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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 391 Guan Xiaoyue

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Chapter 391 Guan Xiaoyue

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Hao Huihua exclaims and presses her boobs on Li Yong’s head. A numb feeling spreads all over her body and softens her whole body, as if she has been tired for a day and doesn’t have any strength to get up.

In particular, Li Yong moves his hands up and down her back, which makes her even more obsessed and not be able to control herself.

She feels that Li Yong has put his hands in her dress. He seems to be insatiable. Hao Huihua blushes and grabs Li Yong’s hands tightly with all her strength. She gasps and says, “Not now.”

“Why not?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“You can’t enter my body.” Hao Huihua blushes. She can’t believe that she said such words.

“I know… I won’t do it.” Li Yong comforts her.

“Stop it.” Hao Huihua bites her lip and says.

“Why?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“I’m uncomfortable.” Hao Huihua feels bitter and wants to shed tears.

“Where do you feel uncomfortable? I can treat you.” Li Yong hurriedly opens his clairvoyant vision and examines Hao Huihua quickly, but he finds nothing wrong with her. This beautiful body is very healthy.

“I want it so much after being touched by you, but I’m menstruating and can’t have it.” Hao Huihua complains.

Li Yong immediately understands. Looking at Hao Huihua’s charming body, Li Yong really can’t help it, but he has to control himself when thinking of that Hao Huihua is menstruating. He doesn’t want Hao Huihua to continue to suffer from it, so he immediately stops and supports her up gently, helping her tidy her dress.

His fingers slide on Hao Huihua’s thigh. Hao Huihua clamps her legs and is very scared. She feels relieved when Li Yong takes away his hands. But she suddenly sees that Li Yong has erected, so she gasps again and asks, “Are you uncomfortable?”

Li Yong shakes his head. His penis will soften as long as he urges his spiritual power. Now he can change it as he wants, which is brought by the spiritual power.

She wants to help Li Yong solve it like the scene in the movie, but she has to give up when seeing that Li Yong shakes his head. She has never done it and doesn’t know how to do it, so she feels relieved.

“I’m leaving.” Hao Huihua says softly.

“You don’t have to leave. Sleep here with me!” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Ms. Wei is waiting for me.” Hao Huihua says.

“Let her wait. Just ignore her.” Li Yong says.

“But what should I do if she comes to look for me?” Hao Huihua is in a dilemma and is looking for an excuse randomly. She wants Li Yong to let her go and wants him to ask her to leave at the same time.

“We three can sleep together if she comes.” Li Yong smirks and says.

“How can we do this?” Hao Huihua is shocked and says.

“Why not?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“We just can’t.” Hao Huihua says seriously.

“Then you go back first! I’ll go to your room later.” Li Yong chuckles and says.

“Don’t mess around.” Hao Huihua warns him and hurriedly leaves.

Li Yong won’t mess around of course. He begins to practice soon. It’s important to increase his personal strength.

But Hao Huihua and Wei Fangxia are both sleepless because of his words.

Because Hao Huihua told Wei Fangxia about Li Yong’s words. Wei Fangxia says angrily, “I’ll cut his penis if he dares to come.” Saying this, she puts a knife by her pillow.

Seeing that Wei Fangxia is so fierce, Hao Huihua looks forward to and is afraid of Li Yong’s coming at the same time.

“Did he take advantage of you?” Wei Fangxia asks.

“No… No.” Hao Huihua hurriedly shakes her head.

After half an hour, Hao Huihua asks the same question, “Ms. Wei, did Yong take advantage of you?”

“How could it be possible? I would have castrated him if he had taken advantage of me.” Wei Fangxia says arrogantly.

This makes Hao Huihua admire her very much. She feels that Wei Fangxia deserves to be a policewoman. She is really good.Access v ip novel

She also wants to become more powerful and fierce, at least to be able to suppress a lustful man like Li Yong. However, every time she faces Li Yong, she can’t take advantage of him and becomes a very obedient woman.

Li Yong seems to have the majesty that she dares not to touch. He is like an emperor who is in a prominent position.

However, only Wei Fangxia knows that when Li Yong touches her with his magical hands, she is unwilling to castrate him even if Li Yong asks her to do it. She will take Li Yong’s hand and let Li Yong take advantage of her even if Li Yong doesn’t take the initiative.

It’s also because Li Yong’s hands are very magical that she is so wary of Li Yong’s acceptance. She is really afraid that Li Yong will give full play to his animal disposition and massage her that way in front of the crowd. That will be too embarrassed.

In a luxurious villa, Lin Tao walks into the living room as if there is no one. He immediately looks at Master Dou and moves quickly. Then he suddenly catches Master Dou’s neck with his fingers.

“My lady, save me.” Master Dou cries. The sudden appearance of Lin Tao almost frightens him to death.

The young and beautiful woman on the sofa stands up with a smile on her face. She shakes the hem of her windbreaker and reveals her leather skirt and beautiful legs. She greets Lin Tao and says smilingly, “Uncle Lin, I’m Xiaoyue! Don’t you recognize me? I didn’t expect you to visit my home today. I’m really happy to see you. Sit down please, Uncle Lin.”

“Guan Xiaoyue?” Lin Tao turns his head to look at her. He was going to break the neck of Master Dou, but now he loosens his fingers and spares his life. He also didn’t expect that this was Guan Xiaoyue’s home.

“Yes, it’s me.” Guan Xiaoyue walks over quickly and pours tea for him personally.

“I’m here to kill this bald man. He bullied my disciple.” Lin Tao doesn’t sit down or drink tea. He still puts his hand on Master Dou’s neck. Master Dou shivers all over the body and his face becomes black with fear.

“Why did you say that? How dare we bully Uncle Lin’s disciple? We did it to save you. Think about it, Uncle Lin. How could Heiniao have found him so quickly if we hadn’t told him that your disciple was coming? He couldn’t have brought you! If so, you would have died in five days and we couldn’t have saved you.” Guan Xiaoyue chuckles.

“So, I still should thank you?” Lin Tao begins to ponder. He is well-in-formed and has known early that it was Master Dou who told Heiniao about Li Yong. That was why Heiniao came.

“Uncle Lin, that’s what we ought to do. We’ve been trying to save you since you were seized by Heiniao. We didn’t believe that you had become younger. I’ve really broadened my horizon after seeing you today.”

Guan Xiaoyue circles around Lin Tao twice and is surprised. Lin Tao could live only a few years at the beginning. Now Lin Tao is like a 40-year-old man, as if he has endless life.

He has changed from a 150-year-old man to a 40-year-old man. This is absolutely a miracle!

She continues to say with a smile, “You’re all right now. Is Heiniao dead?”

“Who can kill him if I can’t recover all my strength?” Lin Tao says proudly. He now lets go of Master Dou and pushes him away. Master Dou falls on the floor heavily. In Lin Tao’s hand, Master Dou is as weak as a chick. Lin Tao says coldly, “I’ll spare your life this time. No one can rescue you next time.”

“Master Lin Tao, Thank you for not killing me.” Master Dou quickly gets up and bows to Lin Tao respectfully.

Lin Tao looks at Guan Xiaoyue and orders, “I have now passed on Nanshan School to my disciple, Li Yong. You’d better help him develop Nanshan School. He is a good man. Marry him.”

“Yes.” Guan Xiaoyue promises straightly. She is not like such a young woman at all.

Seeing that Guan Xiaoyue’s attitude is so good, Lin Tao shows a rare smile and throws her a tattered book, “This is the first chapter of the medical mental cultivation method. If you can contribute to Nanshan School and help develop it, I’ll give you the rest of two chapters.

“Thank you, Uncle Lin. I will devote myself wholeheartedly to Nanshan School.” Guan Xiaoyue looks overjoyed. She picks up the tattered book and can’t wait to read it.

Lin Tao turns around and leaves. It seems that his steps are slow, but he disappears in an instant.

“My lady, are we really going to work for Nanshan School?” Master Dou asks softly after Lin Tao left.

“How is it possible? I’m no longer a disciple of Nanshan School.” Guan Xiaoyue’s look quickly becomes cold and arrogant. She closes the first chapter of the medical mental cultivation method and throws it into the trash can, “I wanted to learn it in the past, but it’s rubbish to me now.”

But Master Dou quickly picks it up and cleans it as if it’s a treasure to him. He says earnestly, “The rubbish in your eyes is a treasure in my eyes. My lady, please give it to me.”

“You can have a try if you want to practice it! It doesn’t have much value.” Guan Xiaoyue says faintly.

“Thank you, my lady. Are you really going to marry Li Yong?” Master Dou asks carefully.

“Who can match me in this world?” Guan Xiaoyue says arrogantly, “Li Yong is not even qualified to carry my shoes. But his Shi Ying is still useful to me. Try to get it for me.”

“Yes.” Master Dou says. He has failed once and is not confident.

“Can’t you do that?” Guan Xiaoyue looks cold and asks loudly.

Master Dou kneels down on the floor in horror and says respectfully, “My lady, I’m no match for Li Yong and I’m not sure if I can rob Shi Ying. My lady, please give me some advice.”

“Who let you rob it? Can’t you use your brain? Use your brain.” Guan Xiaoyue says angrily.

Master Dou pats his bald head hard, making a crackling sound and leaving red finger prints on it. As he pats, he suddenly looks happy and seems to have come up with a good idea.

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