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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 393 Capture Them All

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Chapter 393 Capture Them All

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“Ms. Wei, did my wife call you when we were in Bangkok?” Li Yong asks casually.

“Yes!” Wei Fangxia answers casually.

“Did she ask you if there were any indecent women around me?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“How do you know?” Wei Fangxia moves her eyes from the mobile phone, stares at Li Yong and asks.

“I guessed it! What did you say, Ms. Wei?” Li Yong smiles.

“Hum, it’s none of your business.” Wei Fangxia becomes arrogant at once.

“Did you tell my wife what happened between us?! If you have told her, I don’t need to confess when I get home.” Li Yong pretends to be shocked and asks.

“Bah, do you think there is something wrong with me? You bastard, what kind of person do you think I am? I tell you, I won’t tell anyone about the affair between us. I won’t say it. You can’t say it either.” Wei Fangxia says angrily, “If you dare to tell others, I’ll kill you.” In the end, Wei Fangxia picks up her gun which can always bring her confidence.

“It’s okay that you don’t say it. Why should I say it?” Li Yong feels aggrieved.

“You can’t say it even if your wife forces you to.” Wei Fangxia says seriously.

Li Yong frowns and deliberately pretends that he is afraid of his wife, “If my wife really forces me, I may…really confess. Ms. Wei, what should I do then?”

Seeing that Li Yong is so afraid of his wife, Wei Fangxia is jealous and sighs, “Can’t you be less futile? Look at you. I’ll bully you too if I’m your wife.”

“How can you bully me?” Li Yong chuckles.

“I…” Wei Fangxia thinks and reaches out to pinch Li Yong, “I’ll kill you.”

However, Li Yong gently pulls her into his arms. Then he begins to touch her and makes out with her for a while.

Wei Fangxia can’t resist. Li Yong takes off her shirt quickly, revealing her big boobs.

When they are obsessed with each other and want to go on, someone knocks on the door.

“Fangxia, Yong, it’s time to eat.” This is Zheng Xinmei’s voice.

They are busy looking for their own clothes and hurriedly put them on.

“Bastard.” Wei Fangxia kicks Li Yong angrily, because her shirt is broken.

Seeing that Zheng Xinmei doesn’t come in, Li Yong pulls Wei Fangxia who immediately falls into his arms and no long has temper. Li Yong’s hands are magical and she can’t resist.

Although she is glaring at Li Yong resentfully, she can’t conceal the desire in her eyes.

“Do you feel comfortable?” Li Yong smirks and asks.

“Bastard.” Wei Fangxia scolds.

“Do you want more?” Li Yong continues to ask.

“Bastard.” Wei Fangxia scolds him again.

“Would you like me to be tough?”


“Why do you bite your finger?”


“You’re wet down there. Do you want to do it with me?”


“Let go of me. Don’t hug me. It’s time to eat.”


“I’ll satisfy you after dinner.”


Wei Fangxia keeps repeating the word and becomes gentler.

It was kind of swearing at the beginning, but it becomes flirting in the end.

Hao Huihua comes at dinner. Li Yong thinks she has something important to talk to him. It turns out that she just wants to talk about cooperation. Li Yong doesn’t care about such a trivial thing, but he asks her about it since Hao Huihua mentions it at dinner.

It turns out that Hao Huihua’s factory is a little small and can’t supply the wholesale quantity at all. However, she doesn’t want Li Yong to let other factories to process. She wants to expand the factory, which requires more money.

Li Yong asks with a smile, “How much do you need?”

“50 million yuan. 100 million yuan is the best.” Hao Huihua thinks about it and says very seriously.

“Okay! I’ll invest 100 million yuan as a stake. We’ll share out bonus at the end of year. What do you say?” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Great, thank you, Yong.” Hao Huihua is very happy. She has to pay a large amount of interest if she borrows money. She didn’t expect that Li Yong would directly invest, which makes her very happy.

“What’s your card number? I’ll transfer it to you now.”

After transferring 100 million yuan to Hao Huihua, Li Yong tells Zheng Xinmei, “You can discuss with Ms. Hao about how many shares I should hold. Just sign a contract casually. Ms. Hao is my friend. Don’t let her lose.”Access v ip novel

“Yes, Yong.” Zheng Xinmei answers seriously.

There is nothing for him to do and Li Yong is full. When he is about to get up and go back to the room, Hao Huihua suddenly lifts the glass, stands up and says smilingly, “Yong, with your support, my jewelry and jade processing factory will certainly be on the right track. I would like to propose a toast to you. May we have a good cooperation and may our friendship lasts forever.”

Li Yong knows that he can’t drink too much and is easy to get drunk, so he has never drunk outside.

However, seeing Hao Huihua hand him the glass happily, he can’t refuse. So he takes it and says smilingly, “Fill all your glasses and let’s drink together.”

“I won’t drink.” Wei Fangxia refuses at once. She will oppose whatever Li Yong proposes.

“Fangxia, you must drink it. I’ve finally got the investment today and will have a broader road in the future. Today is my big day. You have to drink at least three glasses!” Hao Huihua hands the glass to Wei Fangxia.

Wei Fangxia just wants to oppose Li Yong. Seeing that Hao Huihua hands her the glass, she takes it.

“Okay, I’ll drink three glasses.” Wei Fangxia says smilingly.

“Okay, let’s drink a toast three times.” Hao Huihua says cheerfully.

Looking at the big glass and the good wine, Li Yong thinks that two glasses of wine are too much for him. He will be drunk if he drinks three glasses. Won’t these women get drunk?

But he doesn’t stop her. Since they are all excited, they can have a good drink today.

Sure enough, after drinking three glasses of wine, the three women’s faces become red like monkey’s butts and they also become talkative. They talk and laugh, which is very lively. But as the topic goes further, they gradually lose control of their mouth.

“How many boyfriends did you have in the past, Ms. Wei?” Hao Huihua chuckles and asks.

“I didn’t have a relationship before. I mean the real boyfriend.” Although she is drunk, Wei Fangxia still says seriously, as if she is proud of it.

“How could it be?” Hao Huihua can’t believe it, because Wei Fangxia is so beautiful. She can’t believe that no man ever pursued Wei Fangxia. If any man ever pursued her, she must have had a boyfriend before.

“In the past, when I was in the police school, there was a loser pursuing me. I was touched and dated with him once. But this bad man hugged me compulsorily in the park, so I kicked his balls. I guess now he is still a eunuch.” Wei Fangxia says vaguely. She is very happy when speaking of this.

Hearing this, Li Yong suddenly clamps his legs and feels lucky in the heart. If he is also an ordinary person, he doesn’t know what he will be like under Wei Fangxia’s revenge. She kicked that man just because he hugged her. What will she do if someone sleeps with her? There is something wrong with Wei Fangxia!

“Fangxia, are you still a virgin now?” Zheng Xinmei asks doubtfully.Updates by vi p novel

Wei Fangxia’s look suddenly becomes sullen and she glares at Li Yong resentfully. She picks up the glass and takes a sip. Then she points at Li Yong’s nose and says resentfully, “Ask him.”

Zheng Xinmei and Hao Huihua immediately look at Li Yong. They show a searching look and ask Li Yong with their puzzled eyes. Li Yong feels aggrieved, spreads his hands and says, “Why ask me?”

“Did you bully Fangxia?” Zheng Xinmei frowns and asks.

“We’ll not forgive you if you dare to bully Fangxia.” Hao Huihua says seriously.

Seeing that they are so serious, Li Yong quickly denies, “I didn’t bully her. She bullied me.”

“Bastard, who bullied you?” Wei Fangxia jumps out of the chair as if she is stabbed on the butts. Although she can hardly stand steadily, she clenches her fist and waves it, which looks very powerful. Then she puts her hand on the wall and shouts angrily, “Sisters, take the revenge!”

Therefore, the three women rush to Li Yong together even though they are so drunk and stagger. Li Yong won’t fight with them and turns to run into the room.

“Don’t come. Don’t come.”

However, the more Li Yong doesn’t let them come, the more they chase him. Under Wei Fangxia’s instigation, they will never let him off easily. They shout and chase him up together like three ferocious tigresses. They push open the door and jump at Li Yong.

“Don’t come. Don’t take off my clothes. Don’t do that.” Li Yong jumps on the bed and pretends to be scared. He covers his chest with both hands like a helpless girl.

“Tear him up.” Wei Fangxia is the first to jump on the big bed and is very fierce.

Then Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei also climb on the bed and press Li Yong on the bed together.

Li Yong now knows how crazy drunk women can be. They jump at him and tear his clothes. His clothes disappear just in an instant. It looks like that they are really going to tear Li Yong up.

But when Li Yong begins to retaliate, the three women can’t withstand at all. Their strength all together can’t compare with 10% of the strength of Li Yong. Li Yong doesn’t do much. He just pulls and grabs, and their dresses are taken off by him one by one.

“Bastard, how dare you take off my clothes! I’ll kill you.” Wei Fangxia holds Li Yong’s hand and tries to break his fingers. She wants Li Yong to suffer from pain. But her look changes immediately when Li Yong touches her body.

She realizes that Li Yong’s hands are magical and fears that they three will all be touched by him. So she jumps out of bed and says, “Sisters, spare him this time.”

But Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei won’t listen to her. They all lean against Li Yong and are unwilling to leave. Their will is not as strong as that of Wei Fangxia. They can’t resist that kind of feeling.

Wei Fangxia thinks it’s not good. When she is about to pull Hao Huihua and Zheng Xinmei away from Li Yong, Li Yong has grabbed her with his big hands. She can’t resist at all and is captured by Li Yong.

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