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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 394 You Raped Me

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Chapter 394 You Raped Me

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The next morning, looking at the chaos on the ground, Li Yong remembers the madness of last night. It was like a dream.

He feels incredible. How could he be so strong?

After his internal strength has become spiritual power and his body has become spiritual body, he still has power left after making out with three women for a whole night.

Seeing that the three women have all fallen asleep with peaceful and happy look on their faces, Li Yong also feels satisfied.

He lifts his hand and wants to catch Wei Fangxia’s ankles to pull her into his arms and continue to make out with her. Wei Fangxia is the fiercest woman, so he wants to punish her. But when seeing Wei Fangxia sleeping so charmingly, he hesitates and takes back his hand. He tries to control the impulsion and the motivation to retaliate.

He takes the quilt from another room, looks at their beautiful bodies and gently covers them with the quilt.

Then he begins to put away the scattered dresses, stockings and high heels on the floor. He puts their own clothes beside each of them.

If the stocking is broken, he replaces it with a new one.

Naked women all look white and have no much difference. But they’ll have their own charm and beauty after getting dressed.

After putting away those things, he leaves the room. Then he sees that the dishes they had last night are still left on the dinner table. He counts and finds that the four of them drank five bottles of wine in total. No wonder they were so drunk.

He cleans up the living room as well as the dinner table silently. He also goes to throw the garbage like a hard-working dustman.

He is willing to do these things and feels very happy. He can’t help humming children’s songs.

The morning sunshine is gentle and beautiful. He looks directly at the sun and feels that life is really beautiful.

He suddenly has an idea. He wonders when he can see through the sun with his clairvoyant vision.

Thinking of that the three women must be hungry when they wake up, he goes to the breakfast shop and buys four portions of breakfast.

When he comes back, he sees that the three women are still sleeping. They were exhausted last night and are sleeping sound.

He sits down in the living room and waits patiently. There is a sound in the room until noon. He opens the clairvoyant vision and sees that Hao Huihua wakes up first. She sits up lazily, sees Wei Fangxia and Zheng Xinmei who are lying beside her and gets lost in thought. Then she murmurs, “How could that happen?”

After being silent for a moment, she murmurs again, “Where is Yong?”

She looks around the room and doesn’t find Li Yong. Then she begins to get dressed. She puts on the underwear first and then the stockings. She finds that one of the stockings is not the one she wore yesterday.

She looks around and sees the one she wore yesterday, which is broken. She remembers clearly that it was torn by Li Yong. When she heard the sound of tearing, she even felt excited.

When she gets dressed and jumps out of bed, Zheng Xinmei wakes up.

Zheng Xinmei sits up weakly and sees Hao Huihua. She is very embarrassed and quickly rubs her hot face. She says gently, “Huihua, why are we here? This seems to be Yong’s room.”Access v ip novel

“Don’t you remember?” Hao Huihua asks softly.

How could Zheng Xinmei forget? She is just pretending not to remember. Yesterday’s memory is too embarrassing. She shakes her head, blushes and says, “I was drunk. I don’t remember anything.”

“It seems that Yong has done that…with all of us…” Hao Huihua blushes and says.

“Ah?” Zheng Xinmei deliberately pretends to be surprised, because she really doesn’t know how to face this thing. She knows it, but it’s different between saying it and thinking about it.

She can pretend that nothing has happened if she just thinks about it in the heart. She has to face it if she says it.

“Do you hate him?” Hao Huihua asks softly.

“I…” Zheng Xinmei hesitates. She doesn’t know how to express her thought. After hesitating for a moment, she suddenly asks, “What about you, Huihua? Do you hate Yong?”

Zheng Xinmei sighs and shakes her head, “No, I was willing to do it. What about you?”Access v ip novel

“I…I…I don’t know.” Zheng Xinmei has mixed emotions. She deliberately forgets about last night. But she feels hard to accept it when Zheng Xinmei mentions it.

She feels that she doesn’t know whether she hates Li Yong. She feels very strange, as if there is a hand grabbing her heart. The hand doesn’t use much strength, but just won’t let her go. She doesn’t feel very painful.

At this moment, Wei Fangxia suddenly opens her eyes and sees Hao Huihua who is half-dressed and Zheng Xinmei who is naked. She looks sullen and asks angrily, “Were we all bullied by Li Yong?”

Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei look at each other and lower their heads together. They have no expression and keep silent.

“This bastard is too lawless now. It doesn’t matter if he just bullies me. But he actually bullied you. It was a crime. I’ll arrest him and send him into prison.” Wei Fangxia is furious. She immediately jumps out of bed and wants to go to arrest Li Yong. But she suddenly discovers that she doesn’t wear any clothes, so she suddenly stops.

She is even more angry when she sees that her clothes are broken.

At this moment, Hao Huihua hurriedly persuades, “Fangxia, don’t be angry.”

“It’s not good to arrest Yong!” Zheng Xinmei also persuades.

“Then what should we do?” Wei Fangxia asks while looking for her own clothes, “Should we let him marry us all? He has a wife who is easy to be jealous. She won’t tolerate us!”

“The law does not allow Yong to marry so many women!” Zheng Xinmei sighs, as if she doesn’t object to it.

“I won’t marry him.” Hao Huihua objects to it directly.

“I didn’t ask you to marry this bastard. I also don’t want to marry him. But he has taken advantage of us. We can’t just forgive him.” Wei Fangxia rolls her big eyes and thinks of bad ideas.

“Right! I also think Yong has done too much. We can’t just forgive him.” Zheng Xinmei also says.

Hao Huihua thinks and says, “There are three of us and he is alone. It seems that we’re bullying him.”

Hearing Hao Huihua’s words, Li Yong really agrees with her and can’t help laughing. He finds that Hao Huihua is a smart woman. Her words always make sense. Wei Fangxia is a violent woman. She always becomes angry and impulsive out of no reason. She even wants to arrest him. How bold she is!

Zheng Xinmei is a woman who doesn’t have her own opinion. She always obeys others.

Sure enough, after listening to Hao Huihua’s words, Zheng Xinmei also says, “Yes, we seem to bully Yong.”

“Bah, what are you thinking? He’s a man and we’re women. We’re weak! As long as we sue him for raping us and seek unity of taking, the judge will definitely send him to prison!”

“Fangxia, this is not good!” Hao Huihua hurriedly persuades her. She doesn’t think that she has been raped by Li Yong.

“Yes! Yong didn’t seem to rape me.” Zheng Xinmei also persuades her softly.

“Huihua, I know you’re cooperating with him in business and you are afraid of offending him. Xinmei, I know you’re working for him and dare not to offend him either. It’s just because you’re full of worries that bad guys like Li Yong are fearless and lawless. Listen to me, we can’t let him off.”

Wei Fangxia is very persuasive. Hearing her words, Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei lower their heads together.

It’s the first time that they have met such kind of person like Li Yong. He is strong and enduring, making them very comfortable. They are really reluctant to send such an outstanding man into prison.

Wei Fangxia thinks that she has succeeded in persuading Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei, so she asks hurriedly, “How is it? Clarify your positions.”

Hao Huihua lifts her head first and says softly, “Fangxia, I was voluntary last night. I took the initiative to climb on his body. Yong didn’t rape me. I let him bully me…”

“Huihua, I know it. Not only did you take the initiative, I also took the initiative. Xinmei, you also did it! But this is not the point. The point is, Li Yong touched us first. His hands are magical. Once being touched by him, we can’t control ourselves. We were forced by him.” Wei Fangxia painstakingly explains to them.

“No, I didn’t feel I was forced.” Hao Huihua shakes her head and says.

“What about you, Xinmei?” Seeing that she can’t persuade Hao Huihua, Wei Fangxia thinks that Hao Huihua is too weak and dares not to resist even after being raped, which makes her really disappointed. She puts her hope on Zheng Xinmei and decides to persuade Zheng Xinmei first. Then she will persuade Hao Huihua with Zheng Xinmei. They will persuade Hao Huihua in the end.

“I…I…will not sue Yong.” Zheng Xinmei stammers.

Wei Fangxia is more disappointed. She sighs heavily, “Your legal consciousness is really not enough!”

“Time for breakfast.”

At this moment, Li Yong’s voice suddenly comes into their ears. The three women are startled and see Li Yong opening the door and walking in. His lustful eyes are still looking at their bodies.

Hao Huihua has already put on clothes. She smiles and is calm.

Zheng Xinmei is only half-dressed, so she hastily picks up the quilt to cover her body. Her face becomes red with shame.

Wei Fangxia, however, is wearing only one piece of clothes. She doesn’t have time to care about being naked. She sets her feet shoulder-width apart with left hand on her waist and right hand pointing at Li Yong. She shouts angrily, “Get out. Get out of here.”

Li Yong folds his arms and smirks, “This is my room! You were drunk last night and rushed into my room like robbers. You climbed on my bed, took off my clothes directly and bullied me together. I warn you. You raped me inhumanely. I’ll reserve the right to pursue your legal liability.”

Wei Fangxia is startled and thinks what Li Yong said is true. She is no longer aggressive at once and dares not to gasp for breath. She hurriedly turns to look for her clothes and no longer dares to glare at Li Yong.

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