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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 390 Ms. Hao, Why Aren’t You Wearing Pants?

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Chapter 390 Ms. Hao, Why Aren’t You Wearing Pants?

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Now it’s late at night and the ball has been over early. The king asks the guards to send Li Yong and the others back to the hotel.

As soon as Li Yong gets in the car, he takes Wei Fangxia’s thighs as a pillow and lies down comfortably.

He is lying in the arms of a beauty! It might be more excited if he can drink a little wine and gets a little drunk.

They get off in front of the hotel. Li Yong pretends to stumble deliberately and stretches out his arm over Wei Fangxia’s shoulder. Now Wei Fangxia is not so averse to the intimate contact between Li Yong and her.

Even if they are seen by others, she holds back the anger in her heart and pretends to care about Li Yong.

Because Li Yong is weak now. Wei Fangxia saw that he was exhausted to cure the king with her own eyes.

When Li Yong needs her, she can overcome the psychological barrier and reach out to help him.

It’s a spirit of helpfulness. She doesn’t associate it with the romance between a man and a woman.

But Li Yong touches her boobs with his big hands and she immediately finds that Li Yong pretended to be weak to take the advantage of her. She blushes at once and pushes Li Yong away. She says angrily, “Bastard, you…”

“I just touched you by accident. Why are you so fierce? I’ll go to Ms. Hao if you don’t want to support me.”

At this moment, Hao Huihua gets off from another car. Li Yong immediately walks over and puts his arm on Hao Huihua’s shoulder, which is just the same as what he did to Wei Fangxia. Wei Fangxia is so startled that she opens her eyes widely.

Because Hao Huihua is more considerate than her. She not only lets Li Yong put his arms on her shoulder, but also puts her arm on Li Yong’s waist. They are so intimate that they just look like a couple in love.

Wei Fangxia suddenly wants to take a photo of them and send it to Han Lu to destroy their family.

At the thought of Han Lu scolding Li Yong, she feels good in the heart.

“See? Look at Ms. Hao. She is more generous than you.” When Li Yong feels complacent in the heart and looks at Wei Fangxia provocatively, he is stopped. He looks at the person carefully and finds that he is a doctor.

He is one of the doctors who treated Fourth Prince.

“Mr. Li, I have a headache. Please treat me.” The doctor says respectfully.

At this moment, Li Yong has recovered a little bit. He opens his clairvoyant vision and sees that there is small red spot in the doctor’s brain. Apparently it is a blood clot. Seeing that the Thai doctor is at his forties but he looks like an old man who is more than 70 years old, Li Yong knows that he must be suffering pain that ordinary people can’t bear.

Li Yong will definitely treat such a man. This is his medical ethics and benevolence.

“Come here.” Li Yong waves his hand and says faintly.

The doctor immediately reaches his face. Li Yong lifts his hand and slaps it. A wisp of spiritual power is silently infused into the doctor’s brain.

The condition of the doctor is similar to that of Xiao Xiaopan. In the past, when Li Yong treated Xiao Xiaopan, he had to treat her several times with all his strength. Now his internal strength has become spiritual power and his medical skills have been improved. A wisp of spiritual power can heal the doctor. It won’t waste much of his strength.

Seeing that the blood clot in the doctor’s brain soon disappears, Li Yong turns his head and says, “Ms. Wei, slap him twice. We have to cooperate to cure him and let his disease never relapse.”

Wei Fangxia hesitates for a moment. In order to cure him, she grits her teeth and lifts her hand to slap the doctor twice. She dares not to use too much strength but still slaps him with a bang. She is afraid that it won’t work if she uses too little strength and that she might hurt him if she uses too much strength. She has to control the strength by herself.

“Do you feel all right now?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

The doctor feels it carefully and suddenly says happily, “It’s not hurt. It’s not hurt anymore. Doctor Li, you’re really a divine doctor! The medical skills of Huaxia really deserve the reputation. Thank you, thank you so much!”

“You’re welcome.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“How much do I have to pay you?” The doctor takes out a handful of Thai Baht.

“No, I don’t think you’re rich. You don’t have to pay me!”

“Thank you, thank you very much. Buddha will bless you.” The doctor is so moved that he even wants to cry. He really doesn’t have much money. He has spent all his money for treatment. He keeps bowing to Li Yong and is very pious.

Wei Fangxia looks at her hand and thinks, “Am I so powerful? I felt nothing to slap this man, but I was really sad when I slapped Fourth Prince. I hope that Fourth Prince can understand my painstaking. I really did it for his own good. I hope he can understand me and don’t hate me.”

The angry roar of Fourth Prince has been resounding in Wei Fangxia’s mind along the way, which makes her very uncomfortable. She feels that she owes Fourth Prince. He is so handsome. How could she slap him?

Back to the room of the hotel, Wei Fangxia still can’t forget Fourth Prince.

Seeing that Li Yong has a bad smile on his face, she suddenly asks, “Was that you?”

“What do you mean?” Li Yong frowns and stops smiling.

“You were jealous and envious when you saw me dance with Fourth Prince, so you approached him secretly and suddenly made him faint with an indecent method. Am I right?” Wei Fangxia asks affirmatively.

“I was envious? I was jealous?” Li Yong sneers and will never admit it.

“Then why did you suddenly appear next to me and Fourth Prince?” Wei Fangxia continues to ask. Her mind is filled with the scene at that time. The more she thinks about it, the more she feels that something is wrong about it. Seeing that Li Yong doesn’t answer, Wei Fangxia asks Hao Huihua, “Huihua, tell me whether it was Li Yong.”

Hao Huihua really saw Li Yong lift his hand and poke Fourth Prince, but she doesn’t believe that Fourth Prince fell ill after just being poked by Li Yong. Besides, Li Yong has cured Fourth Prince. Although the process made them feel frightened, he cured the prince anyway. She shakes her head to show that she doesn’t know.

“It was me, okay? I deliberately made him faint and went to cure him. You are right about everything. Are you satisfied now?” Li Yong admits it smilingly.

“Hum.” At this moment, Wei Fangxia doesn’t believe it. She also thinks that Li Yong dared not to hurt Fourth Prince in that kind of occasion. That’s the palace! There were royal guards everywhere. Li Yong dared not to do it even if he was given more courage.Update by vi p novel

But the scene of Fourth Prince shouting at her keeps emerging in her mind, which makes her restless and disturbed.

“Huihua, you sleep in my room tonight. Let Li Yong sleep elsewhere.” Wei Fangxia glares at Li Yong. Her affection for him has disappeared. She looks at Li Yong and feels that he is more annoying.

“Well…okay!” Hao Huihua is apparently reluctant, but she still agrees.

“That’s just what I want, lest someone keeps staring at me all night. She won’t stop staring at me even if I have erected.” Li Yong laughs and glares at Wei Fangxia.

Wei Fangxia almost vomits blood. She really didn’t expect that Li Yong knew that she stared at him all night. This makes her feel ashamed and angry. She clenches her fists and wants to kill Li Yong.

But after all, it was her who peeked. She feels that she is in the wrong and can’t be angry or ashamed. She feels more awkward to be silent. Now one second seems like a year for her. She feels especially helpless.

She blushes and lowers her head under Li Yong’s gaze.

Li Yong doesn’t press her, but walks into Hao Huihua’s room next door.

He lies on the bed and immediately smells the lingering fragrance of Hao Huihua’s body and a whiff of blood.

Why is there blood here? Li Yong is slightly surprised and hurriedly looks for it on the bed, but he finds nothing.

He finds that his olfaction has become better. He can actually smell blood where there is no trace of blood.

Li Yong lies down on the bed and is about to practice. Then he hears that the door is opened. He turns his head and sees that it’s Hao Huihua. Li Yong says in surprise, “Ms. Hao, why aren’t you wearing pants?”

Hao Huihua blushes and says softly, “I’m wearing a skirt. Why should I wear pants?”

Li Yong blinks his eyes and sees that Hao Huihua is really wearing a skirt. Besides, she is wearing a mini skirt, revealing her long slender legs. Li Yong almost drools.

He blinks his eyes and feels strange. He did not see Hao Huihua’s skirt just now, which makes him realize that his clairvoyant vision has become more and more powerful. It can be opened automatically now.

“What do you want?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

Hao Huihua sees that Li Yong is lying on the bed naked. He doesn’t cover the quilt on his body. His penis is erected proudly like the neck of a swan that is raising its head to sing. Hao Huihua’s face becomes redder.

“I…I’m coming to take some clothes.” This even makes her stammer.

At this moment, Li Yong smells blood again. He asks, “Ms. Hao, are you bleeding?”

However, after asking this, he remembers that Hao Huihua is menstruating, so he becomes very embarrassed.

Everyone has privacy, especially women, whose privacy in this aspect is a restricted area for men.

But Hao Huihua says nothing. She is just a little flustered.

She hurriedly rummages in the luggage and doesn’t have time to tidy it up after making it a mess. Finally she finds the satisfactory clothes. She takes the clothes and comes to the bed quickly. She puts the clothes on her shoulder and takes the quilt to cover Li Yong’s body. Then she picks up the pillow, bends her waist and reaches to take the half pack of sanitary pad under the pillow.

As soon as she bends her body, her boobs are hanging over Li Yong’s face.

Li Yong opens his eyes widely and watches the boobs dangling in front of him. Her boobs are very sexy and get close to him suddenly, as if she is tempting him on purpose. Lying on the bed, Li Yong can’t help it and reaches his hand to pull Hao Huihua’s beautiful and sexy body into his arms.

Hao Huihua is above Li Yong and their bodies are mutually-perpendicular. Therefore, before adjusting the angle and position, Li Yong can do nothing.

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