back to Zhonghai City, Wei Fangxia tells Li Yong that she has to return to the police station to report work and leaves Li Yong at the gate of the villa of the Han Family. Then she drives the car and leaves directly.

Although she has adjusted her mood all the way, she is still in a bad mood and is afraid to face the people of the Han Family.


Han Lu greets him with a smile. They haven’t seen each other for more than ten days. She seems to be a little withered, but her body shape is still good and her face is still pretty. She is wearing a piece of black skirt and high heels, looking graceful and charming.

Li Yong hugs her at once and kisses her quickly at her delicate red lips, making Han Lu blush.

“Darling, did you miss me?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“Yes.” Han Lu finds that Li Yong has totally changed. He is more charming and masculine. His kiss makes her feel touched. Her body becomes soft and her heart beats quickly.

“I’ve earned one billion yuan for you. You have to serve me well tonight!” Li Yong teases her.

“So much?” Han Lu says in astonishment.

“It’s nothing. I’ll earn 10 billion yuan for you next time I go out.” Li Yong laughs and says.

“Darling, you are so amazing.” Han Lu takes the initiative to kiss him, making Li Yong very happy. Had it not been for others at home, he would have picked up Han Lu and run straight into the bedroom upstairs.

“Brother Yong.”

At this moment, Han Fei yells happily and jumps to Li Yong.

Li Yong lets go of Han Lu and hugs Han Fei at once. He also kisses Han Fei on the face. Han Fei is stunned for a second and then feels happy in the heart.

Li Yong finds that Han Fei is also wearing a piece of black skirt and high heels. The style is exactly the same as that of Han Lu. They even have the same hairstyle. They look like one person at first glance. Li Yong can’t help kissing Han Fei again.

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