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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 392 Decent Women

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Chapter 392 Decent Women

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The next morning, the delegation of Huaxia boards the plane to Huaxia in the farewell of Bangkok’s officials.

The journey is smooth. At two o’clock in the afternoon, Li Yong gets off the plane with the delegation in Shikang City.

After walking out of the airport, everyone says good-bye to each other and is picked up by cars one by one.

Hao Huihua and Sui Yezhu are the first to be picked up by a car. Before Hao Huihua leaves, she gets close to Li Yong’s ear and says softly, “I’ll go to see you tonight.”

Li Yong really wants to ask why you want to go to see me tonight.

But Hao Huihua runs away shyly after saying this and Li Yong has no time to ask at all.

Seeing that she is carrying the luggage and running away quickly on high heels, Li Yong chuckles.

Does she want to sleep with me tonight? Li Yong will never refuse it if Hao Huihua takes the initiative.

“Look at your disgusting and lustful look. I’ve taken photos of your intimate behavior. I’ll show Han Lu after I go back. Han Lu will discipline you, bastard.” Wei Fangxia says angrily.

LI Yong hesitates and didn’t expect that Wei Fangxia took photos again. But he isn’t worried at all. He asks happily, “Did you take photos when we had sex? Will you tell my wife about it?”

“You…bastard…” Wei Fangxia has never thought about telling others about her relationship with Li Yong. Li Yong is shameless, but she is not as shameless as Li Yong.

If others know about the affair between her and Li Yong, she will be too ashamed to live.

“You can tell her all about it if you have the guts. I won’t stop you.” Li Yong glares at her defiantly.

“I don’t want to talk to you. Get away from me.” Wei Fangxia blushes and is very angry.

“Okay, don’t follow me.” Li Yong strides out, because he has seen Zheng Xinmei come to pick him up.

Seeing Li Yong walking farther away, Wei Fangxia grits her teeth and still follows up. There is no other way, because her task is to protect Li Yong. Although she does not have the ability to protect Li Yong, she still needs to make the gesture.

“Yong.” Zheng Xinmei walks out from the crowd. Her black lace miniskirt immediately makes a brilliant appearance at the airport.

Li Yong stretches out his arms and wants to have a hug with her. Zheng Xinmei hurriedly stops so as not to crash into Li Yong’s arms. She doesn’t want to be hugged by Li Yong on such an occasion where there are so many people. Those who don’t know them may think they are a couple. But it will be very embarrassed if they meet someone they know. Zheng Xinmei knows that Li Yong is sure to be followed by Wei Fangxia.

But Li Yong takes two steps forward and still hugs Zheng Xinmei. Her soft and charming body with a whiff of light fragrance makes Li Yong feel obsessed and almost have a reaction. He pats on Zheng Xinmei’s butt with his big hand and pretends not to be pleased, “Why did you hide from me?”

“No… I didn’t.” Zheng Xinmei’s heart beats quickly and her face is as red as the rosy dawn.

“Did you miss me?” Li Yong lets go of her cheerfully and asks.

“No… Oh, yes.” Zheng Xinmei is a little absent-minded after being hugged by Li Yong. She secretly looks around and suddenly sees Wei Fangxia’s fierce eyes. Her face gets even redder.

Wei Fangxia didn’t expect that Li Yong and Zheng Xinmei are so intimate too. She immediately takes out the mobile phone and takes two photos behind them. Wei Fangxia grits her teeth resentfully.

She wants to scold Li Yong, but she also thinks that why she should mind his business since she has no relationship with him.

But she feels uncomfortable if she doesn’t scold him, so she has to glare at Li Yong and scold him in the heart.Updates by vi p novel

Arriving at Brother Yong Jewelry Center, Li Yong transfers 200 million yuan to Zheng Xinmei as the capital for her to do wholesale business of jewelry and jade. What’s more, Li Yong makes it clear to her that the service level and quality must be improved.

This is the inspiration that Li Yong got in the jewelry stores in Bangkok. He thinks that in the future market of global luxury goods, the quality of products is one aspect. The quality and level of service are more important.

If the customers aren’t unhappy with the service, they won’t buy anything no matter how good the products are.

Then Li Yong goes to visit the antique market. Wei Fangxia naturally follows him and carries her bag.

Li Yong finds that in those antique stores, he couldn’t completely clean the jade that contains too many impurities last time. But this time, his internal strength has fully turned into spiritual power. He can clean up the impurities now.

Li Yong feels that as his spiritual power grows stronger and stronger, he will one day be able to turn very common jade into top-class jade. This skill is enough to make him the richest man in the world.

Because he visited here last time, he doesn’t get much this time. He only gets 36 pieces of jade after visiting all the antique stores. Other jade has too many impurities and he is not able to clean them up completely.

He didn’t buy the jade that can’t be changed into top-class jade by him.

Even these 36 pieces of jade consume him twice as much spiritual power as before after being changed into top-class jade by him.

Had it not been for the 10,000 wisps of spiritual power stored in his body, Li Yong would not have been willing to waste it.

“Let’s go back!” After walking out of the last store, Li Yong says faintly.

“Why do you stop?” Wei Fangxia asks, “You bought a little less this time.”

“That’s enough. These are gifts for my wives. I don’t have 36 wives in all. I can still have some left even if I give two pieces for each of them.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Hum, you want 36 wives. Can you satisfy them all? You’ll be tortured by so many women.” Wei Fangxia says resentfully. She finds that she dislikes Li Yong more and more even if he is handsome.

The ancient emperors only had nine wives in total and they would be too busy to care about all of them. Many of their wives became dissatisfied. Li Yong actually wants to marry 36 wives. Isn’t he asking for death?

“How is it? Would you like to try? By the way, you’re one of my wives. Here’s one piece for you.”

“I’m not your wife. I’ll be angry if you say that again.” Wei Fangxia says very seriously, as if she has never been angry. Her expression and tone even make Li Yong laugh.

“Do you want top-class jade? You can pick one you like now.”

“No.” Wei Fangxia shouts angrily. With Li Yong’s help, she has already got two pieces of top-class jade and successfully sold them out. She got 18 million yuan in total. In addition, she still has a few priceless jade stones in her hand, the total price of which is also about 18 million yuan, especially the top-class bloodstone which is priceless.

It’s enough for her. When she protects Li Yong, she has made a fortune that she can’t earn in her lifetime. She is very satisfied and doesn’t want more, because she is afraid that she can’t spend and that it may bring disasters.

“You really don’t want?” Li Yong thinks that women are all greedy and Wei Fangxia should be no exception.

“No.” Wei Fangxia is very serious, like the selfless Bao Zheng in the drama.

“Okay, let’s go home.” Li Yong puts his arm around Wei Fangxia’s neck and is very happy. He really wants to kiss Wei Fangxia’s delicate and pretty face. He likes such a contented woman who is easy to raise!

If all his women ask for 800 million yuan like Han Lu did, he will be exhausted from making money, let alone sleeping with them.

“Let go of me.” This is Huaxia, not Bangkok. Wei Fangxia thinks that Li Yong has gone too far.

“Come on, give me your bag and I’ll carry it.” Li Yong unloads Wei Fangxia’s bag and puts it on his back directly. How can a man let a woman carry things?

Although Wei Fangxia has a lot of strength, Li Yong is still afraid that she will be tired at this moment.

“Why?! I can carry it.” Wei Fangxia is used to carrying it. Besides protecting Li Yong, she seems to have become a conscientious charwoman.

“I am afraid that you’ll be tired.” Li Yong smiles happily, “I am a man and am stronger than you. How can I let you carry the bag?”Access v ip novel.

Wei Fangxia feels warm in the heart and didn’t expect that Li Yong could be so thoughtful. Such a small behavior and words can affect a woman most. Wei Fangxia is not so annoyed anymore.

“Here you are.” Li Yong buys a kebab by the side of the road and hands it to Wei Fangxia.

Wei Fangxia reaches for it, but Li Yong gently dodges and says smilingly, “It’s too oily. Don’t let it dirty your hand. Come one, open your mouth. I’ll feed you.”

Wei Fangxia feels warm in the heart again but still takes it in hand. She won’t let Li Yong feed her on the street.

They return to Brother Yong Jewelry Center. After packing up, Li Yong and Wei Fangxia decide to rest here tonight and to go back to Zhonghai City tomorrow. Li Yong sits in Wei Fangxia’s room and watches Wei Fangxia play with her mobile phone.

Wei Fangxia is looking for a house. She is going to buy a villa as an award to herself after she returns to Zhonghai City.

At this moment, Li Yong suddenly hears Zheng Xinmei’s voice.

“President Han Lu, Yong didn’t say when he was going back. He went shopping with Ms. Wei just now. Yes, he has given me 200 million yuan and let me start the jade wholesale business. I have done the research. The business has a large profit and I can do it well. Okay, I’ll write a plan. I will definitely achieve the goal…”

Li Yong listens carefully. He finds that he can hear not only Zheng Xinmei’s voice, but also Han Lu’s voice. Han Lu asks, “Are there any indecent women around him?”

“No, really no.” Li Yong is very satisfied with Zheng Xinmei’s answer.

“Good, keep an eye on him carefully and I’ll double your bonus this month.” Han Lu says.

Li Yong exclaims in his heart that his wife is really good! She can keep track of his whereabouts all the time. She keeps caring about whether there are any other women around him. If she devotes such energy into work, she can definitely make a big profit and the Han’s Group should have developed rapidly. Its development won’t be as slow as it is now.

Why does she have to use such energy to monitor him? Doesn’t she feel annoying? Li Yong shakes his head and sighs.

He is confident in his personality. He will never touch those indecent women.

The women he touches are all decent.

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